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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

My heart may just burst...

This is only one of the million reasons I love this guy.....
The love and interaction he has with his grandkids is so amazing, 
(sorry to be so sappy, but it melts my heart)

Rick is a "get-on-the-floor" and play, tickle, throw them up in the air, 
cuddling, and silly kind of grandpa.
Notice the blur in this photo...it's because of the crazy tickling going on here
Oh...and those little happy faces

 His unconventional holds....
 My heart....
 and then this..... This is one way he puts the babies to sleep  :)

He gets right down to their level....
and takes every opportunity to "be there"
sometimes it's more subdue and sweet
just playing.

 ...and sometimes it's about to get wild
One of their favorite things to do at the lake
Oh the joy! 

I never want them to grow up
I still hear the giggles from this day
 One on one
Reading books, during sleep overs, which sometimes precedes the pillow fights. 
Oh my heart!!! 

Why does he get all the snuggles?????

Grandparenting has changed over the generations. 
Rick and I were talking the other day about our grandparents and we had the same thoughts. 
The adults talked and the kids played. Can anyone of our generation relate?

We knew our grandparents loved us, but the one-on-one interaction wasn't that common. 
I remember a few times my Grandpa Erickson played "catch" with us, and I remember a few hugs from grandma. At my Grandma Thomas's, Grandma was just grandma, but she always had homemade donuts for us. The farm was the best... lots of exploring and probably getting into things we shouldn't of, but we survived.

I love the interaction we have with our grandkids and I wouldn't want it any other way. 
I hope they remember the One-on-one times we we played with them, the sleep overs and all the baking and play-doh making. I hope they remember growing-up at the cabin, and all the fun memories with grandpa and grandma.
But most of all....I hope they remember that they were loved...

My heart may just Burst...... 

Monday, January 07, 2019

Bucket list bound....

I don't have a lot of things to accomplish on my "bucket list" but...
There is a special Christmas service that I have been wanting to attend for several years, 
 something always happens that prevents me from attending.
 This Christmas I FINALLY got to check it off!
 Lenora Methodist Church is the oldest Methodist church in Fillmore County. 
My Dad brought me here many years ago on one of our day-trips to 
explore the area where he grew up.
The church hasn't held Sunday services since around 1925, but two times a year
 it has services during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I have always wanted to return for a Christmas service.... this year it happened!

There is no electricity and no modern day conveniences, 
it was too cold to use the out-house for sure.

Two oil-filled chandeliers, oil lamps & wall sconces dimly lit the church

and a wood stove warmed the small building in which 135 folks
sat shoulder to shoulder like a can of sardines. 

We sung carols accompanied by this woman who played an old reed pump organ.

We showed up about 20 minutes before the service and almost got turned away...
  the building was packed and they needed to keep a path for the fire code law.
We had to sit in the little entryway right before you enter the church. It was cold, but we could hear every thing. Unfortunately we couldn't see much after the 
"News 6" camera lady set up her tripod smack dab in from to of us.
We have decided we will return next year and come about 45 minutes early, 
that ought to get us a front row seat.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Goals, instead of Resolutions...

I have never been big on New Years Resolutions. 
Personally it just sets me up for failure and and apparently I'm not the only one... 

According to Wikipedia, a high percentage of those who make a New Year resolution fail to keep it.
A 2007 study from the University of Bristol invoking 3000 people showed that 88% of those 
who set New Year Resolutions failed, despite the fact that 52% of those people
 were confident of success at the beginning.

Unlike the firm decision of a Resolution,
I prefer to label it a GOAL (aspiration or desire), which to me seems more desire driven.

With that being said, this year I have a few "goals"

#1   I have chosen a verse to breathe in & out each morning before I jump out of bed 
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer  ~ Roman's 12:12

Hope ~ Patient ~ Prayer
I have many Hopes, I believe my hopes coincide with God's promises...so I continue to hope.
Being Patient is my worst enemy, this verse will bring to mind each morning the need for patience.
Prayer is a big deal for me, I pray often and at the most crazy times
 (like right before a preform my lumbar punctures at work).

#2   I have set a goal to read through the entire Bible.
I do read and study God's word often but I would like to actually read through from start to finish in one year. I have attempted this in the past without success. Yesterday, I downloaded an App on my phone to help me with this. It has audio so I can listen while I drive.....score!

#3  Time....
Time is non-refundable, I really need to start using it with intention.
I also need to practice being in the NOW, not looking too far ahead or wishing time away.
I need to work on spending my time on things and people that matter!
This quote really hits home for me...
"Bad news is, Time flies
Good news is... you're the pilot"

#4 Worry Less...
 which I already started working on in 2018...

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.  ~ Phil 4;6

I really had to think about this quote, It took me a minute to get-it
Then I just smiled to myself and thought....YEP!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

A few photo from our Christmas fun....

 Christmas for us is a fun and crazy time!
We are lucky to have our children and grands in close proximity, 
a blessing I don't take lightly.

 Our living room is full of family and gifts

 Our four little grands, we love having them all together.
It's a joy to watching them interact and play

Audrey loves "Slime" it's a popular Christmas gift for this age group.

 Little Lew is watching intently as Uncle Gavin plays

Carson and Brianna... Someones excited to start opening gifts

Brice and Lewin 

 opening gifts with mamma (Jenny)

 Grandpa gets a snuggle

 Helping uncle Gavin open his gift

 "This is the one I've been wanting" 
(I'm thankful for my daughters gift idea's)

When all the hustle and bustle of the day is done and bedtime calls,
 I get to spend some time with these two reading Cinderella. 
It's about the only time the little one on the right sits still.... My Heart <3 p="">

I will always cherish the Joy in my home during Christmas, 
we are truly blessed and enjoy every moment with our family.

I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas season in your own ways and traditions.
 I know not all have such happy times as they have lost loved ones this year and are going through Christmas with sadness and loss.  Some are without their family and spend time alone, and some are going through difficult times! For these friends..... I lift them up in prayer!

May the New year to come be wrapped in the blessings of His love.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Short and sweet.... a nativity story for littles

I wanted to find a video of the nativity story that would 
capture and hold the attention of my little grandchildren. 
Not so much the monotone male voice reading the story with animation, but more like this clip below from the movie "The Star"  It's short (4 min), sweet and appropriate for little ones. 
No, it doesn't start out with the angel coming to Mary to tell her of this baby she was carrying, 
or the part about why they were traveling to Nazareth, 
but those or things we can narrarate-in before we push play. 
I plan to play this for my 4 grandchildren before we open gifts.

May you all remember the sweet birth of Jesus on this Christmas Day. 
Take time to watch this 4 minute video below....
Merry Christmas my friends   ~ Jackie

Monday, December 17, 2018

Letting grandma have her fun in photo's...

Every year I get to take my grandkids yearly photo's.
 It started with Audrey and I've been lucky enough that my kids have let me do all 4.

I thought it would be fun to share my "This year photo's" with ya all as I just
finished with the last one in November...

 Audrey is a natural, she always has been, when she was two I had to chase her around but always seemed to capture the perfect pictures. Now she stands still and just gives me her  beautiful smile.

 I love the soft sepia look

 Just a touch of spunk in this one.

Then there's Carson....
He has always been easy to photograph! 
When he was little, just a toy car in his hand kept him happy and willing to smile his sweet smile.

He was a trooper this year, smiling on command for a hundred pictures isn't always easy...

but being cute is not hard for this one.

Together pic
Then we have the crazy one this year....

I found it challenging to get Scarlett to look at the camera this year, not here though... 
Got ya Scar! 

 The sweetness...

She is all about make believe and and loves to be on-the-move.
(note the princess tattoo on her arm)

My photo assistant, helps keeps things fun! 

Last but NOT least....
I'm telling you.... Lewin's sweet tiny face is almost too much for this grandma 
(check out those curls)

He had to have the Tinker Toy Hammer in his hand for the picture,
there was no having it any other way.

A couple of things about this picture...

*The sweater Lewin is wearing was also worn by his Grandpa Rick and
 his daddy when they were little boys.
* The rocking airplane was hand made by Lewin's Great-Grandpa for Lewin's daddy Brice.
 Brice got it for his 1st birthday. Now Lewin has it to play on.
 I just love that these things have lasted and have been passed down to the next generations.

I love photographing all of my grandkids, and hope they will let me have my fun for years to come!