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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The calm before the storm...

Rick and I are looking forward to our longest stay at the cabin....
2 weeks of vacation with kids and grandkids stacked in the middle.
The first batch will arrive this afternoon and we are pretty excited about it.
The rest of the clan will be here later in the week, cant wait!

"The calm before the storm" is not a bad thing to me, first of all I love storms!
The calm is the first part of our stay, not a lot of activity, peace & quiet but then the good part...
The storm, when we have 10 people in the cabin. There is lot's of noise, commotion and
movement. The wind is more like the gusts of little ones running all around, in and out with giggles and laughter and well... just pain excitement.

We have been mixing fun with chores around the cabin...
 it's a good mix and I have a husband that loves to tinker.

First on the agenda.... get a new water softener
 Lets just say, going without a water softener is not an option with water that has higher concentrations of iron. I'm thankful for this big boy!

A few of the windows needed a fresh coat of white.

We mowed, trimmed and cleaned up the shoreline, we blew off the deck, and I
organized the linen closet.  We accomplished a lot in 2 days, it feels good to work around the cabin and to maintain that pride of ownership!

We had this sign made for our place on the Lake.
When Rick came to this resort as a young boy it was called "Hawkeye Haven", so we thought we would keep part of the name as our cabin was part of the original resort.
The resorts cabins were bought many years ago and are all now individually owned.

It's not all work....
Love watching him ski, but it's hard when I'm the one driving the boat.

While out on a boat ride last night we came upon these two.
I"ve always wanted to see a loon mamma with a baby on her back.
Daddy loon was not far away with a small fish in his mouth... to feed baby I presume.

 We love boat rides at dusk.....so still

Now it's Tuesday, so we sit
and wait
for the storm
Oh how I love a good storm  :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hidden treasures.....

In the midst of cleaning, organizing and downsizing yesterday 
Rick stumbled upon a treasure from April 3, 1982
 Our Wedding cards
Reminders of the sweet people who have been in our lives for over 36 years
We reminisced as we went through each card. 

It was sweet to see the handwriting of Our Grandparents who have since passed
(Rick's grandma Verlene's handwriting)

This was my favorite card...
Muted pastels embossed with a single candle depicting unity. 
The white doves, symbolic of new beginnings, peace, fidelity, love and prosperity.
This card is a sweet reminder of all the blessings of our married life.

~As we went through the cards we were reminded of people who 
 were in our lives 36+ years ago 
*some, had passed
*some, we forgot that we even knew them "back then"
*some, are still close friends
*some, we haven't seen since the wedding
*some we didn't even remember who they were...now that's sad.
and some, we only see at class reunions.

I struggled with what to do with these cards since really they are only important to us. 
We are trying to purge things so someday our kids won't have to go through this daunting task. 
No one else will care about about these card, or even know the people who 
gave them all those years ago.... after we are gone. 
So I decided to keep the ones from our parents and grandparent, the one the kids might get a kick out of seeing, I tucked them inside my guest book for them to find.

and then....I couldn't bring myself to throw the rest
 so they are neatly tucked in the box that contains my guest book and other wedding memories.

Do you still have your wedding cards, if so I encourage you to go through them with your spouse, 
it was a nice break for us while cleaning and organizing

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Recalls don't always take care of the "recall"

It was a lovely afternoon last Sunday, Rick and I were traveling home...
The day before we had driven from our cabin in northern Minnesota to my son's house in Twin Cities. Our 4 year old Santa Fe Sport with 80,000 mi. had been running well except for the fact that I had been noticing a ticking sound from the engine, I did mentioned it to Rick.
 A few weeks before we had it to the dealership to have it checked over because it was acting funky, and it appears to have a leak of some kind, but they "couldn't find anything wrong with it".

In January we had it in for a recall we received in the mail. 
...."this condition would cause the vehicle to stall while in motion, increasing the risk of a crash"
They check what they needed to and "didn't see a problem at that time".
The reason for the recall happened on the south side of Cannon Falls about 45 minutes from home.
A sudden downshift of the car as I heard an increase in a ticking sound coming from the engine, 
all the while the RPM's reaved up to 4000.
The engine stalled but I was able to pull over to the shoulder and get off the hi way. 

We waited about 1.5 hours for a tow truck to pull the car to Rochester. 
 We were thankful that it was a cooler day with a breeze. I took a nap and Rick did some reading.
It was a little unnerving sitting on the side of hi-way 52 while semi's and cars sped by at "hi-way speeds". The battery eventually died from having the warning flashers on for so long.
Three grown adults in the front seat of the tow truck for 45 minutes.... Can you say Claustrophobia?

Got a call on Tuesday from the dealership....."YOU NEED A NEW ENGINE", 
and it may be several weeks till we find you one.  
A defect in the engine caused exactly what the recall stated it would.

The good news....The car is under warranty & 
We did not crash as the recall warned about.

 The bad news, Hyundai's warranty only covers a small economy car for a rental while our car is getting fixed, did I mention it may be several weeks?
 Getting in and out of this 2018 Toyota Yaris is a bit challenging.
It is made to fit itty-bitty people, and that I am not.

Good news it has a back up camera, and a keyless starter.....oh so fancy  :)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

From the outside you would never know...

Disease is such an ugly word, 
"Disease" doesn't fit for diabetes.
Diabetes is more of a life style with out a choice!

2 years ago today our sweet Grandson Carson, had just turned 4
We were on a family vacation in the Northwoods of Minnesota (about 280 miles from home)
 Carson just wasn't himself.
He was moody, clingy to his momma, overly thirsty and hungry, he was looked "lean" as we called it then but hind-sight tells he had slowly been loosing weight.
I hate to re-live this day as it brings quiet sobs deep within me.
It still breaks my heart as I sit right now at our cabin and remember
 this day two years ago, the morning of June 28th 2016. 
It's the day Carson's diabetes showed it's ugly face.
I write about it to remind myself of God's grace and mercies that are new every morning!
 He has continued to walk along side the Lewis family as they have taken this bull by the horns. 

It was not a huge surprise as Carson's mamma Brianna and I are both nurses,
 but when you take that role away and insert mom & grandma, you want to maybe pretend
 that it's probably just "something else" (but you know better)

That morning after a big pancake breakfast with lots of yummy syrup, Carson started complaining of a headache, and within minutes was throwing up, and then he started to become lethargic...
We both knew he needed his blood sugar checked, so off we went to the hospital.
It was in the tiny ER of Park Rapids, MN that the news was delivered to my daughter and I.
 I remember thinking it didnt seem very compassionate, in a matter-of-fact kind of way
 the Doctor said, "I think you already know, your son has new-onset type 1 diabetes"
It was as this moment that Carson's life changed forever, 
along with his Mom & Dad and sister.

Carson's life may have changed forever, but he and his family have adapted well, it's quite amazing to see Brianna and Chris work as a team to manage this little boys ever-changing blood sugars.

 This is what a person with an invisible illness looks like.
From the outside you would never know......

You see a perfect little boy with a cherub face... but you don't see the life saving insulin that is being injected by a pump that is attached to his arm or leg, or the Continuous glucose monitor
 that is attached to the other arm or leg, to send continuous blood sugar readings
  to mom and dad's phones.
You see a smiling face... but you don't see the look on his face when his blood sugars are either too high or too low, or when he's sad because he may not be able to eat what everyone else is eating.
You don't see the low blood sugars... the nights his mom and dad hear his alarm and go down to his bedroom to wake him up so he can drink some juice, to get his sugar back up. 
You see someone alive and well... but you don't see all the battles and obstacles he has to overcome to stay alive.... every single day!

We thank God every day for Carson and the amazing boy he is.
Diabetes does not define who Carson is...
 it is always there, it's a nuisance, and it is a challenge, but Carson is bigger than diabetes....
He's happy, strong, brave, smart and a joy in every way. 
He goes about his day just like every other 6 year old, playing with friends, swimming, playing video games, and building lego sets that are well about his age group... did I mention he was smart?

This boy is my hero, my joy....
Can you tell me were making cookies
Type 1 Diabetes doesn't happen overnight...
Something (it's not know what) caused Carson's own body to attack the cells in his pancreas that produce insulin, it's an autoimmune issue, it could have been slowly happening
for some time before he got really sick.

He and Grandpa are like two peas in a pod
Favorite photo of all time!

Did I mention the most important people in Carsons life...
 Carsons's parents are relentless, 
they are an amazing team full of knowledge and love for their son.
They keep Carson safe and healthy and he knows it.

Diabetes is 24/7 ! There are no breaks, no shutting it off, no vacations from it. 
You cant go awhere without planning...
What if the pump fails ( bring extra pods)
Dont forget to bring back-up insulin (has to stay in a cool place)
bring snacks incase his sugar gets low.
Emergency bag with glucagon injection in case he get WAY TO LOW.

Brianna and Chris you are awesome,
Carson (and Audrey) are so lucky to have you as their parents.

Speaking of Audrey....
 She is in this as well and has been a great encourager to Carson.
I'm glad they have each other!

This was one day a few months ago when we had Carson. He is showing that his blood sugar is 100, that's considered a "unicorn" in diabetes lingo. 
Not sure why it's called a "unicorn", but I do know that 100 is a great blood sugar level.
Brianna and Chris have taught us and trusted us with this precious one.
There is so much to learn sooooo much to take into consideration when managing diabetes. 
It can be overwhelming, but he is so worth it!!!

We will continue to learn and support this beautiful family.

A little teaching moment for those who don't know.....
There are two kinds of Diabetes....Carson has Type 1...
Type 1 diabetes is different from Type 2
It's an autoimmune disease, there's nothing that could have been done to prevent it,
 that's what makes it so frustrating..... UGH! 

I continue to pray every day for Carson, that God will watch over him and keep him safe,
 I believe in Miracles, I pray a miracle for Carson, but if that's not Gods will then I will
continue to pray for a cure....  Type 1 Diabetes needs to go away!

I trust that Carson will continue to grow and thrive.
He is an amazing little boy whom is loved by so many!

A reminder that I have etched I'm my heart...
Turn your worry into worship and watch God turn the battles into blessings.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

You don't want to eat this cake...

A "Diaper Cake" 
 A few weeks ago I volunteered to make a centerpiece for a baby shower.
I thought it would be fun to try my hand at making a "Diaper Cake"
I've seen them done and checked out some ideas on Pinterest, then away I went. 

Here's the beginning... 
 I used an empty paper towel roll as the center to stabilize the diaper tower
I lined the diapers up then rolled them to fit around the paper towel roll,
then secured them with rubber bands.
 Next I wrapped ribbon around to decorate and cover the rubber bands, 
then I added a floral lei around the bottom to give it some color

I wrapped a cake platter with tissue paper and added the "decorations", 
which are all gifts for the baby... teethers, baby lotion and soap, baby powder etc.
My favorite part is the baby headbands on the top layer.

 My diaper cake sits on the table along side the REAL cake, which was adorable (and yummy).

Our guest of honor, Jen.

This is the gang of ladies I work with, 
we are the only specialized group of RN's at Mayo Clinic 
that perform Lumbar punctures on all outpatients. It's fun to spend time together outside of work.
Jen's baby is due in July.....It's a girl !

Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day.....

We celebrated Father's Day at the cabin this year... just Rick and I!

We are lucky that we still have our dad's and get to hang out with them at least once a week. Sometimes it stretches into 2 weeks, but regardless we see, (or talk to) them every week.

This year Rick and I called our Dads from our dock, we had a nice visit
Love this picture of my Dad that my Brother in law took in May,
 while on a Guys fishing weekend... Thanks Darin

I was happy to spend some much needed time together with the Father of my children
This guy is the icing on the cake. 
He has always amazed me the way he interacts with our kids. He is patient, goofy, thoughtful & loving. He gives wise counsel, He listens and always knows what they need to hear.
They have all inherited great qualities from their daddy!
I couldn't have asked for a better dad for them.

 We have been enjoying our time at the cabin this weekend....
We love these people!
Our up north neighbors John & Judy (center) invited us to their cabin for dinner Saturday night, just so happens Rick's Aunt and Uncle Wayne & Jo Anne are staying with them for a few weeks so we got to hang out with them too! I know it's crazy..... Rick's aunt & uncle are best friends with our neighbors up north.... I just love that!
On Sunday we went to church together, then out to lunch... 
lots of laughs and joking going on at our table  :)

Then it was back to the cabin to catch up on some things to do....

He is such a trooper when it comes to projects!
a little work.... Our new patio set

and a little play...
This was my 1st time pulling Rick on ski's.
Notice the multitasking...
Steering the boat while taking a photo from the rear-view mirror.
Dont worry their were very few boats on the lake Sunday evening. 

Happy Father's Day Rick! 
Our family is so blessed to call you ours  :)