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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We kept busy this weekend

It was a fun weekend filled with family and lots of fun.
Saturday was Carson's 5th birthday party,
it was a beautiful day so of course the guys played a little basketball out in the driveway. 
Carson is playing with his two uncles and dad... He held his own.
It's like Christmas in June. 
Carson's so easy to buy for, some of his favorite things are, 
legos, games, cars, tracks and magnet building sets. 

He even got a "cars" cake.

Little Lew was getting sleepy so Grandpa Rick swang him to sleep.
Lew likes to sleep with his hand sunder his head....love this!

 My daughter-in-love Jenny visiting with Rick's mom. 
All 4 of the great grandparents made it to the party. 

Girl cousins Scarlett and Audrey
*  *  *  *  *  *
On Sunday the troops all came to our house for dinner and fun.
It's not often we get everyone here on Father's Day so it was extra special for Rick.

We had a deck full!

The kids like playing with chalk in the driveway

Little Scarlett decided to walk in the chalk drawings
She's checking out her foot full of blueish gray chalk dust
 "Look Grandma, I'm Elsa"
Elsa is the snow princess on the Disney movie "Frozen"

 Uncle Brice entertaining the littles on the swing set
This is the original swing set we bought for our kids 30 years ago from Sears,

 My heart!

Just chilling' in the driveway watching the littles
My son-in-love, Chris and daughter Brianna holding little Lewin.

 A Father and his kids.... love these four!
 Rolling down the hill.... Wish you could hear the giggles, there were lot's of them  :)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

You're a good good Father.....

As Father's Day approaches, I get all sentimental for the Father's in my life, by Father's, I don't necessarily mean my biological father but all the father's that have impacted me and still do.  
I admire all the Father's out there, you really are good good men! 

Below is a song that brings my 1st Father to mind..... My heavenly Father 
His love is unconditional, he never leaves me, he holds my hand, 
He picks me up when I fall (which is often) and He brings me calm & peace.  ~Abba Father

The Next Father in my Dad.... The guy on the Left. 
The guy who raised me and made me part of who I am today.

Thanks Dad for all the things you have done for me, for the things you have taught me like the importance of family! Your calm spirit and kindness are admirable traits.
We share the love of country and farms and those "back in the day" stories!

Next comes my Father-in-Love....
I gotta love the guy who is responsible for my husband, you raised him well Wayne.
Wayne is the guy on the right (In the picture above)
I have always felt like another daughter with Wayne, I am blessed!

Next is my son Brice...
Father to my grandbabies. 
There is nothing like seeing your own son become a father. 
I love watching him interact with his babies in such a loving tender way.
 and watching him teach and discipline and nurture them.
It is so rewarding as a parent, so proud of  you Brice!

For you Brice and Chris...
It's so true and something to always be thinking of...
YOU are your daughter's first love, it's a big deal!
She will look to you for advise, approval, boundaries and unconditional love. 
Teach her that real love is from the inside not  from what you see on the outside. 
Love her like no other.
YOU are your son's first hero, it's a big deal!
These sweet boys are like sponges and look up to their daddy's like they are the best thing ever. 
Loving their mamma is the first lesson you can teach them. 
Teach them to be  honorable, fair, wise with your words and kind.....the rest will follow!

The next is Chris, my son-in-love
He is the Father of my grandbabies, he loves his kids! He's goofy and fun and a good dad.
I'm so proud of the dad you are Chris! 
It's been a tough year learning how to care for a child with Type1 diabetes, but you are doing it!!! 

Next is my Husband.... the Father of my kids.
The only thing better than having you for my husband, 
is our kids having you as their dad!

 You have been an awesome example and teacher for our boys. 
They both have a lot of their father in them. 
I love hearing you talk with them, giving them subtle advise &encouraging them... 
for this I am thankful! 

 This girl is so much like you. 
YOU were her first love! 
You instilled in her so many lessons that have carried her through life. 
I love the connection and closeness you share with her
I'm sooooooo grateful Brianna has you for her daddy!

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!!!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

This guy is 5...

Happy 5th Birthday to our Strong, brave, handsome superhero.....

Last year Uncle Brice threw Carson way up in the air 
while wearing his "Super Carson" cape and mask.

Always a sweet, sensitive boy who can quickly turn crazy and full of mischief with his grandpa. 
These two are buddies through and through. 

He even lets Grandma get all mushy with him! 
Carson is such a happy, fun-loving and caring child, who is also helpful and likes to be involved.
This spring he helped me plant flowers.... he is a well rounded,
rough and tumble, yet sensitive and huggable!

Love the little boy so much!

He is all boy, big sticks, super hero cape and all!

 Carson Adam, you are loved and prayed for everyday!
You have reminded Grandpa and I just how precious life is.
We are better people because of you sweet boy!
We thank God for you Carson and look forward to watching you grow.
Enjoy being 5.... we know how excited you were to get there.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Time well spent...

 A couple of weeks ago I suggested to my Sister that she and her hubby ought to get away for a bit and leave their teenagers up to me for a few days. Well Sam, my nephew is almost 19 and and pretty self sufficient, so I had limited contact with that boy who is a working maniac, and well...
when you're not working then the place to be is with friends  :)

I was happy to spend 3 nights and 3 days with my niece Jensen! 
She's soon to be 15 and it's been awhile since we've hung out. 
Her and I have some things in common, a big thing is Shopping, 
so we went right out of the gates on Saturday and shopped. 
She's always got some good places to go that we don't have in Rochester, 
and she doesn't mind letting me go to a few of my favorite places as well.

*Forgive the horrible quality of these photo's, I left my good camera at the house, 
and resorted to using my phone camera, not so good!

Sunday morning we had a doozie of a storm,  pea sized hail and lots of wind!

Since the weather wasn't the best we decided to take advantage of being inside, 
so we headed to a nearby pottery-painting place to paint us some pottery.

Jensen was painting a mug, 
Here's she's adding some intricate details.

I chose something easy, but practical
...a spoon-rest for the cabin.
It's a mason jar with something dripping out of it.
It will look very different when it's "fired", cant wait to see the finished product.
It's hard work painting pottery!

Later Sunday afternoon, Jensen had a volleyball tournament, 
it was fun watching her play even though they didn't have the best day.
There she is #15
We really packed in a fun day on Sunday!

7am this morning, I toted Jensen to the high school for her driver's-ed training,
She was gone for 3 hours so I just chilled back at the house!

Our afternoon was spent at the Mall of America.
We had a great time at the "Crayola Experience". 
So many fun activities that involved Crayola crayons.
 A little advertising on the L.L. Bean store front.

This was like spin-art that we did as kids, only we didn't use paint. 
You loaded a color crayon in a machine that melted it one drip at a time so as it dripped,
 the spinning wheel created this. Hard to tell here but it's very dimensional. 

 I've never seen so many shades of colors
Jensen ended up hand-picking a tin, full of colors to purchase.
Too much fun!!!
The Melt-down station involved drawing pictures by dipping the end 
of a toothpick into melted crayons and creating a picture.

Tomorrow morning I will head back to Rochester. 
My sister and her husband Darin will meander back home from their mini-trip 
to the North Shore of Lake Superior
....and life will resume as it is
That's a good thing  :)    

Monday, June 05, 2017

Loons really do have red eyes!

 Rick and I went out in the boat today and this guy was good enough to 
hang out so I could photograph him.
Strutting his stuff

 I took the wheel for awhile so the Mr. could nap on the boat

 Last evening we were sitting on our dock and along came a neighbor on their pontoon...

They pulled up and tied onto our dock and we talked for about an hour.
 This is such a fun way to meet the neighbors on the lake!
Rick has so much in common with many of the neighbors,
 a lot of them, like Rick came to this very lake as kids 
and they have family cabins that go way back.
It's fun to here Rick chat with them, they know many of the same people and  
a lot about the resort (Hawkeye Haven) that we now call home... our upnorth home.

 We went into town this morning, to pick up a few things,
browse the shops and visit the candy store.
Then we had lunch at one of our favorites, "Minnesoda fountain" 
that's not a mistake, it really is soda, not sota.

We are loving our short weekend at the cabin, and it's always worth it. 
We will head home tomorrow, stopping by to see the twin cities grand babies.... cant wait!