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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It won't be long now...

 Autumn is my favorite season with winter coming in at a close 2nd.

One of my favorite photo's taken near the boat launch next to our cabin 2015

I have many friends who are like me...
they appreciate the beauty and the cooler temperatures of fall and winter.  
The heat and humidity of the last week have been so oppressive. 
Luckily "a system" came through last night and today we have cooler temps!
I'm looking forward to the colors and smell of fall.
We have planned a little trip to the North Shore in a few weeks, 
then we will head back up North in October to put the cabin to bed!

What is your favorite season and why?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Small town Minnesota

Dorsett MN

A small unincorporated town with a scant population of 22.
Know as the Restaurant capitol of the world given the ration of 4 restaurants to 22 people.

(1 cafe, 2 Mexican and 1 Italian)
 Dorset is a short drive of about 12 miles from our cabin.
In the summer it's a popular resort area being near many of the lakes of Northern Minnesota.  
As stated above the town boast of it's 4 restraunts as well as gift shops, mini golf,
a small ice cream store booth, a church and an antique store.
One of our favorite eatery is Zorbarz (just outside of Dorset) 
We frequent it often... after church, with friends or just the 2 of us.

This last Sunday Rick and I decided to go to the annual Dorset Garage sales.
Tables lined the street with "garage sale goods"
It was fun to wander and pick through the tables of "goods"
We had our eyes on two things...both were gone when we came back to purchase them.
My thoughts...It wasn't meant to be.

From inside the antique shop looking out.

When my boys were little they used to love looking at "weapons"
Now that I think of it.... they still do.

Dorset also sits on the Heartland Bike Trail that goes from Park Rapids to Walker. 
A great pit stop for those biker that need to stretch or maybe grab a quick meal/ treat.

 I got a kick out of this little hand-written sign,
made me chuckle that the house is IDEAL for 1-2 people.

There are so many little town in Minnesota that are worth a visit,
many hidden treasure await those who seek.

Monday, September 03, 2018

There is someone behind all these cereal boxes...

There is someone behind all these cereal boxes
Grandpa Rick lines the cereal boxes up just like he did for our own kids.
Our sweet Scarlett joined us for 3 whole night last weekend
We love having her,
we marvel at her knowledge and personality,
and the time goes way to fast!  

Always smiling

I love how her little hand is holding a prince on top of grandpa's hand.

She's been Elsa for as long as she's been old enough to know it...
Grandma's nightgowns make the perfect "Elsa dresses"
They are even the right color.

A visit out to my mom and dad's is a highlight for all
Great grandpa Gale tries to tickle Scarlett. I love the look on her face.

We made a quick trip to the "blue park" before it rained.

Rain cannot stop us from shopping!!! 
We came out with a MiniMouse dress, Minnie shoes and a Lion purse.
We picked out a pre-school outfit as well.... I think she's all set.
This little one is growing up so fast, 
we cherish the times she spends with us as we do with all the grands. 

We are looking forward to having little Lewin soon.....right mom and dad????
Just look at him.....  OhMyHeart

Friday, August 31, 2018

It finally happened... we got mom & dad to the cabin.

We have had our cabin for three full summers now. 
Rick's mom and dad were able to come 2 years ago,
Rick enjoying the evening sunset with his mom & dad
I'm so thankful as now his mom is in a 
nursing home with Dementia and suffering the effects of a recent stroke.

Our parents are in their 80's, not an easy season of life to pack a suitcase and leave 
the comforts and familiarity of your own home.

With conflicting schedules, health issues and just life, 
it's taken a bit to get my mom & dad to the cabin. 
I was determined that it would happen this year and it did! 
  A few weekends ago we enjoyed a 2 night stay at the cabin with mom & dad.
We managed to put a puzzle together, I told mom they couldn't leave until it was finished, ha

My dad likes to fish so we took him out so he could... show us how it's done!
An evening on the lake to troll for whatever was biting
I did have a small bass at one point... as I was reeling it up to the boat Rick announced,
"I have the net in the garage for repairs", ha ha
We did get a look at my Bass before it shook its self off the lure.

 I took this photo as I noticed Dad quietly bringing a fish in. 
I witnessed much patience as he took his time and said nothing. 
Unlike his daughter who squealed "I GOT ONE" and proceeded to reel it in like a maniac.

 I also noticed that the fish gave no fight,  it just quietly came along as dad reeled it in
I think my dad is the "fish whisperer"...for real!

I think Mom and Dad enjoyed their time with us at the cabin.
I know we did!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

He is ready...

He is ready....
He has grown in so many ways in the last year, 
I've seen him face some fears, he is bold and wanting to try new things, 
he's is assertive, kind and soft-hearted.
He's been through a lot in these last few years...so much!
Type 1 diabetes has not stopped this boy...
 through it all he is stronger, braver, and I believe smarter.
 Carson is a wonderful little boy and he's ready for Kindergarten.

My 2nd grandchild is starting kindergarten today

Seems like only yesterday he was itty-bitty
snuggled in my arms...so sweet.

Then I blinked...

and he grew into this handsome little guy
A short visit and hug the night before kindergarten.

 I will continue to pray for you everyday Carson, 
that kids will be kind, your teachers patient, and for your school to be secure.
But most of all that God will protect you and keep you safe as you go about your days.

You are ready big guy... now go show the world !
photo by Carson's mamma

I found this sweet poem when my first grandchild went off to kindergarten
I will share it again with the same mamma.... it never gets easier.
 I sent this to my daughter this morning,
I knew it would be hard to see her "baby", little buddy and side kick go off to school
so I wanted to encourage her with this sweet devotion,
"First day of Kindergarten"

Thursday, August 23, 2018


Up until a couple of weeks ago 
North Dakota was a state neither Rick or I had ever stepped foot in
On a misty cloudy day we decided to travel the 1.5 hours from our cabin to Fargo to say...
"We've been there"

We didn't spend a lot of time in Fargo, mostly just stopped at the visitor center and 
checked out the mall.

I've never seen the movie "Fargo" but apparently there's a "woodchipper scene"
(my husband is such a good sport)

This is the original prop displayed inside the visitor center.
I'm not sure I want to ever see this part of the movie

Fargo Walk of Fame...
The walk of fame featured hand prints and signatures of Movie stars, Musicians, Authors, Athletes and celebrities from all walks of life


North Dakota Bison
 The mascot of NDSU

While we were driving around we saw snippets of the Blue Angels
The Blue Angels is the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron

They were practicing for an event the next day in Fargo.
It's an amazing site to see!

The visit was short but sweet, Now we can say we've been to North Dakota, but no ones asking.