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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Without action, it is merely a word.....Love

It's Valentine's Day and it's all about Love, right?
How do you define love?

As I have grown older (not old), I have learned that LOVE is really a verb.
 It's not only the things we give each other, it's not even just the words we say, 
but it's mostly the things you do for each other that truly represent love
I'm still learning...and working on it.

"I LOVE YOU"  three nice little words, that have no meaning with out the verbage. 

So next time you say, "I love you", and yes....say it often but back it with action,
show that person you love them by...
*spending time with them even when you want to do your thing
*being intentional and sacrificial in your time spent with those you love
*doing a chore they despise
*men, open the door for your wife
*ladies, give your guy a back rub when they least expect it
*ask, "how are you"....then listen
*respect each others opinions.... guess what you may not always be right
*thank each other for the little things.
*go somewhere that you know your spouse really wants to go, even though  you might not want to
*plan a date and surprise the other one (take care of the details)
*put your phones down, this one is a big one!!! Who would you rather spend your time with, your phone, or the one you love?....Prove it! 

I will make my Husband a Valentine's dinner tonight, 
then we will sit in the comfort of our our home and watch a movie of his choosing,
because I knows he likes to do that, and I love him! 
Love is a verb

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Notice the detail... Redwing part 2

Large, colorful, many angles, details & intricate workmanship. 
Just a few adjectives to describe some of the most beautiful homes I've ever seen. 
Oh how I would have love to go inside and explore  these spectacular homes in Redwing, Mn.

I noticed many different materials used to construct each home.
 Red Brick, The windows are trimmed out in red. Sculptured arches run along the porch. 
Domed details around each of the window and a crazy roofline 
I wonder how many rooms and in this one?

 I love the color pallet of this little beauty and the detail over the front stoop. 
Oh, and that tiny upper window....cute!

 I believe this is a bed & breakfast. The sign in front reads, Moonlight Inn. 
Made of stone, and trimmed in purple. It certainly catches your eye!  
I love the big porch and that little tiny round window up top.

 This might just be my favorite. So unique, simple and wonderful. 
The upper half sided with shakes gives it dimension.
 I also noticed the little brick chimney peaking over the roof top.

So many lines that go every-which-way. The pops of color, checkerboard detail, 
and the little dormer window at the top....there's a pattern here, I love those little windows.

 That porch.  That color.

 Big red and brick

As we explored the old city of Redwing we also noticed the hills...lots of hills!
 I wouldn't want to try to get up this one in scow and ice.
Redwing is a beautiful Rivertown with plenty of parks, hiking & shopping There is beauty all around! If you haven't been there, you should.

Anything about these houses that you particularly noticed?

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hiking the Cow Path....

Yesterday Rick and I decided to take advantage of the mid temperatures.
 We took a road trip to Redwing for a little winter hiking and exploring.
We ended up at Memorial Park (see link below)

We chose the "more difficult"  cow path trail, 3/4 mile and up hill. 
It was given the name Cow Path Trail because years ago local dairy cows walked up 
this trail each morning to graze on the bluff top, they returned each evening for milking.

There are many hiking trails within the park, I circled the one we were on.

The view from on top was spectacular
You can see the Mississippi in the back

We made it all the way up, I'm a little giddy and thankful my knees took me up!

This is also known as the upper Quarry
There is a pavilion, picnic tables, a fire pit along with the scenic views.
This area used to be a lime stone quarry,

We found us a wonderful diner called Bev's, a great place for lunch.
I had the turkey burger with parmesan chicken soup, Rick had the dependable Hamburger. 
 We really enjoyed our food, the staff was pleasant and the space quaint. 
We would go again as there were so many options that looked good. 
They serve breakfast all day as well.

and.... a latte for the drive over to Colvill Park to see the eagles.
Not a good day for viewing eagles, we only saw one perched high in the trees,

Look who we found hanging out on the River on our way out of town.

A little more on the homes in Redwing on my next post.....


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

She's is amazing.....

In honor of my sweet daughter on her Birthday

It's funny how our children grow up into young adults and reciprocate life lessons to their parents.
Lessons in Persevere, Hope, Strength, Trust and Faith.

  It's hard to hold it together as I sit in the coffee shop reflecting on this last year as I have watched my daughter hold on tight to a time in her life I'm sure she never could have imagined. 
It's one of those life changing things that most of us would say, 
" I don't think I could do it"
But guess what you have to, and she does!
My daughter Brianna has taught me much in the past year,
 as I have seen her walk a path no parent wants to walk!
To have a perfectly healthy child develop a life threatening disease.
 I was with her when the news came in the Emergency room. 
"Your child has new onset Type 1 Diabetes"
While I lost it over and over again, she comforted me, held it together for Carson and as far as I know, didn't shed a tear. Her strength was amazing to me.....
"Those who trust in the lord will finds Strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

While I was groping for the hand of the LORD.... He already had hers!
"I am the LORD your GOD who takes a hold of your right had and says to you, 
Do not fear, I will help you" Isaiah 41:13

Brianna you know we are so proud of you, you have always been kind, humble, thoughtful
and selfless, all the while being the last to think any of those things of yourself.

Diabetes is a full time job with no perks and no vacation!
You are strong, resilient, patient, and such a good mama to your babies, 
and a lovely wife to your husband... 
from outsiders, looking in, we know this to be true. 

Your days are sometimes consumed by managing Carson's diabetes. This disease keeps you on your toes, but you take the time to be with your daughter too, sharing special mommy/ daughter time. Then there are occasional movie/dinner nights out with Chris, taking time for each other is so important. I takes more effort for everything now, but it's all worth it.

I just wanted you to know how very special you are!

You made me a mommy first

You were and still are the best big sister and momma could hope for her boys!

You honor God and impress Him on your family, in the way your live life!

You Love your husband, you are so good to him and the two of you
are the BEST parents for your babies.

You are diligent in being the best mom & wife you can be and the makes Dad and I so proud.

Our prayer for you on this day and always is that you know God is with you every minute, every day. That you always feel His presence and that you understand,
that He is working in your life even when you may not see it.
He has promised to NEVER leave you, so when days get hard and you're giving your all,
 know that your biggest fan in with you,
 and your second biggest fans are there for you too, always praying for you.

Happy Birthday 
to the best Daughter anyone could ever wish for, 
We have been blessed by you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The perks of service to your employer

One of the perks of working for Mayo Clinic is the service awards that we earn.  
After every 5 year increment we are giving the opportunity to go through an on-line catalog of gifts to pick from . The longer you are employed at mayo, 
the more substantial & expensive the gifts get for picking.
In years past I have chosen a large wall clock, camera's, a watch
 and a 10k gold ring just to name a few.
I just met a new mark on January 11th and I was given the link to pick out my gift.

The gifts for 35 years of service are quite nice, I'll list just a sampling of what's to choose from including luggage, sets of cookware, jewelry, bikes, furniture, camera and stereo equipment, camping gear & knife sets. As I looked through pages and pages of gifts to pick from
 I could not pin anything down that I needed nor really wanted, ( I know, crazy)
My eyes kept going back to several pages of really nice power tools. 
Yes, tools that I know would be helpful to Rick for projects around the cabin!
I sat him down next to me and we looked...
At first he was hesitant... "this gift is suppose to be for you, not me"
There was nothing I would rather have, then for him to pick something out that He could use, 
it really does benefit both of us, because what ever project he is doing, it's really for both of us.
I insisted... 

He chose this

DEWALT DW713 15 Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

This beast goes for $219.00 at Home Depot

and today it came via UPS.... he is thrilled
so am I  :)

Let the project begin....

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Winter Clothesline

A friend of mine recently posted this photo to my Facebook page, she knows me well! 
My love of Winter, hanging out clothes and country.

I  LOVE this print by Christine Henehan
Below is and excerpt from a women who dedicated her Facebook page to her Mother
A mother who taught her much. 
The words below are hers but...
I feel like I could have wrote it.
(I underlined the sentences that pertained to my methods)

"My mother taught me there are specific rules for hanging laundry on the clothesline. First, you must make sure the line is clean. Always wipe it with a damp cloth wrapped around the line while walking from one end of the line to the other. Wash and hang your whites first so they will be high up by the pole where the sun can bleach them. Shirts are always hung by the tails, never by the shoulders. Socks are always hung by the toes, never by the tops so as to not stretch the leg band out of shape. This also allows the socks to dry quicker because air can blow up into the socks. Hang pants by the cuffs and not by the waistband. This allows the waistband which is thicker to dry more quickly and, like socks, air can get up into the pants better. Towels and sheets are always hung on the outside lines so you can hide your underwear and such on the middle lines. Also join two items when possible with one pin, like towels, pillow cases, or diapers and continue down the line that way. This saves space and clothespins. Never leave the clothespins on the line after removing the clothes because if you leave them on the line the weather will ruin them; also, it looks tacky. Make sure you take the clothes in before time to start supper so that you will have time to sprinkle them (see below) and get them ready for ironing the next day. Above all, never hang clothes out on Sunday. ~ Beth
The painting is "Winter Clothesline by Christine Henehan". I bet those clothes will be "stiff as a board" when they are brought in." 
I guess that was a method that was done in the ironing process, I think it was just a bit before my time, but not much as a few of my not-so-much-older-freinds remember 
sprinkling their clothes and wrapping them in plastic before ironing them. 

I love the idea of hanging out my clothes in the winter, 
I've just never done it because I think it would take so much time, 
do they REALLY dry? I suppose eventually.

 I think I will stick with my non-winter months for hanging out clothes but just  for the heck of it,
 I might hang my sheets out next time I wash them, but I won't be sprinkling them... 
I don't mind a wrinkled sheet, they are gonna get wrinkled anyway, right!