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Monday, July 10, 2017

The calm before the storm...

My post title says.... the calm before the storm. 
Now you may think that's a bad thing (the storm) but we are looking forward to it.

When Rick and I are at the cabin alone we love the peace and tranquility it brings to our lives.  
But nothing beats the  thunder of the storm when all the kids and grandkids come . 
It's a GOOD thunder, the kind that echo's throughout the cabin and down by the lake. 
Noise and motion all around, it's just so fun,!
We don't even have to take shelter, It's what we've dreamed of....
Family time at the cabin, coming this week...cant wait!
Stay tuned, for future post of all the fun!

So Rick and I are at the cabin for almost 2 weeks. 
We are having a good time, a little rest, a little work and a whole lot of together time.
 I was trying to cast my line around the boat lift, and the lure flew right into the canvas, oops
I knew just the guy who would be able to get it out

When I'm sitting out on the deck I look up to the sky and this is what I see
These giant Jack pines are all around....love them.

 Our boat ride last night was sooooo peaceful, the lake was quiet, 
like glass... all 8 miles of it!
 I like to sit up front, with nothing to block my view!
Loon watching

Some dock work.. he loves having him some projects.

 Night view from our dining room....not too shabby
 He changes my lures for me...and takes my fish off the line. 
I could do it But I wouldn't want to steal his joy!
He's a good man!

and then this..... 
We are thankful, blessed and grateful for this cabin and all it is to us. 
Two families have enjoyed it as well already this year. 
We love that we can share our "peace" of Heaven Up North with friends and family.

Now, a little more work, then a little rest...
"Before the storm", that's predicted to start tomorrow afternoon :)


  1. Amazing! Have the time of your lives everyone! <3

    1. Thanks CIndy, we will 👍🏻

  2. Oh, Jackie, what joy this cabin gives you. The views, the family togetherness, the peace, the beauty of God's world. It's all there and I love how you appreciate every single aspect of owning your lake cabin.

    Have a great week with your family!

    1. Thanks Audrey, we really do love everything about it, hoping you will be able to join us this fall

    2. We plan to come to your cabin. Book launch is on Sept. 16, but Randy plans to begin his vacation several days prior. We'll have to connect as the date gets closer and finalize. Thanks so much for inviting us. This will be fun.

    3. Yay, excited!!!

  3. I remember when you were just considering buying it. Your photos just make me so happy and to see your kids all grown up with babies of there own is priceless! Enjoy your time together this week.

    1. Thanks Sylvia, we are excited for them to join us starting tomorrow!

  4. We're hheeeeerrrrreeeeee!!!!!! 😊

    1. It wasn't soon enough