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Monday, March 20, 2017

March visit...

It's been a long 5 months since we have gone up to the cabin, 
so a few days shy of spring we headed up to check things out.  
Last year same time it was 62 degrees and the lake had stared to melt near the shore. 
This year a little different story. 
The warmest we saw was the upper 30's and their was no water yet on the shoreline.

We discovered a few things on arrival,
#1 Lots of big branches had come down in the yard
Not sure if it was from heavy snow or wind?
The pile
       #2 Our Heat pump (to warm the cabin) was functioning, 
but the air it was blowing out never got warm. 
We need to get a heating & cooling guy over to checkout out... next time  :)
            #3 BEST OF ALL.... no evidence of mice (my biggest fear)

 We spent a few hours in town, talking with the shop owners, browsing and getting some walking in.

 We decided to stay in a hotel rather than a 40 degree cabin. We had dinner at Zorbas. 
Then on Sunday we attended church at Eastside. 
It was a nice little getaway....short & sweet!
We are looking forward to opening up the cabin late April or early May!

I love the huge Pine trees in our yard at the cabin, they are soooooo big!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Walking in the winter wonderland...

 On this beautiful, fresh snow-fallen winter day, 
Rick and I decided to get our work-out by hiking at Quarry hill

 Quarry Hill Nature Center is located in 320-acre Quarry Hill Park, its often referred to 
as the "Jewel" of the Rochester Park system.

 We got a fresh 5 inches of snow overnight so we wavered whether or not to 
rent snowshoes or just walk...we decided to go without the snow shoes.

This guy keeps things interesting on our hikes.

I know many are "getting tired" of the snow,
 Not me,  I'm choosing to savoring the remaining 7 days of winter, and take advantage of it's beauty. 
I'm a firm believer that as long as it's WINTER, there may as well be snow....right!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Wind is normal for Rochester, but wow....

Top 10 windiest cities in the United States

Amarillo, Texas (Average wind speed of 13.6 mph)

  1. Rochester, Minnesota (Average wind speed of 12.6 mph)
  2. Lubbock, Texas  (Average wind speed of 12.4 mph)
  3. Boston, Massachusetts (Average wind speed of 12.3 mph)
  4. Wichita, Kansas (Average wind speed of 12.2 mph)
  5. Fargo, North Dakota (Average wind speed of 12.2 mph)
  6. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Average wind speed of 12.2 mph)
  7. Corpus Christi, Texas (Average wind speed of 12 mph)
  8. Abilene, Texas (Average wind speed of 11.9 mph)
  9. Buffalo, New York (Average wind speed of 11.8 mph)

Rochester has an average wind speed of 12.6 mph
Average windiest months: January and April

This is what Its like every time I've stepped outside during the last 2 days
Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Today KTTC posted wind gust up to 55 MPH, it's crazy out there. Forget about trying to keep my hair in any style, watch out for run-away shopping carts and hold your car door when you get out to avoid dinging another car. There's a lot to think about when the wind traveling at 55 MPH.

Monday, March 06, 2017

A full heart.....

Those of you who are grandparent, you know the feeling well.
There is nothing like it... those grand babies just rock my heart.

Relaxing next to my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter Scarlett,
unprovoked she puts her hand in mine, sharing her "My little kitty" figures. 

We started our Saturday off by watching our oldest Audrey play in her last BB game of the season.
We have loved watching her being excited about this game, She loves that her daddy is the coach.
This is such a wonderful way to start them out, it's called Champion Basketball, It's a Christian-based league that promotes fun, and learning the game without all the pressure and stress of "winning". They do not keep score at this level, they cannot steal or block the ball and they can even travel a little bit... in other word the kids learn to love the sport first, they get to handle the ball without some one in their face...that will come all too soon as they get in the bigger leagues. I also love that they have half-time devotions, they teach about perseverance, patience and positivity.
~  ~  ~  ~
Our twin cities grands (and their parents) came for a visit, It was so good to get baby snuggles from our littlest Lewin who is just 4 months old.
 Snacking on his bacon teether... When I saw this I couldn't resist getting it for him.

 Can you tell we are a little enamored with him

Lewin's big cousins Carson and Audrey loved talking to Lewin and making him smile.

Oh Uncle Gavin....he loves those babies
Everyone gathered at our house Saturday afternoon

We had a girl-cousin sleep over, it's so fun to see these two little ones bond, 
they are just over 5 years apart.
 This was Saturday morning.... 6:50am, "move over grandma....
waking up to Mickey Mouse and Scarlett favorite frozen book
They were both so excited to sleep at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

A little Sunday outing to the Library then a look at the River. Of course there had to be rock throwing into the river...that's the best part.

My sweet baby Lewin... so hard to see them go home,  he is the sweetest and growing way too fast.
Slow down baby boy!

It always does my heart good to have my kids and grand babies around especially when they are all together in one spot. I love seeing our family grow and watching my kids with their own... 
just nothing like it.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

I ventured out after the storm...

 We started the last week with spring-like temperatures nearing 60 degrees, 
but that came to a screaming halt with a blizzard warning Thursday night and 
all day Friday as Rochester got 12 inches of the heavy white stuff.
 I was looking so forward to the snow and I got my wish.  
The snow did not deter me from venturing out a day later, on Saturday morning to witness 
the effects of a beautiful winter snowfall. It was calm, and as glorious as I had expected. 
I snapped a few photo's to share with you, 
I hope you too can see the beauty in this winter wonderland!

I don't have to travel far to find "country", about 1.2 miles and I'm there, 
I headed North and West of Rochester.

Old silo's, farms, barns, gravel roads, winter, blue skies.... It doesn't get much better for this girl.

 Lots of blowing and drifting across the roads, but easily drivable

 I loved this barn and old windmill, so beautiful against the blue sky,
 but look a little closer....
A young family, mom, dad and two small children walking up a hill to go sledding.
Seeing families spend time together like this warms my heart, just good old fashion fun.

 I pulled off to the side of the road and changed my lens to get a close up. 
Did want them to think I was stalking them, but I kind of was  :) 
Look at that little one tagging behind. Dad has the smallest in his arms.

I ended up over by Oxbow Park near Byron.
I love the contrast of the golden prairie grass,
 the green pines, laden with snow and the bright blue sky.

I had a nice visit with a sheriff deputy, I think he and I were the only ones out on the roads....

 I had just pulled over to the side of the road to snap some shots of the river. 
I put my hazard lights on, and noticed a suburban pulling up behind me, 
then I noticed it was a K-9 unit. Here's how the conversation went as the officer cautiously approached my driver-side door...
Me: Hi
Officer: Watcha up ta???
Me: Takin' pictures
Officer: Have at it (with a smile on his face), I just wanted to make sure you were ok.
Me: Thanks for checkin' on me
and off he went...

There is nothing better then having a law enforcement vehicle pull up behind you,
 knowing you have done nothing wrong!...
and, that he was making sure I was ok  :)
Got my river shot!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It's not acting like winter...

Seems like all the talk this week has been about the weather here in Minnesota. 
It's legitimate talk with it being February and having 6 days in a row of Temperatures in the 50's!
After all it is still WINTER, but it's not acting like it.

Today we are projected to reach temperatures near 60 degrees again,
 these April-like temps have lifted the spirits of some folks 
who we might say were experiencing the  doldrums of winter.  

This winter-loving girl is appreciating the mild temperatures this week, but feeling a big robbed of my 2nd favorite season of the year.  I am embracing what it is regardless of the month and have been wearing my Capri's and flip-flops to celebrate the balmy weather.
  The windows have been open, and today my clothes are hanging out. 

This weekend predicts a return to winter  :)
There is accumulating amounts of snow forecasted on Friday....we'll see? 
My guess is a dusting to 2 inches.... I hope I'm wrong.

We have also enjoyed some time outside with our Rochester grandkids...
playing chalk on the driveway

Social ice on Friday with these two
 (poor quality phone pic)

and we cherish picture of the Twin Cities grands until our next visit.
 My Daughter-in-love Jen, and sweet little Lewin, 
out getting some fresh air.

 Scarlett, splashing in the puddles

Hope you are enjoying this nice stretch of beautiful days in February.