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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

 I won't lie...
It pains me as I reflect and go back to June of 2016. 
A family vacation that our family will never forget. 
The day Carson was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. 
We were 290 miles from home with a small community hospital only 6 miles from our cabin.
Carson was quickly diagnosed with a blood sugar near 800 (normal is 70 -100)
the rest is a blur..... Read my initial post here

A photo taken by my daughter Brianna as her son Carson is being reassured by 
a flight nurses from Mayo Clinic's  air ambulance, "Mayo Air".

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

This post is not intended to dwell on the sad and scary moments of more than
 a year ago, but those feelings are still very real even today.
Instead I hope to educate. 
This has been a learning curve for our entire family but mostly for Carson and his parents, 
who might I add... ARE AMAZING!
There is a lot of truth to the saying below for both parents of T1D.

Type one diabetes (in children especially) is a very unpredictable disease, with so many factors that affect blood sugars which in turn affects the immediate and overall health of the diabetic.
Growth, trauma, mood, temperature, illness, activity, hormones, stress etc
Carson is our Super hero, but Brianna & Chris...
you rank right up there in the super hero category! 

Rick and I have been learning and education ourselves about the disease,
sometimes it is mind boggling when we read about all the many things that come into play when it comes to managing the minute by minute, and day by day
ups and downs of blood sugars in a child with T1D.
I'm a nurse folks and really had NO IDEA the complexity of this disease!!!

Rick and I have been spending time in the car reading and learning all we can about T1D.
We have learned so much from the book called "THINK like a Pancreas"
 The author, Gary Scheinet lives it, he is a type 1 diabetic and a
  certified diabetes educator, insulin pump user and exercise physiologist.

Everything that Carson eats has to be covered by insulin, unless of course
he is low and needs to eats something just to get his blood sugar up to normal.
(I recently counted up all the carbs in this meal for Carson)
sometimes it takes some figuring. 
For me a little longer to figure since I don't do it everyday like his parents. 

This iPhone is Carson's....no it's not for texting and Snap-chatting his friends, 
instead it picks up the reading from his dexcom... 
...a little meter with a small needle that is usually on  his arm. 
The Dexcom measures Carons blood sugar and through a bluetooth connection 
that's transmitted to this iPhone.
A continuous Blood sugar reading is very reassuring and helps to replaces many 
finger pokes throughout the day. It also helps to monitor Carson's blood sugars so that 
his parents can be on top of his high's and low's

Yes, children with Type 1 diabetes can eat cookies, candy, pizza and 
anything they want, just like you and I. 
The difference being, they will need insulin injected into their bodies to help transport that sugar into the bloodstream that their pancreas no longer produces. 

I never thought I would be saying, "It's such a blessing that we have synthetic insulin", but I do and I am so grateful, because without it.....well I don't even want to go there.

Through all of this, I have begun to relinquish all the what if's and rely on God's promises.
Carson is a healthy, happy, strong, smart beautiful child who is thriving and growing just like any boy his age. I pray every morning for God to keep him safe, as I do all my grandchildren. 
and I pray for the miracle of healing, how ever that comes.

 Today in National Diabetes Awareness Day
 I hope I have helped to make you a little bit more aware.
I remember feeling broken hearted and  crushed in spirit, but the Lord was near me through it all,
It just took some time to let him in and remind me how very precious Carson is to Him as well.
He really does rescue those come to Him, He is patient and is always ready to listen.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

A late afternoon drive...

It's almost mid November and there's still some harvesting to do, 
but from what I can tell it almost done.
Today, I took a little trip on some country roads, just north and west of my home.

I love the amber fields of corn waiting out it's last few days in the sun.

Plowing up what's left of the corn 

 This is one large operation

 Came up over a hill and these guys were by the side of the road.... big turkeys!

 Looking for food as dusk approaches.
 At one point I heard shots ring out and I wondered if it was a good idea 
for me to be on the back roads in the country... yikes

Good night sun

Monday, November 06, 2017

A special "Community Service Project"

My daughter has been doing some home schooling with Carson this year. 
He has a summer birthday and one more year at home with momma is always a good thing!
His 1st field trip to my house involved making apple pies.
Today we had another grandma field trip which I decided would include a 
 Community Service Project.
The community which may at first seem selfish to my readers involved a community of 7 people.... Carson's family, Rick and I, and Uncle Gavin

Let me explain.....
Carson mom (my daughter) Brianna, worked 13 hours Saturday night, had 8 hours of sleep then went back to work another 12hours, which got her to this morning. She then went home, got Audrey ready for school and Carson ready for Grandma's house so that she could not sleep mind you, but go directly to Audrey field trip a Quarry hill. Yes, that's my daughter she worked all night, came home and won't sleep until later tonight, knowing her... probably not until midnight or after.
So back to the Community Service Project.
I thought it would be fun to surprise Brianna with dinner for tonight, so I incorporated a little teaching session on serving others during my time with Carson. We decided that it would give mama a night off from thinking about what to make for dinner. 
And the other half of the meal stays with us and we invite Gavin to dinner WIN/WIN
The best part was Carson and I spending time together, cooking.
 Seriously other than me browning the hamburger and helping with measurements, 
he made the pizza burger mix by himself!

That's not all
 Then it was on to making Chocolate chip cookies....
For dessert  :) 
 Of course there were a few small nibbles .
I made the home-made Chip dip and we sent a bag of chips to go with the Pizza Burgers.

On a side note, I put together a list of all the Carbohydrates in the meal 
so Brianna didn't even have to do that. 
It was more just practice for me since Brianna and Chris are wizards when
 it comes to calculating carbs.
November is National Diabetes Awareness Month
Since Carson's Pancreas doesn't work, (he is a Type 1 Diabetic),  
all the carbohydrates he consumes have to be covered with synthetic insulin. 
Something that we who have functioning Pancreas's take for granted. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Closing Part 2....

Part 2 of the cabin closing involves just Rick and I. 
Once the water is turned off it's all business to get her done. 
This is our 3rd year closing the cabin and we are still learning, but getting better I might add. 
The big deal about closing the cabin is getting the water out of all the lines, lines that include not only the main line but all this smaller lines like the drinking water line in the refrigerator and
 the water line that goes to the washing machine etc etc, 
just think, anything that water goes to. 
If we don't get the water cleared out of the lines it will expand 
during the brutal cold temps and most likely burst a water line.
This year Rick attempted a different way and I think we both liked the process better... 
guess we'll see if it  worked come spring when we turn the water back on 
while crossing our fingers and holding our breaths.
 I'm so glad this guy is my cabin closer! He actually enjoys the process! 
He's got the kind of mind that everything makes sense before he starts the process, 
he doesn't get frazzled, he's self assured and so capable, and he's free !

I have my own part of closing that I do in between helping with the "line blowing"  :)
General cleaning, organizing, unplugging,
gathering all the food from the cupboard and refrigerator.
 Cleaning the kitchen so there are no crumbs that might invite
 unwanted guests searching for food this winter.
I am happy to say there have been no mice in the cabin on my watch  :)
and I want to keep it that way!
The gathering of things starts in the entryway. 
All the things that need to come home for he winter .

 Another tarp full of pine needless to take the dump.  

 The garage is gets full... it houses the dock, dock bench, our lawn mower, the neighbors riding lawnmower, the boat, the deck chairs and table, 2 kayaks, and more. 
We are thankful that our cabin came with a large garage, many do not have garages.
 It was a cloudy, cool day which makes it easier to put this blessing to bed.

Until next spring.......

You might wonder, why the flag banner?
*The little road to the left of our cabin is a public access used in the winter by snowmobilers and folks getting their ice houses out on the lake. The Banner you see is to deter folks from using our parking lot in front of the cabin. We were warned by the previous owner that people take advantage of using the cabins private lot for parking their vehicles. We decided to do as he did and place this gentle reminder that it is a private property.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Our littlest is 1...

How is it that our youngest grandchild is already one.

 Seems like just yesterday we were driving to the cities to meet him.

snuggled into Auntie Brie, with sweet kisses from cousin Audrey 
Already playing with cousin Carson.
 Our 2nd grand son, and 4th grandchild
I love this little guy....so much!

 He loves his uncle Gavin just like the the rest!

 Such a happy baby, doesn't complain much, but lets you know he is there.

One year old portraits by Grandma Jackie
I love photographing my grands, 
check out the pure sweetness of our little Lewin

Photo's taken at the lake last week, he was such a trooper

Always smiling

We love you Lewin Arthur and look forward to watching you grow.
Happy Birthday precious one year old.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Closing, Part 1... but so much more!!!

Closing the cabin Part 1, doesn't just involve all work. 
It involves family, little ones, play and valuable time spent together making cabin memories.
The big projects that needed to get done were getting the boat lift and dock out 
which takes some time and strength so we called upon our 2 big strapin' boys men  :)

Lots of photos' in this one.... hope you enjoy 

First we need to talk about it

Brice and Gavin are such a  big help, they are the work horses, 
and they have lots of fun together.
It's fun to listen to them banter and goof off out in the lake 
Notice Gavin balancing a large wood plank on his chin, one of his many talents.

Rick is not going to let them have all the credit, 
I love watching my 3 guys work together.
...and they talk some more   

In between the work, there is much time for other things....
 I went along with youngest son Gavin over to the church-camp grounds to watch 
him throw disc (us old people called it Frisbee).  
Now it's called "Disc Golf" a very competitive game just like regular golf only with discs'
The bag on his back is full of different discs all for specific distances and throws.
This guy is good....it's fun to watch him.

I have to give props to my sweet DIL who willingly hangs with the littles 
while husband Brice helps his dad. 

She's a good mom, so patient and loving.  
I'm so glad she loves being at the cabin with us! 

 more talking going on.... this time 1 year old Lewin joins the chat.

 Scarlett loves being down at the lake whenever she is here.
Rain boots on, and in the lake.
She actually stayed pretty dry. 
We had a chilly weekend, but still enjoyed being outside.

I even had time for Lewin's 1 year photo shoot
 He is the best.... such a sweet little smiler, 
he cooperated well and we got a lot of great photo's

While Lewin and Scarlett's mommy & daddy went out for an anniversary breakfast 
we got to hang with the littles, here was my attempt at a selfie.
Uncle Gavin had to leave a day before everyone else, We missed him when he was gone.
He had some good bonding time with his niece and nephew.  

The morning sun before the dock & boat lift came out... 
It was so pretty seeing the fog coming off the lake 

 Did I mention we had to get the boat out too.... ha
I actually backed the trailer down the boat launch, I felt quite proud of myself.

All Hemmer babies have this photo taken with their dad's
It' goes way back to Rick's dad.

 Four birthday's in October....so we celebrated.
Rick, Jenny, Brice and Lewin.

The final closing is happening tomorrow, always a bitter-sweet day.