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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bemidji bound...

Rick and I enjoyed a long weekend up north, we had friends stay with us, we did some projects, had a little R & R, and we took a little road trip.

I don't believe I have ever been to Bemiji, Mom???
  Rick only remembers photo's of when he was a young boy and a visit to this Paul Bunyan.
Sometimes referred to as the Standing Paul Bunyan it's not as big as I expected.
Much smaller then the Sitting Paul that we visited in Brainard as a child.
 Can you spot my "lumberjack" propped up next to Paul leg?
(dressed like him too)

 Bemidji is only about 45 minutes from Our Lake cabin, 
We took the back roads as we often do on a road trip.
It was a perfect day trip on a somewhat cool and cloudy day,
especially in the fall as the leaves are beginning to turn.

The town of Bemidji was quiet on this given day. 
A bit past tourist season, and most shops are now closed on Sundays.

No worries there was plenty to see as Rick and I walked around 
the city park that boarders Lake Bemidji. 

 A lot of towns now display large murals on sides of buildings featuring scenes from their city

 This one was open

This city has lots of art displays at the street corners

Two cute metal pigs
a couple of mean looking wolves 

This park appeared to be quite new, 
 either that or really well  maintained. 
Everything was unique to Northern Minnesota
A  3-D mural etched in this playground piece 
You cant see it but this green slide was made up of little rollers to slide down. 

 A swing fit for a king 

This might be a fun day trip for the grands,
 I look forward to a return visit to this fun little town.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A virtual acquaintance, transposed into a real-life friendship...

Audrey and I have been "Friends" for about 3 years or so. 
I met her by way of her on-line blog.
 I stumbled upon a post she had written on West Concord, 
which is a town near the farm where my mom grew up. 
A place I had spent a lot of time, playing at Grandma's farm" 
Her post on West Concord sparked an interest in me and I began to "follow" her blog.
It didnt take long to realize we had a lot in common.
*We both love the country (she grew up on a farm in prairie of SW Minnesota)
I grew up in the country in SE Minnesota

*We both love old, barns, school houses, churches, cemeteries etc!

*We both walk up to old churches in hopes that the doors will be open so we can explore.

* We Both love gravel roads and country drives... 
to explore new surroundings and learn about the places we go.

*We both love photography, noticing more than meets the eye.

*We both have 3 children around the same age, and we both are grandma's!

*We both have a strong faith, we pray for each other's family's and encourage each other with 
kind words and reminders of God's promises.

*We were married a month apart in 1982

* We both have amazing husbands, who are willing to follow us around 
as we explore the world around us. 
They are good men, patient, kind, and selfless! 

This weekend We were lucky to have Audrey and Randy as guests at our cabin.
Audrey was invited to read one of her five published pieces at a program featuring the book
The Talking Stick Vol. 26

This book is a Minnesota literary journal 

Produced entirely by Minnesota writers for Minnesota writers 

The program was held a Blueberry Pines country club, not far from our cabin.

You can read more about Audrey, and check out her blog by clicking the link below.

Audrey and I have meet in person 3 other times, those times were short but sweet, so it was nice having them here for a few days to really get to know each other.
We talked, ate together, enjoyed each other's company, played games, and talked some more.

Audrey told me in a recent email that she did not want to go on the boat. 
I will admit I was a little disappointed because I knew she would love having the opportunity of photographing lake life, but I respected her wishes and didn't even bring it up......

Guess who asked to go on a boat ride  :)
The life jacket was helpful, and as requested we stayed close(er) to shore and didn't go too fast. 
Rick and I were glad that we got to talk Audrey and Randy for a boat ride.
Unfortunately the weather was a bit drab, but we made it work.

I love that our friendship has grown from and on-line virtual acquaintance to a more authentic personal friendship. Our friendship will last, I'm quite sure of that. 
We are kindred spirits and I am thankful for this friend of mine.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

What's on your bedside table?

Not a typical looking bedside table for most, 
but as the grandma of a Type 1 diabetic, these things are essential to keeping  Carson safe.
Saturday night Carson had his first sleep over since being diagnosed 1 year and 3 months ago.
His excitement made me want to cry as we watched him jump up and down on our driveway as his mama was getting his suitcase out of the trunk. It made me wondered why we had waited so long. 
I guess just the uncertainty of his nights, Carson has many nights that he has to be woken up and given juice to get his blood sugars back to a safe range, but with his blood glucose monitor and pump it is a little more controlled and easier to keep and eye on. So it was time!
One of the cool things is that Carson's parents can also see what his sugars are doing, as those numbers transmit to their phones. So Brianna and I were messaging each other off and on into the early morning. We are both night owls so it works for both of us...
Thanks for trusting us Brianna and Chris.
The iPhone on the far Right keeps a continuous reading of Carson's blood sugar. The reading is transmitted by a device that is attached on Carson's arm, 
it's called a CGM, continuous glucose monitor. 
The black monitor in the middle is used to control the amount of insulin that is going into Carson. There is a basal rate that is a fast acting insulin which automatically infuses every few minutes at a steady rate that is somehow determined by Carson's mom & dad.
It is also used to give larger amounts of insulin to cover the
 Carbohydrates that Carson consumes when he eats.

This is a detailed operation folks, so much to consider all the time, every minute, every day, without ceasing. My Daughter and son-in-law amaze me by the way they figure what to do next when Carson's sugar are falling at a rapid rate, or climbing at a rapid rate, they are a team, they do their best, and Carson is lucky to have these two amazing parents who are on high-alert 24/7.
just a few thoughts....
When to give the bolus, depending on where is Blood sugars are and what he's about to eat.
Should we correct the "low" or just suspend the basal rate, or put it at 50%, or give a juice and suspend the pump, or or or or.......
and why in the world is he "high", there is mostly no rhyme or reason for these high's and lows.
Here are some notes I made for myself one day while I was with Carson.
This was a day when Carson was  having a lot of "lows".

Finger poker, test strips, fruit snacks to treat this lows.... I decided to only give him 1/2 the package which equaled 1/2 carb, it was a good guess as he corrected and went a bit higher then I would have like, but that's just it.... most times it's a guessing game.

Another day, more notes for myself
counting up the carbs for dinner. 

 This beautiful little boy is so  much more that the disease that has attacked his pancreas.
He is Carson! 
Brave and strong. A little boy who is happy, enjoys life and has boundless energy. 
He loves to play with friends, loves to learn and so smart!
He is our hero!

We are looking forward to many more sleepovers with this sweet grandson of ours...
and we cant forget about our other grands, 
we had such a fun time with these three! 
Cant wait for little Lewin to join the fun, it won't be long  :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Grandparents blessings

It started Saturday afternoon when these two arrived, 
then soon to be #3 for a overnight at Grandpa and Grandma's
Here they are filling in the crack on Grandpa's driveway with chalk dust....it worked, 
until the next rain of course.

Scarlett arrived and was excited to have a sleep over with us. 
The bonus was that her Rochester cousins would join her for a night.

All went well, with a few "Silly Mickey" (as they call it) cartoons just before bed
I love their little giggly/happy faces.

The littles slept until 7 which I thought was awesome

It's nice having the oldest grand to help the littlest get ready for church.
Audrey loves doing Scarlett's hair and she's really good at it. 
Even Scarlett thinks so.

Scarlett and Carson are finally able to be in the same Sunday School class.
Scarlett fit's right in, and I knew that Carson would keep an eye on her.

After lunch we had some time before nap so we decided to attend the "Fall Festival" 
at Quarry Hill (Rochester's nature center)
Our Daughter's family had gone ahead to meet up with some friends, 

but we found them right away and went to the pumpkins decorating station.
Grandpa sat by Audrey and Scarlett, to help Scarlett with the "permanent marker"

Little miss had a blast, 
we could have stayed longer but nap time was calling her name. 

A little help from Grandpa. 
I love that he has always put the grandkids on his shoulders,
 8 year old Audrey, and 5 year old Carson still enjoy grandpa's shoulder rides.

Some more cousin time Sunday night....
Brianna and Chris invited us over for dinner, and they have the best swing set in the neighborhood.

We love love love having our grandkids all together at the same time.
We think it's important they enjoy time together, 
playing and making memories that will last a lifetime.
 We look forward to the day that the baby, 10 month old Lewin will join the gang, 
it's just that right now... he still needs his mommy  :)

* * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Labor Day weekend

We enjoyed Labor Day weekend with my oldest son Brice, 
his wife Jenny and our sweet grandbabes at the cabin.

This was actually taken on our last boat ride just before Rick and I left to come home on Tuesday.
Can you figure it out....
A selfie in the boat mirror :)

 We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend with high temperatures in the 80's
Perfect for a little one who was wanting to swim a lot
She was in the water before they could even get her swimsuit on.

We had a couple of boat rides, this was a windy one, 
Scarlett was "eating the wind" 

I LOVE this sweet picture of Little Lewin and his mamma!

 While I drove the boat, Scarlett almost fell asleep on Grandpa, 
the rocking motion and constant sound the motor is sleep conducive.

A frequent request when at the cabin
"Mickey Mouse" pancakes  :)

 Lewin all ready for a boat ride

 She loves driving the boat.

 Morning games with grandma

 Daddy made her into a mermaid! 
This girl loves anything Disney and princess.
She stayed like this for quite awhile, such a sweet mermaid!

Such a happy boy, never heard him fuss, not even once.

It's always so quiet after family leaves. We miss the conversations with our kids, 
and the little ones running (and crawling) around the cabin.... the commotion!
But our hearts are always full and we are glad to be able to share our little place "Up North" with our sweet family and friends.