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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Our little firecracker...

Our little "firecracker" is 3
 3 years ago on July 4th I was pacing around my parents yard waiting for the phone call...
Our Daughter-in-love was in labor, expecting their 1st child, our 3rd grandchild. 
We didnt know the gender and neither did my Son Brice and his wife... 
they wanted it to be a surprise.

 She arrived on July 4th, 2014
There was an instant love for this little girl!

Scarlett is amazing, she walks to the beat of her own drum. 
Nothing seems to phase her, she is confident and adventurous!

She is beautiful, smart, curious, silly, happy, polite and loving
Pure Sweetness 

She loves her grandpa 

and is so silly with grandma....
love her face here as she tries to get away

We love you Scarlett and are excited to watch you grow, but don't grow too fast!
 We hope you will always be your little free-spirit self, full of wonder and joy!!!
Happy Birthday sweet girl


  1. How can Scarlett be three already? Happy birthday to your firecracker! What a joy. I love your photos, Jackie.

    1. Thanks Audrey, she's such a sweetie pie. We will be spending time with them at the cabin later this week....cant wait!

  2. The polka dot dress photo, I thought, "Man, she looks like Jenny." Followed immediately by, "No, like Brice." Then, "Wow, so much of both!"

    The last picture though ... she looks like YOU, Jackie!

    1. I get all of you thoughts except the part about looking like me....never heard that before! She really does resemble both of her parents, thats why she is so stunning!!! :)

    2. Remember that side by side Brice did of you playing In the dirt and scarlet at that age? Look a likes for sure!

  3. Oh why do they have to grow so fast!!!????!!!!!! Pure sweetness...............

  4. Sweet little Scar June!