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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer?...or fall?

Now don't be hatin'.... 

I know it's not anywhere close to "fall", but today... it feels like it.

I just love love love this weather!
Sitting out on the deck sipping on coffee, and feeling that cool breeze!
Listening to the leaves of the quaking aspen tree...it's a beautiful sound!
Wearing a sweater in June, but no socks!
That Vibrant blue sky against the pinks and greens  #nofilterneeded

I'm enjoying this lovely morning, can you tell?
Heading up to the lake this weekend to enjoy some more of this.... up there :)


  1. Ummmmmmm......welllllll.....if you liked yesterday.....how's today?? I'm feelin' the need for heat! Brrrrrr......partially cuz the sun is hiding behind a total cloud cover. But that's ok cuz we'll be heading out to church and then NASCAR (TV) this afternoon. A relaxing day is what's planned (in my head....but....we'll see! LOL!). Enjoy the lake..........

    1. It's been cool 60 degrees up at the lake, a perfect day in my eyes. I mowed, trimmed and then blew all the grass off the deck and steps. Sounds like you had perfect plans for a Sunday afternoon. :) Thanks for stopping by Doreen!

  2. I love this kind of weather, too, although a bit warmer would be ok also, minus any humidity.

    1. I agree, a little warmer would be "ok", most definitely without the humidity!