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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Mothers Day 2021

As I get  a little older I realize how incredible lucky I am to still have my mom! 
Many of my friends do not.
 I see the pain they experiance during these "times to remember" our mom's... 
like Mother's Day. Wishing they could still hear their mom's voice and give that big hug.
When we are younger we are busy and wrapped up with our own growing families. 
We're pretty sure our mom will be here for a long time, but time moves along...

Here's to my friends who have lost a piece of their hearts, your mom 

My momma...
Our last year photo...we pretty much are unchanged  :)

I took my mom out for dinner Friday night to celebrate "Mother's Day"
We decided to stop by Brianna's for a little visit, 
it seemed fitting to take some 4 generation photo's
Gotta get Carson in their as well.

For my sweet ones, who call me Mom

Brianna, Brice and Gavin... I love you 

I'm so thankful for the mamma's of my grand kids.
God chose them wisely and knew just the right mom that they needed.
My daughter Brianna and her babes 
She is strong, determined, loving and has abilities to 
manage, reason and accomplish much to care for her family. 
 I love you sweet daughter, I'm so proud you are mine, 
you have taught me more than you will ever know!
Your babies are blessed to have you for a mom.

My daughter-in-love Jenny, and her babes
She is strong, loving, and encouraging!
A stay-at-home, home schooling mamma, who is patient and caring.
I'm so glad Brice Chose you! I love you.

My boys, 
It makes a momma's heart glad to know they grow into adults and become more than brothers,
They are friends too.
Brice took this photo of him and Gavin on a camping trip they took last weekend. 
I love my boys.


Monday, May 03, 2021

Time with the Grandbabies

A few weeks ago Rick and Carson (our 8 year old grandson)
 moved the deck furniture up from storage
He's such a little man and likes to help
His sister Audrey and he helped wash down the dusty table and chairs

Our oldest grand I fondly call Jojo had her 12th birthday
Uncle Gavin always surprises them with some kind of crazy gift..
this year it was a watermelon

I told my 3 that I needed an updated photo of them...so here they are,           
  Gavin, Brianna and Brice.

The uncles always spice up the party and make things fun (Gavin)
It's tradition that Uncle brice tosses Audrey in the air on her birthday
She used to go a little higher, or is Uncle Brice just getting weaker, ha ha 

We had our Twin Cities grandkids for a few more days after mom & dad went home
The driveway fills up with chalk art  :)

Scarlett, learning to shoot her new toy arrows...
And finding out that it's a tickle-match when she aims at grandpa.

Lewin wanted to help make the scrambled eggs
eggs and pancakes for breakfast, you cant go wrong.

After a big day exploring and playing at the park this little one crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. He is my youngest, I cherish these moments as these littles are getting big and it wont be long before lap-naps will be a thing of the past....makes me kind of sad.

"Picking flowers"

Swinging with grandpa, Lewin recently learned to pump, he is so proud of his accomplishment.

Scarlett got some rollerblades from big cousin Audrey, she learns fast.

We stopped by to see these two before heading to the cabin this weekend. 
They are always so happy to see us!  

Grandparenting has got to be the best gig ever,
 Rick and I are blessed with these 4 sweet little people.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Early Spring visit to the cabin.

We call it our "Early spring visit"
The cabin is not officially "open". 
We hire a company to close our cabin in the fall and then open in the spring. 
They blow all the water lines out in the fall so that if something breaks in the spring they are responsible to fix it. They are due to come anytime. 
Until then we  Rick hauls lake-water up so we can flush the toilet, and we buy bottled water or use the neighbors water for drinking and washing-up. It's and adventure that's for sure.

In the morning we get to see the sunrise over the lake, and at night we get to see the sun's reflection off the opposite side of the lake, this is how my iPhone captured it.
I kid you not, it's quite spectacular.

We have a pair of loons that troll the shoreline in front of our cabin every year, 
it's always good to see them back again.

Rick and I have been looking to replace several light fixtures in our cabin,
We were looking for more modern, yet rustic...cabin-like.
we finally found what we were looking for..... 
Not the best "before" photo, but you get the idea, this is our sun room 
with a plain generic ceiling light fixture.

Love this beauty, it fits right in with our decor.

I have despised this hanging dining room light fixture from the beginning,
 it reminds me of the 1970's.
I LOVE our new fixture, it's perfect!

Close up... it's a burlap-like shade with a metal cage over the Edison light bulbs.
it has a soft warm glow...so perfect.

I also was not thrilled with the hanging fixture in our bedroom.
We replaced it with the generic bedroom fixture that was in our sunroom.
Much better!
I think we have the light fixtures all covered now :)

We relaxed, did some reading and putz'd in the yard.
Raking the pine needles and picking up sticks is always a spring task.
It's part of being a cabin owner.

We left yesterday with snow in the forecast, 
I really would have liked to be there to see it.
I guess I have to make-do with our neighbors photo of their backyard.
So pretty.

We plan on heading back up in a few weeks to running water and warmer temperatures.
can't wait.


Wednesday, April 07, 2021


Last year Covid was in "shut-down mode" and our families all stayed-put in our own homes.
Rick, Gavin and I enjoyed a traditional Easter lunch last year
Quietest Easter ever 2020

This year we expanded, all the Rochester people gathered at Mom and Dad's
My daughter and I brought all the food,
I just giggle at my Dad... 
it was suppose to be the "Silly photo", guess he was waiting for the cue, ha ha. 
This photo makes me laugh.

I cannot remember the last time the weather was so perfect on Easter Sunday. 
This year it was perfect!
Gavin and Carson played a few games of Husker Du before lunch.

Then it was football in the afternoon
Carson running the play, directed by Uncle Gavin. 
His Dad Chris waits for him on defense.

Sweet Audrey visits with her great grandpa (my dad)

We had an easter egg hunt for the kids, it was fun to watch them search for the eggs.

We are thankful for family and time spent together but even better, 
Easter reminds us of God's gift of love....
"God so loved the world that he gave His only son, that whoever believes in Him 
shall not perish but have eternal life". John 3:16
Death could not hold him.... Jesus is alive., Amen!


Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Winter/Spring get-away Part 3

Can we just talk about....the waves 

On a recent trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior we were lucky enough to see some significant waves. Rick guessed some were reaching 6-8 feet.
BIG waves for a lake but in many way mimics an ocean.

This was a chilly windy day at Stoney Point, a popular surfers delight
At least for Minnesota surfers.

They wear a "Dry Suit" to keep the frigid water out. 
Coverings also cover their feet and hands, the only thing exposed is the face.

Can you spot that surfer dude inside the wave?
This photo was taken with my "zoom lens", he was quite a ways out.

We sat for over an  hour watching the strength and power of this great lake,
she did not disappoint! 

The sound is like no other.

I was hoping for upload a video of the crashing waves but no such luck :(