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Monday, November 23, 2020

Being comfortable with growing older....

I'm not exactly sure what I think about turning 60 today, but this I do know...
It is a privilege, a blessing, and a welcome milestone!

 I know far too many who haven't had the chance to live this long, 
so I will embrace "60", and continue to enjoy life, knowing that we are never promised another day.

I thought I would say a few things that are on my mind about aging and turning 60

*It feels just like 59, haha

*I won't be a senior citizen until I can take advantage of the discounts!

*I still don't have to color my hair... but I'm guessing it won't be long.

*I still get told often that I can't possibly be old enough to have grandchildren, 
(this is probably the best thing to hear from strangers who don't know me, mainly my patients).

*As far as the lines in my face... 
"Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been" ~Mark Twain

* Growing older is a gift, but I thought it would take longer.

*The biggest lie I tell myself, is "I don't need to write that down, I'll remember...NOT!

*Getting up now involves making sound effects.

*I talk to myself more.

I love this quote...


God has given me much!
 I'm thankful for his selfless love and example of how I should live my life.
 I'm a work in progress and He's not done with me yet. 
I have much to learn and more growing to do. 
I will continue to seek His face for He is my now and forever
Here's to many more years of this crazy life. 

Happy Covid  Birthday to me.  

Monday, October 26, 2020

When Fall and Winter meet...

I couldn't help but take a little drive in the country this morning 
to highlight a few of the beautiful scenes from behind my camera.

 Monday's are quiet and the country roads seem abandoned! 

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons so when they come together... 
well, it's just simply beautiful!

These guys seemed happy to have a visitor

Many of the fields are still unharvested

I am captivated by all things "old & abandoned"
I wish I could hear the stories that the walls of this old house could tell.
Love this small outbuilding with the stone foundation.

The snow that covered the grass form this weekend is already starting to melt
underneath lay the Autumn leaves that have just recently fallen.

Danesville is an unincorporated community that I drove past and then backed up to take this shot. 
The old abandoned building back in the trees was all I saw of this "community"

I have not had a chance to do my outside cleanup in the flower beds, mainly because of my recent foot surgery, but I hear temperatures are warming up this week with highs in the 50's by Saturday. 
It seems we will get back to fall by the end of the week.

Monday, October 19, 2020

The "Closing Crew" 2020

A week ago Rick and I spent another chunk of time at the cabin before the final closing.
At the end of the week (last Saturday) our Son Brice and family came up to help. There are a few things that Rick can't do by himself and with a gimpy wife, the help was much appreciated. 

This is my "welcome" chalkboard that hangs in the entry of our cabin.
I love changing it up when we have family and friends visit.

Rick and I waiting on the dock for the "closing crew" to arrive.

After a brief greeting, the men got right to work as Saturday was the best weather day of the weekend.

Sweet Lewin (Supervisor). 
It's hard to believe that he will be heading up this crew in a hand full of years
Jenny was a big help as the "switch pusher" for the winch that pulls the boat lift out of the water.

It wasn't all work, I love watching my grands play and make memories at the cabin
This tree swing has been the best thing we ever did for the kids! They all love to swing

These two share a birthday so of course, we celebrated.

Rick had plenty to do before the troops arrived, All the needles had to be 
blown and raked up then delivered to the brush dump. 
That takes a day when your doing it by yourself.
He took some non-essentials off the dock, took the cover off the boat lift, and washed it before storing.
He gathered all things liquid to bring back to Rochester (otherwise they would freeze) and so much more... He's amazing and loves his cabin including all the "Work" which he calls fun.

One more swing pic. 
Scarlett is almost horizontal, she is being pushed by her daddy. Sometimes I have to look away
We are so thankful for our helpers, and family time spent together!
We finished up last Monday knowing we had to pop back up one more time 
to retrieve our "Winterized" boat! 
see more below....
Just this last Saturday we made a trip up to get our boat. 
Typically we do this all on "closing weekend" but our usual guy broke his foot and we didn't know it,
 so we had to go to plan "B", which did NOT involve a quick turn around. 
With a light coat of snow, we took her back to the cabin.
We spent the night so I got to watch one more sunrise from my chair (through the screen)

All tucked in and ready for a long winter's night.


Friday, October 09, 2020

Grandbabes and more R & R at the cabin.

We spent a week at home, as Rick had more to do with getting his Dad's house ready for "closing", 
and... we needed to see family. 

Last Friday night we got to hang out with our two Rochester grandkids.
They were great helping their invalid G-ma prepare dinner! Afterwards, we made muffins.
We love spending time with these two they are growing up so fast, as grandkids do.

Saturday morning we packed up for another week at the cabin, as I've mentioned before, 
it's so much easier than at our Multilevel home in Rochester.
A stop in the Twin Cities to watch out 2nd oldest granddaughter play soccer. 
It was our first time seeing her play, (her first year) we were surprised at her natural ability
and determination on the field. She is a force to be reckoned with.

Then there's the sibling at the games of the older one. Our little Lew.
He is helping gather the cones for the coach, who happens to be his dad... my son Brice.

After the game, we spent some time with my sons family at the nearby park.
Then off to the cabin we went.

The colors are at peak in Northern Minnesota, it's so beautiful
Rick and I went for a final boat ride before taking the boat in to be winterized.
Here sits our sweet cabin, our 5th year already! So many memories

This is "Closing" week for us Rick. 
I am not of much help, grounded by this cast and not being able to stand on it.
Our cabin is surrounded on 3 sides by giant pine trees, all of them shedding their needles in the fall.
It's a two-day process of blowing, then raking and hauling to the brush dump.
There is much to do, but Rick finds it fun, he enjoys all of it.
Brice will be here tomorrow and Sunday to help get the dock and boat lift up on dry land.

A foggy morning here at the lake

Side view from the neighbor's yard, it's fun to see our cabin from someone elses angle.

This is my entertainment for the day.
 These folks take out Boat lifts for a living, they are taking out a neighbors here.
We take out our own boatlift, it saves us about $250 a year, and Rick enjoys the process. 

         I'm loving the last few days here before we tuck the cabin in for a long winter's night. 
It's 77 degrees with only light breezes and a bright blue skies. 

Friday, October 02, 2020

More of the same...

Today marks 3 weeks since I had extensive surgery to fuse my big toe joint and clean up the spurs 
and arthritis around it. It seems like it's never going to be October 16th. That's when I 
 have another appointment to hopefully get out of this non-weigh bearing cast and into a "boot" 
 I hope that means I can then walk on two feet.
I have spent a lot of time sitting and doing things that only require sitting. 
I have located my old crochet hook and bought some new yarn. It keeps my hands busy as I
 work on some winter projects... hats, scarfs and things like that.
When I'm up, I'm not allowed to even rest my foot on the ground, Crutches help, 
but it's not easy getting around that way so I use a borrowed 3 wheeler. There is a lot of one-legged balancing and hopping. My left hip feels the wear and tear of being one-legged. 
I received a hand-made card yesterday from a 90-year-old friend who is also a poet!
"Dot" and her husband own a cabin not far from ours on Long Lake. 
We are long time friends from the church here in Rochester.
The loon scene is cut from fabric and glued to the paper stock.
a beautiful poem written in her own words....she is a gem of a friend.

A couple days ago I ventured out with Rick to his Dad's condo...

Rick and his siblings are still getting his dad's condo ready for closing.
 It's been a long process as many of you may know, and have done this yourselves. 
60+  years of accumulated "Stuff"
Somewhere in his lap is a grandboy  :)
When these two get together it's all tickles and giggles.

I'm such a lucky grandma!

Tomorrow we hope to see these two and watch Scarlett play soccer!
Being a grandma is the best gig in the world.... just stay little!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Keeping Joy in the fore front

I need to stay positive and focused on God's goodness and many blessings,
 even when I'm feeling cooped up and mostly alone.
So I decided to write a random post of the recent joys in my life... I am so blessed.

A fun gift from my Brother Rick and s.i.l. Cindy. 
They brought this colander filled with pasta and sauces when they stopped by for a visit last week, 
cant wait to break it open  :)

Being laid-up is no fun, especially for this girl who is always on the go,
never an idle moment for me, not even for my hands, 
so... while I was at the cabin last week I decided to pick up my crochet hook and find a simple yet usable pattern to try. Here's the result of my first "Twisted ear warmer"! I think it turned out pretty well, 
but I think I need to change up a few things to perfect it.

My kids have kept up my spirits with photos of the grand babes, 
I'm so thankful for that, these little ones bring so much joy to Rick and I.
Little Lew throwing rocks in the lake on a recent trip for their family to the cabin.

We are hoping to watch Carson play soccer this weekend, 
He also just started Flag-football, it's so fun to watch him play.

On the way home from our cabin, we had a "stop-by" to see Brice's family, 
Scarlett was so excited to sign my cast, she pretty much colored in one whole side.

The day before we left the cabin we had lunch with our sweet friends/neighbors

How is it that she looks like a teenager already, Love you jojo

My Gavin delivered me a sandwich from Erberts & Gerberts, a few days after surgery.
 I gave him a good tip as I asked him to do a couple of favors for me before he went back to work.
Our baby G-boy started preschool, how can this be?

 A mix of home-school, and hybrid, and just plain all day at home.
 I really feel bad for the kids this year as they looked forward to seeing classmates, 
and having some "normal".
But look at these 4... I just smile and thank God they are healthy and doing well.

So as I've put this post together I've found myself smiling as I look at the photo's, 
I'm so thankful for the JOYS in my life.

Last but NOT least my biggest joy...
He's my everything.