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Sunday, May 29, 2005

screaming pigs

It's been a fun Memorial day weekend thus far........ Let me just tell you about it. Yesterday it rained off and on so I did get some scrapbooking done. Yi Yip. Brianna was even kind enough to help me, which was very very nice of her since she probably has better things to do. Then supper time came so We grilled out and had "greek seasoned" pork kabobs. yum yum, Chris was able to join us, so that was extra special.
About 7:30 my lovely niece Megan called to invite us all out for a bon-fire which is always great fun, We heard screaming pigs in the woods which was very freaky to say the least. YIKES
We got home from my bro's house about 11:45 pm to the smell of Garlic. Brice was preparing garlic "instant" mashed potato's for Jenny and himself to go along with the pork kabobs, wow what a great time for supper.
Sometime after midnight we were visited by some sneaky sneaky peeps who TP'd Brice and Brianna's cars. They also stuck about 5000 forks into our yard which lined both sides of our driveway about 10 ft. wide. Each single fork stabbed into my beautiful yard one at a time, I'm guessing that took awhile ! Wait......that's not all...... if that wasnt bizarre enough, The driveway was totally covered with rubber band...millions of them. It was all very lovely...... I'm thinking I could probably gather those 5000 forks and throw them into my dishwasher and then use them for graduation. Or maybe Whitney and Erica know where i could get some cheap white forks...... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....GOTCHA :)


  1. Screaming pigs? I don't know where you get the idea that pigs can scream. Ha Ha! Thanks for coming to the bonfire. It was fun. Make sure you do Rick's survey ok?

  2. Jaquelina! its Dana! from PENNSYLVANIA... and i think your screaming pigs are owls... once at my house it sounded like a woman was getting murdered... all the screams... and then I saw it... the OWL... he was just saying hi to me! ;)

  3. Hey Dana, Oh so fun to hear from you girl. actually the Screaming pigs were raccoons "in heat", So Iam told by my sis-in-law :) Welcome to my Blog, Love to hear from you :)

  4. Hey Dana- remember me??? Kelsey from Mexico as well....hehehe. You prolly don't, but that's ok. How's life going girl? I also got a blog...lol. BYE GIRL!!!

  5. So kelsey, since when do you talk to other people using MY BLOG. Your comment did not say one thing to me. I expect another comment that pertains to me.

  6. raccoons in heat eh? I think I wills stick with my thought on that... hahaha... I guess I'd have to hear it to get it!? Adios!