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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

There's always the Farmer's Market...

Rick and I recently visited the Farmer's Market in Park Rapids, MN
(about 6 miles from our cabin)
 It offers a lot of handcrafted and homemade goods along with fresh vegetables from local gardens.

 We scored some fresh-picked sweet corn that the farmers had just returned from picking. 
He had run out mid-morning, so back he went to pick some more.

I bought a small jar of Strawberry Mango Jam form Bonnie Jo

I should have got a close-up, so many flavors to choose from.

Betty Jo gave me a hand out titled, "How to use that Jam"
Many of the things I wouldn't have thought of myself. 

Back to the lake, our little piece of heaven.
Early morning on the dock.

We are on vacation this week and enjoying every minute of it. 

My little sister Jodi and niece came for a short visit...
just to get away before Jensen goes off to college.

 Jodi brought me this sweet (personalized) coffee mug, 
"Big sis" & "Little Sis" 
Me holding a coffee, her a blended drink, out hairstyles similar to the real thing, 
and our names printed under the photo.  <3 p="">

We are looking forward to a quiet week at the cabin, the weather is perfect, we may do some painting, and tonight we will join our friends "The Otto's" for some patio-dining at one of our 
favorite restaurants north of town.

Life is good!

Monday, August 03, 2020

Living despite the uncertainties of Covid-19

It's been a good summer for flowers, they are healthy and beautiful.
The weeds are just as healthy, but not so beautiful...

A recent visit by us 4 kids to weed all the flower gardens at mom and dad's house.
They social distanced, and so did we as we plucked away the weeds.

There is plenty of hand sanitizer, distancing, and ways to safely gather.
We all have the right to decide how we want to live during this pandemic.
There are certainly differing opinions and it's not right to judge
as long as there are safe practices going on.
Live life, be safe and love on others who are lonely and isolated!
 Smile with your eyes behind that mask!
I knew those smile-wrinkles would be good for something  :)

My dad turned 84 last week... We celebrated!
His four kids and wife, It made his day to have us visit, 
While there, we spent time weeding flower beds, laughing, telling stories, and making memories. 
We all know there may not be many more of these celebrations with Dad's failing health. 

Check this out below...



We had a great day, it does the soul good to be with the people you love.

We have also been busy going through boxes and "things" at Ricks Dad's house. 
We are hoping to get it on the market soon
Rick's dad was an artist,
 as you can see in the photo above he used his pencils to the end.
They were too short to go into a pencil sharpener so he sharpened them with his knives.
square nails...so many treasures to be found.

I chose to work outside with the weed pulling and trimming,
 it kept me busy for several hours.
Shaping up nicely

Rick and I have chosen to keep on living, despite the woes and constant media scares that pertain to  Covid-19!  Yes, we wear masks when mandated and when in large gatherings. We GET that it's a good thing to do but we won't stop being with the people we care about, it's not because we don't love them (as some signage depicts) it's because we do.  Isolation is a horrible thing, especially for the elderly. If possible (and allowed in the case of nursing homes) we can still visit and see people in a safe manner to help with social isolation.  I have parents who need us, we have a house to get ready to sell since the recent death of Rick's dad, and we have friends that want to be together
 to fellowship and enjoy life together, so we have chosen to safely do so without fear.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Family week at the cabin

It's always hard for me to know which photos to choose for our Family Week at the cabin post.

 I have so many photo's that I want to share and it's just hard to stop! 
I hope you enjoy the Picture-story of our little family at our cabin up north. 
There's no particular order, just random photo's of the people we love most of all. 

This is the 5th year already and these little ones have grown so fast, 
the youngest Lewin wasn't even born yet the 1st year.
Scarlett, Carson, Lew and Audrey

Brianna's Husband Chris came this year for the first time. 
It was a surprise to us and we were beyond excited to have him share in the fun at the cabin. 
He had a great time and there we're many "firsts" for him.

 Sometimes the tube is just for playing on

 Diggin' holes and building sand castles (Carson)

Lots of coloring (Scarlett) 

Boat rides with unlicensed drivers. (Grandpa and Lew)
Our three, Gavin, Brianna & Brice

Just Audrey <3 p="">

Swingin' (Brice and Lew)

Jennifer and Scarlett

breakfast on the deck

The swimming raft is a fun place for all the grands to hangout.

11 of us all together.... My heart is full.

Playin' football with Uncle Gavin

Audrey showing me her hand-stand splits on the raft

Always games after the littles go to bed.
Love my people

 These 4 play so well together.

Did I mention this one loves fishing
Carson's very first smallmouth bass, Grandma is the designated hook-taker-outer.
We both love to fish, but he out-fished me this week.
Chris and Carson cooked up his prize catch for a taste of fresh bass.

Scarlett and Carson....little buddies

Fire and S'mores

He always squats or...
lays on his belly when he fishes.

 Brianna and Chris Kayaking

Trying to rush grandpa off the swimming raft.

 Momma and son time (Brianna & Carson)

 Dad (Brice) and Son (lew) on the tube. 
It was Lewins first time so just a slow ride.

 Our little joys

Carson is giving his dad some first time fishing pointers  :)

New memories were made, always good for the soul as we
 continue to make our Hemmer/Lewis week a priority every summer. 
We love watching our grown-up kids laugh and joke with each other, and the laughter and pitter-patter of little feet fills our hearts with gratitude for family. We are truly blessed and thank God for this life, family, and our little cabin on the lake.