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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day thoughts...

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom
I'm glad you're mine  

<3 br="">
We need to update our photo, but I kind of like this one from a few years ago.
I've got your spunk and attitude....lucky me  :)

My Loves...
those who call me "mom"
 I have never been more proud!
Being a mom NEVER goes away, It's hard-wired into our hearts.
Even though you are grown and on your own, I still want to be part of your lives, I always will.
You have all done a great job of nurturing your mamma's heart!

Brianna (and Chris) the way you trust us with Carson, 
and let us be with him even though diabetes can be tricky!
I'm sure that's hard for you, but you are always a text away when I'm needing reassurance. 
Thank you for sharing your littles with us and keeping us up to date on their activities!

Brice (and Jenny) You keep us up to date with the going-on's at your home by sending frequent photo's and video's of the babies. The video chats are the best, we need more of that. 
We love the sleepovers with Scarlett, I'm sure Lew will be joining soon....I hope  :) 

Gavin, I love how you just pop-in to see us, and make time to meet us for dinner a couple times a month. You get the title of "my baby",  just so you know that will never change. 

Someone got into my heart and wrote the quote below, 
(I think that is called plagiarizing), ha ha 

To my Children, Brianna, Brice & Gavin...

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Anatomy of a Nurse....

Happy National Nurses Week May 6th - 12th

As a seasoned nurse of 36 years, I get this photo and oh I could add so much more. 
Our profession is a selfless and giving profession, we do it because we love what we do. 
 Our feeling of worth and job satisfaction comes not from upper management or co-workers 
but from the patients themselves. 

I have cried with my patients, laughed with them, held their hands and sometimes prayed with them. I have received hugs that don't wanna let go, 
handshakes, kisses on the cheek and pats on the back.

...but there is another side, and I can speak for many. This profession is not for the weak of heart!  We have been up to our elbows in every body fluid possible, 
we've been spit-at, swung-at, swore-at and threatened. 
 We've desperately worked to safe lives, to make split-second decision, 
we have those "gut feelings".... we all know "that feeling", and we act on it! 
We are sometimes the last voice or last touch a person experiences before they die...
these are the hard things.

We are nurses, the backbone of the hospital, the patients advocate and friend. 
We encourage, reassure, and 
sometimes use a bit of tough love. 

We are Nurses.

This is basically my prayer (in a nut-shell) everymoring as I drive to work!
Prayer has always been vital in my job as a nurse...
My hands are very important in my work as I need to guide a 3.5 inch needle into my patients backs until I reach the spinal fluid, so yes I pray before each patient quietly at the bedside, Lord please take my hands and guide them right where they need to go!
When I get to where I need to be, it's always a quiet, "thank you Lord"  :)

An old photo of me in my last job as a sedation nurse, my prayer here was always "Lord,  please help me to keep my patient safe throughout the procedure.

This week Is National Nurses Week
I want to give a shout-out to all my nursing friends, co-workers, and my daughter, 
As nurses you know that everyday we come to work we will touch a life, 
 a life will touch us....truth!

Monday, April 30, 2018

How did I not know about this place?

On a recent road trip, traveling the snowy country roads of  rural Hastings Mn, 
Rick and I came upon a treasure, how did I not know about this place?
As we followed the signs to this "Little log House", my heart began to race as things came into sight.

We slowed to read the signs at he entrance of the village. One read, "Private property"
A car coming the other directions stopped and the man at the wheel
 rolled his window down to talk to us. 
He wondered if we were perhaps looking for someone named Tom. Ha Ha, "no, I said, actually we are admiring this village and were wondering if we dared to drive in and check it out". 

The man in the car was Steve, the guy who created this little village.
He told us he was the owner and we were welcome to go on in and check it out.
so we did

The owner Steve Bauer, is the creator of this unique restored village.
The History of the "Little Log House" and the village to follow is captivating.
Read Steve's story HERE

Lots of antique farm equipment.

Lots of old cars and windmills.

The village is only open to the public once a year!
If you want to tour this little village, mark your calendars for the last full weekend of July. 
Steve told us to be sure to come back in July, the village will be bustling with people, 
vendors, fun events, live music and food.
Read about the event HERE

The village is mostly booked for private events like weddings, 
and other celebrations such a reunions, anniversaries.
I believe this is the original steeple from the Historic St. Boniface Church that sits in the village, 
This photo taken form google images
The church is used for many weddings that take place in the village.
The church restoration and rebuild is so interesting... you can read about it HERE

did you notice the B & W squad car in the parking lot.

I love this view as we left the village, it's literally out in the middle of nowhere.
I hope Rick and I can return in late July to enjoy this village and all the excitement at it's once a year 
open to the public event.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Getting closer....

It's too early to "open" the cabin, the ground is still frozen! 
Our cabin is not winterized, so that means the frost has to be out of 
the ground before we can turn the water on. 

That doesn't keep Rick and I from making an overnight spring visit. 

We don't have a traditional furnace but we have a "heat pump" which does a good job of heating the cabin as long as it's not below 40 degrees. We walked in and the cabin temperature was 40, much colder than the outside temperature of 65 degrees. It a few hours we had a warm cabin!
we sat ourselves out near the lake and probably looked like a couple of goofs
 I kicked my shoes off, it was plenty warm, and I sat with my face to the sun....
soaking it in.
 We were glad the shoreline was thawing. 
My Mr. filled a few 5 gallon buckets full of lake water so we could flush the toilet. 
Is that TMI?

We bring store bought jugs of water and warm it in the microwave for washing up.
That's roughing it for this girl, so an overnight was long enough for me.
One pile of snow left on the deck. 
There was no evidence of unwanted critters in the cabin for the 3rd year on a row. 
A few dead bugs but that has to be expected. 

We arrived Saturday early afternoon, we spent some time visiting with the neighbors next door.
We had dinner in town then came home, made a run to Walmart then returned to the cabin. We watched the Timberwolves playoff game, then off to bed.
Sunday morning we relaxed a bit before church. 
It was fun to worship with our "UpNorth" church family. 
After church we had lunch with friends/neighbors, the Rozsa's, before heading out.

It was a quick visit...the first of 2018
Looking forward to making new memories this year at our cabin on the lake.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Hanging on to the single digits.....

Happy Birthday to a very special girl

Because of her....
... at the young age of 48
 I received the title "GRANDMA"

... my "Jojo" as I so fondly call her.
9 looks good on you sweet girl!

This is one of my favorite photo's of Audrey. 
I took it last summer in the woods near our cabin.

This little one is growing up fast... too fast
I see a beautiful sweet soul, a little girl with a lot of energy. 
A mind that is thinking, and a heart that is loving.
What a blessing it has been to be so close to you, to be so involved in your life.

Love our special dates to Caribou.

I pray for you every morning!
God is watching over you sweet girl, I know because I asked Him to.
I look forward to watching you grow into the person God intends for you to be,
You are often in my thoughts, and always in my heart, 
I love you Jojo.  ~ Grandma


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

So Yesterday....

... despite the 6 inches of snow we received the day/night before, 
Rick and I decided a "road trip" was overdue and much needed!
 We love to travel off-the-beaten-path, so we expected the roads would be less them perfect.
For the most part the roads were great, the winter Spring beauty was superb!

An old barn make-over. 
Some one has made this old barn into a beautiful home, I only wish I could see the inside.

 We made our way to Hastings, MN 
 A small river town of about 23,000 located in southern Minnesota.
Historic downtown is laced with beautiful old buildings & unique architecture.
A photographers dream. 

 On our drive we went through the village of Welch.
I'm guessing that long ago this was perhaps a school.

*  *  *  *  *
Memories came to us as we drove by Welch ski village.
As teenagers, Rick and I used to ski here,.
 We were avid skiers back then, and later introduced skiing to our kids.  
Eventually we made it to the mountains of Colorado to ski as a family.... it all started here  :)

 I Love to photograph old barns... 
This one will go in the books as one of my new favorites.
Do you see the black cow lookin' at me? I also love the contrasting green tractor, 
and the cupola that sits on top of the barn roof.  
I'm captivated with this one 

Stay tuned for more road trip fun.......