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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A re-do at the cabin

 Written from a grandma's heart....

This weekend we were able to have a Re-do.....
 Brianna, Audrey and Carson joined Rick and I at the cabin for some new memories!
We were not about to let Type 1 diabetes steal his (our) joy!!!
A happy thriving boy, who loves to be on the boat...

...but would rather be driving. 
This little guy is a nut on the boat,
 he loves to steer on open water and even makes (little boy) sound- effects when he
 turns suddenly to the left or right.
He loved swimming and playing with us in the water.
 we played lots of games and puzzles
Just barely 4 and he plays "Sorry" like a boss....he is one smart boy!

Carson is a joy, he is strong, brave, smart 
and he's kicking diabetes in the butt!!!
In 6 short weeks...
*He can tell his mom & dad when he feels "low"
*He asks about how sugar is in the food he's eating,
 he's even starting to say, "how many carbs is this"
*He has let Grandpa & Grandma do blood sugar checks.
Side note... No grandpa and grandma should ever have to poke their grandbabies, 
but we do it out of love, and wanting to be part of his life no matter what!
*He no longer cries when he gets his insulin injections
* He's all BOY! 
We accomplished the re-do with so many GOOD memories at the cabin! 

We are all learning together how to help Carson live with this disease, 
short of a miracle it is not going away.
I choose to pray for that miracle... that there will be a cure for diabetes!
  We have that hope in Jesus, He alone is can cure Carson because He is a God of miracles!

Type 1 Diabetes sucks, and I'm still mad about it! Sigh, deep breaths....

 It is a 24/7 disease that not only Carson lives with but 
so do his amazing mom, dad and sister.
They are the super stars, and we are so proud of them!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

These 3.... Oh*My*Heart


So earlier this summer, I did the 3 grandkids yearly photoshoot...
 all at the same time!
 It was a little more hectic, but I had two awesome assistants
My daughter Brianna and dear husband Rick

It takes a lot of patience to get all three to look at the camera, to all smile, and
 to sit still... ha ha, I love this one.

 Audrey first... she's 7
 She's a natural
 Growing up fast
 such a sweet soul!
Beautiful inside and out!
 She's easy....Pose and smile
 Love her!!!

Then there's Carson,
he's 4!
did I mention he's 4?

a little goof this boy is!

OK...time to pose and smile 

This boy is sweeter than pie
He tugs at his Grandma's heartstrings

Save the smallest (and busiest) for last...
Scarlett, she's 2
 She is sugar & spice and everything nice...
 those eyes
those curls
She's so sweet, almost too much!!!  :)

Then we do the "together" shots...
My favorite

 Love these two
They are such good friends.

 The 3 of them
We are so lucky & blessed to have these 3 beautiful grandchildren
We really can never get enough of them.
Thank you for letting my brag on the loves of my life  :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Friends, family and a celebraton...

 When we bought our cabin last September,
 we knew we would want to share it with family and friends!
Last week was one of those weeks filled with just that.... family & friends.

We had two couples stay with us while we attended a 75th year celebration 
of the church camp that we attended together for many years. 
The church camp "Pine Haven Christian Assembly" is a camp that my Rick attended as a kid, 
and our 3 kids attended every summer from 4th grade to senior high, and... our family spent more than 20 years vacationing at the camp during a week that was open to our church family.
Two of our kids were baptized in the lake at camp.
It is near and dear to our hearts and only a stones throw down the beach from our cabin.
 Many of our friends attended the celebration, some now attend different churches and
some have moved to other states, so it was fun to see old friends during the weekend of celebration. 
Lots of singing good ole' church music

Kerry & Ruth came up a few days early so the boys could golf, we have been friends for many years we loved spending time with them one on one at the cabin.

Me, Suellen & Linda , friends that go way back. 
Suellen is also Ricks 2nd cousin.

Our niece Jill and her husband Travis (and pup Luna) surprised her mom and dad who were staying at the cabin next door. They pitched their tent on our side yard so they could still 
have a view of the lake. It was fun having them up for a few days!
They had us up until midnight one night, so fun to have some quality time with these two.

 Ken & Linda stayed with us as well, 
we had so many years full of memories with them at Pine Haven. 
Linda and I used to watch babies in the nursery together.
Robyn (also a church friend) who has a cabin across the lake from us kayak'd over 
one morning to visit while Ruth & I were having coffee on the dock.

 Boat rides
Dinners together

This makes us so glad....to just be chillin' with friends 

 Linda & suellen catching up. 
Suellen and husband Tim moved to Arizona but
came back to Minnesota for the celebration.
After all the friends were gone, we still had family!
Rick's brother Brad and his wife Julie, rented the "back cabin" next door. 
My man's still got it goin'-on!!!  

 We enjoyed time with Brad & Julie taking long boat rides and watching our men ski.

Brad, showing his skills!

It was a busy, but fun week full of friends, family, conversations and memories to cherish!
It woulnt be right not ot post a picture of the moon and it's reflection over the lake!
Our view from the cabin in the stillness of the night!  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

80... Happy Birthday Dad

 Today we celebrated my Dad's 80th Birthday
 This guy still works out at the heath club everyday, 
he likes to search for treasures while metal detecting, and...

  he frequents many car shows with his 1965 Ford Mustang

Today was all about my dad, a gentle soul who has instilled in us the importance of 
The four of us kids (and spouses) were able to celebrate with dad today 
along with many of his grand and great-grand children. 
Mom recently had hip surgery and was released from rehab today just in time to celebrate too! 

He is the Patriarch of the "Erickson" family 
 we feel lucky and blessed to still have him with us!
Happy Birthday Dad, We love you!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Drive-by shootings....

 On our way home from the cabin last week I decided to have camera-in-lap,
 I knew there would be some photo opportunities as we drove through the country
 before running into big hwy 10 that takes us back to I-94.

I am usually driving this leg of the trip but we switched it up.
 I took advantage of the landscape and surroundings. 

* Picture quality isn't the best due to a moving car.

Up North is also farm country, lots of barns and crops 

 I wish I had a better photo of this place. 
The guy who lives here must collect old gas station stuff, his yard is FULL of these things.
 Someday I might get brave and stop  (if he's out)

No, we're not in south Dakota.... 
There is this buffalo farm about 1/2 hour from our cabin. 

A little Americana, Up north in the country. 

Potato fields & watering systems are BIG up north.
The soil is sandy, so I suppose they need to have the back-up in case 
Mother nature is not cooperating.

On to Hwy. 10 where trains are a plenty.
I remember when we were kids we used to try and count the cars as the train sped by....
 we usually didn't get to far, but we always tried.