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Monday, October 24, 2016

This and that...

This is what happens....

When you walk down these in the dark 
 and you think your on the last step...
but your not.
Luckily my ankles are already trashed from repetitive ankle sprains in high school and college sports.
Therefore when my ankle turned over when I hit the cement only minimal damage was done.

On the other hand, my camera that I was carrying to take photo's 
of the Harvest Moon did not fare so well.
From the outside it looks ok, but it's not.
Sadly I will have to put my beloved Sony to rest.

A new Camera will have to wait....

My MacBook Pro that I have had for 7 years has seen her last days.
She has been a wonderful laptop friend for all these years.
She has never given me an ounce of trouble, not even one virus... ever!
She has been a trusty companion on my lap, editing photo's, initiating blogs, searching, investigating and keeping me up to date with the world around me.
Tonight I will order her replacement.

A couple of bonus photo's to cheer me up....
 His last Kayak ride of the season

Colors at the cabin
Morning at the cabin
Last weekend we put the cabin to bed and tucked her in.
Until next year....

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The smell of fall is in a pile of leaves...

Our neighbors tree is enormous!
The side of our yard takes a hit from all the leaves that depart from it in the fall

 This morning I decided that the leaves scattered on our lawn needed a boy
So I check with my daughter and they had no plans....over they came.
Making leaf angels

Grandpa is always up for some fun in the leaves!
So first they raked um up into a big pile

Then the craziness began...
Yep that's Carson, mid-air launched by grandpa
 He eventually had us hide him in the leaves and 
we had to pretend like we didn't know where he was.
"Where's Carson...anyone seen Carson"  Ha ha
He loves that game

Here Brianna is playing along, trying to "find" Carson.
More shenanigans....these two  <3 p="">

Do you remember playing in the leaves as a child? 
My daughter said today that the smell of the damp leaves brought her right back to her childhood when she would go to my Brother's house in Kasson, (they had a house in the woods). 
My brother and Rick would make enormous leave piles for the kids to play in.
Funny how smells trigger childhood memories.
I hope our grandkids will remember playing with their grandpa in the leaves!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Oh how I love Duluth and the North Shore

This last weekend Rick and I took a little trip to Duluth, 
We usually head up the North shore to Lutsen but this year
 I waited too long and wasn't able to get into the place we like to stay. 
So we we opted to stay in Duluth and explore the area.
I LOVE this Arial lift bridge, 
one night after dinner we walked over to watch a huge ship come in the harbor
(to deposit a load of coal).
It was called "The American (something)" and was over 1000 ft long.
We had to drive over this bridge to our hotel, we only had to wait once for a small boat to pass under.
It was this guys birthday on Tuesday,
it was fun to have a weekend away to celebrate HIM!

 This guys has always loved to "skip rock"
 I will tell you....he is a master skipper!
Monday morning we drove up the shore about 40 minutes to Gooseberry Falls State Park
We enjoyed hiking to the falls, they were spectacular!
A view from above the "upper falls"
I could sit in awe of this all day long.

These steps made hiking up to the top of the falls a bit easier on the knees! 

We got to see some of the fall colors close up.

Just so vibrant against the blue skies

* * *

Our hotel was on the edge of the marina, it was fun to sit on our little deck and watch them transport
  these big boats from the water to their new winter parking spots.

If you've never been to Duluth I highly recommend it, there is so much to see and do!
 The downtown is full of historic buildings. There are so many yummy places to eat, and not enough meals in the day to try them all, and then there's the ocean.... I mean Lake Superior!!!
I can not say enough about it's beauty

Bonus photo
Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite guys
30 years ago I gave him his 1st born son for a birthday gift!

Monday, October 03, 2016

Phase one is done...

 All that's left after the dock, boat lift and boat are out of the water.

 Last weekend our strong strappin' boys came to the cabin 
to help begin the closing-down process.
 Rick puts in his two-cents worth but these boys of ours do 
pretty good for only having done this once before.

 The best part for this momma is listening to the two of them banter back and forth as they work.

 They crack me up!

Gavin is busy taking off the side steps
It's a process and we are thankful for their eagerness to help.

Did I mention "little miss" and her mamma came too
Jenny, our DIL (Brice's wife) is in her last month of preganancy with #2!
 She is a joy and such a trooper to travel the 3 hours to our cabin.
Loved having Jennifer and 2 year old Scarlett to hang our with while the guys worked.
 Struttin' on the dock

We had plenty of down-time too....
Uncle Gavin & Scarlett out for a little stroll.

 Reading with Grandpa

 Brice surprised us and bought some brick to make a fire ring
We didn't get a chance to break it in due to wind and rain.
Cant wait for our camp fires at the cabin.

 Before we brought the boat in, we had to have a ride
 She loves the boat!

Be Still My Heart
 Just playing outside. I love this sweet granddaughter, and her cute little red cape

* * *
Things get quiet after the kids leave, 
we miss the pitter-patter of little running feet throughout the cabin, 
we miss the conversation, and just having family with us.
 So ... we keep busy, there was more to do
Rick is washing off the cover to the boat lift.

 And then there's that needles.... they are everywhere, and lots of them.

 We are blessed to have this man as our neighbor, 
John has a heart that serves and is always eager to lend a hand. 
We are grateful for John and his wife Judy who also had us over for dinner the night before...... Lovely people!!!

 Hanging up the hip-waders until next spring

One more trip up to blow out the water lines and tuck the cabin in for the winter.

Monday, September 19, 2016

You should really check this out....SeptOberfest

Every fall Wabasha puts on a display of fall-like beauty all around it's town.
They call it  SeptOberfest
From September 9 - October 23rd, this quaint little river town is adorned with 
decorated Pumpkins, cornstalks, hay bales, gourds and much more, 
there is too much to mention here. 
There is musical entertainment, carriage rides, pumpkin decorating, face painting,
pony rides, a corn maze, a fun "bug" park for the kids, food and so much more.
The coolest thing is that the event is free with only a few things that ask
for a Donation, like the pony rides and face-painting and the carriage ride.
I have been wanting to go to this fall festival for many years...
These two  :)

We made it happen this year, and these three joined us to make it all the more enjoyable! 
We started out with a picnic lunch before we ventured into the festivites.

 Audrey is having her 1st ever pony ride, she loved it!

 He is such a boy!  
Carson loved bouncing through the corn maze on this little bouncy-ball  pony.
Carriage rides

The Bug park...so fun!
Audrey headfirst down the giant catepillar slide
I like these kind of spiders
This boy could have jumped all day
More adventure
Carson loves a little competition.... racing his mama here.
(guess who won)

Lots of these guys around town

Pumpkin decorating

This lady was an amazing artist, She sculptures faces into giant pumpkins
it was fun to watch her at work.

yep this is a pumpkin


A close up of the finished pumpkin sculpture.

If you think this is something you'd enjoy you still have a few weeks to check it out...
  Click on the link to checkout the website and schedules
I intend to return on a week day, later in October when the leaves are changing. 
I want to check out the 4 boutiques that are open every day through Oct. 16th,  9am - 5pm.