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Monday, August 19, 2019

He does not disappoint....

I've been patiently waiting to find a wall shelf for my sun room at the cabin! 
a shelf to go along side the 16x20 canvas photo that I took last year here on the lake.

While on a little excursion to Walker a few weeks ago, I spotted this little beauty, 
a shoe shoe shelf... made from a vintage snowshoe

I asked Rick if he could duplicate it for the cabin wall, 
as I knew we already had the vintage snowshoes from his dad's garage.

I'm just gonna cut-to-the-chase....
I've got one of those husband who can pretty much do anything!
He did not disappoint.

It's perfect, I'm glad I waited

Thankful for my DIY hubby.....he's the best!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

It's been awhile......

It's crazy how fast the summer is going, I can feel fall sneaking up on us...
 there's a smell in the air especially up north! You know, that dewy morning smell.
Rick and I have had a lot of time at the cabin this summer. 
I have been granted a lot of vacation and Rick can pretty much take off when he wants. 

We have still spent time with our families between cabin stays
 with visits, birthday parties and the 4th of July, and lets not forget video chats  :)
 The 2nd cousins and a 3rd in the back <3 p="">
(4th of July at mom & dad's)
Lewin running on the slip n slide.

Not necessarily in order, our visitors...
 Bill & Nancy, friends from church
 Ruth & Kerry, 
Rick and Kerry are golf buddies, they are good friends from church. 

 My sister's family...and friend (bottom right)

 Fun to have a couple of teenagers with us this year.

 Rick's brother Brad and wife Julie...always fun to catch up with these two.

 My friend Sharalyn spent the night along with her son-in-law and 2 of the grands

Out to dinner with some of our friends (and neighbors) up north

Scarletts 5th B-day

 playing in the newly built sand box my son made.

 Big tree swing (Scarlett)

Rick has been working on refinishing the deck this summer.
 it's a big project, but it's coming along
I would pay someone to do this....he enjoys it  :)
Taking off several layers of paint down to the bare wood.

There is also fun to be had at the cabin....
Our neighbor Scott insisted we take his machines out for a drive, so fun.

 My slalom skiing man 

On a recent visit, this one insisted on taking a selfie  <3 p="">
I asked him to smile for the picture and this is what I got.... he is so goofy!

We got to hang out with these two on Saturday while Mom & Dad had a date.
They wanted a silly picture of them eating subs.... goofs.

 Sunday was spent with dear friends from church.
 I love these ladies so much, they are wise, fun and prayer warriors!
I have learned a lot from them in the "women's class" at church.

I work three days this week and it's back up to the cabin for 10 days, 
we will have 4 friends join us for part of the time, we really looking forward to it  :)

Rick and I feel blessed to be able to balance our life here in Rochester and 4 1/2 hours away at our cabin. We feel our life is richer because of the friends and family we get to share a little piece of heaven with at "Hemmer's Haven" 

Monday, July 15, 2019

I'm melting....

Holding my little personal fan in front of my face trying to cool off after carrying 
just 2 bags into the house from the car. What you can't see is the sweat dripping off my face!
It's a sorry site for anyone, hence the photo-edit fun.

Below is a snapshot of our local Facebook weather post
Note the "Misery Meter" as being DISGUSTING.... 
that is how I feel today, after only 2 minutes outside. 
For me it's worse than oppressive, it just makes me feel icky. 

I don't mean for this post to start up an argument about the weather and who likes what better, 
I only want to explain my reason for loving fall & winter better.
Yesterday, today and the rest of the week are exactly why I love fall and winter. 
Summer is not MY season.
The heat and humidity goes against what is comfortable for me, it make me quite miserable.
My face sweats, so I don't even know why I put make-up on in the morning. 
I feel irritable, lazy, tired and all around blah.

SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) is not limited to the winter months.
 There is a true Seasonal Affective Disorder for some people in the summer ( I googled it)
I don't really have that because I don't get depressed, 
but I can see how I could get depressed if I had to live in this for very long. 

Isn't summer suppose to be a time for being outside and enjoying the weather, 
for some they do, and that's what they love... but not for everyone.
I don't enjoy being cooped up in the house day after day with the A/C on, that gets old fast!
(Remember summer is the season that your suppose to be outside)

Winter is more of a In-the-house kind of season, because of the snow and colder temps. 
but I actually enjoy being out in the winter, it's refreshing and exhilarating.
I look forward to the quiet & beauty of winter, it slows me down and it's bearable.
I love cozy sweaters and blankets, I love snuggling up with a good book and a cup of coffee.
I enjoy winter walks and hikes.

In order for me to enjoy summer it needs to be under 77 degrees with minimal humidity.

I just need to go up to the cabin where I've got the lake a few steps out my door.
The lake is cool, relaxing and just about perfect. 

The lake is calling my name this week.....soon

These are my own personal feelings about summer, with all this being said, I do enjoy the change of seasons in Minnesota minus the the super hot and humid days of summer!
Luckily there are not a lot of those days.

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Reflections of family at the cabin

I look so forward to this week at our family cabin.
A week that our kids and grandkids come to enjoy time together .
We have fun, we laugh, we play together and we make memories.
I picked out a few photo's of our week together....we had a great week!

Yep... Push-ups on the raft.
 Audrey's gymnastic coach encouraged her to keep up on some conditioning while at the lake. 
Uncle Brice had a hard time keeping up, ha ha

Family boat rides are the best, all 10 of us hop on for a casual ride on the lake.
I caught a rare moment where this little one sat still  :)

 ok, so he sat still twice. Uncle Gavin has a hold on him.

Brianna and the kids arrived a few days before the others so we took a little 
side trip over to the Mississippi headwaters in Itasca.

My boy and his little family

This girl loves to kayak, she tied it up to the raft and spent a little time by herself. 
 Being on the lake is a big part of our day.

 I dreamed for the day the grandkids would run full blast and jump off the end of the dock,
 no life jacket, just free to jump, swim and play.
Some kids never grow up, I'm thankful for that. #Brice

 And then there's fishing.
Lots of sunnies to be caught at the end of the dock.
One day Carson caught 24+. 
She's just happy to be Scarlett.

 Jenny and Brie, just chillin'

Sometimes we don't get the swimming suit on before we get in the water.
Little Lewin loves playing in the water. 
and on the beach with the sand toys.

These two (Carson & Scarlett) were little pals, 
they are the closest in age and chummed around quite a bit.

 S'mores are ALWAYS a hit for the Hemmer crew.

 Brianna brought her box of chrysalis's, 
two of them came out the morning they were to leave.

Brianna and her little loves.

flying high...catch me daddy 

 Goofballs and the serious fisherman.

We have the best neighbors ever!
They let us take a few spins on their jet ski, such a fun surprise for us.
Thanks Scott & Kristie.

We added a tree swing this year and the kids loved it.  

 The tube is not only for the water...

 but it serves as some recreation on land too.

Not sure what was going on here???

 Lewin thinks Carson is a riot. 

 We didn't get our big family photo this year, 
but I was able to sneak one of Rick & I with our grandkids. 
We feel so blessed to be able to share this time together at the lake

 Captain Gavin

They are never to big to hold for grandpa!
"Let me love you a little more before your not little anymore"

Another year in the the book, so thankful for the time spent with our family.
Family week... Hemmer's Haven 2019