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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's all so random

So it seems like Monday to me, but it's really Wednesday. Crazy stuff. Rick and I went to the cities to hang out with my sister and her family for a couple of days so it seemed like the weekend, but it was really Monday and Tuesday. I actually have the whole week off so It's all fun and games for me :) Anyway, we had a grand time. I enjoyed playing with Sam(6) and Jensen(2) they are so cute and funny. Jensen just cracks us up and Sam keeps us on our toes. Rick dropped Sam on his head Monday night when he tried to do some crazy "spin, Flip Move" that Rick wasn't expecting. Rick felt bad.....Sam survived. Last night Rick and I took Sam and Jensen to watch my other niece Alexandra play fast pitch softball. Alexandra(11) is quite the athlete, she takes after her auntie jackie.......I still gotta get her on the mound. We also got to see our nephew Grant(3) (the wild man) he makes us laugh...what a goofy kid he is. It was also fun to say "hey" to my Little Bro and his awesome wife Michelle. Cant wait till the 4th of July, it's a big day for my side of the family...it rates right up there with Christmas. It's a all day bash at my mom and dad's house, then most of us all go to the same place every year and watch the fireworks. It's so fun......cant wait. Wow I just realized that I probably put 95% of you to sleep.
Today I dont think I'll do anything. I'm feeling like i need to just chill. I might even take myself to a movie, since Rick will be golfing till 8:30 pm. I'll just have to see what happens.
Oh....... I might add that I miss gavin like no other, he is at camp this week and i miss him, I sent him a package that he should get today. Cant wait to see him on Saturday. OK...now I'm done rambling, I should tell you that brice will be mowing today and that is usually a sight to see. He doesnt mow like a typical person would, Brice is unable to mow in a straight line, he will mow in sections, some will be diagonal, some will be circular and some may be wavy..... To mow in a "straight line" would not be BRICE. it's all good stuff. Later..........


  1. Christoph12:45 PM

    ahhh what would I do without your blogs?? I've been sitting around my house doing nothing, randomly checking blogs and you updated, yay!! Anyways, glad you had fun at your sisters, have a nice relaxing day today, fun fun.

  2. Autnie Jackie i LOVE your random blogs they are the best! I'm glad you had a fun beginning of the week! LOVE YOU!


  3. you did not put me to sleep! yip yip. I like mowing in heart shapes, hehehehehehmuahahhaha. playin'
    you're the bestest!

  4. I lOve you too Jill. I'm glad you read my blogs...I feel special. And Brianna the reason you mow in heart shapes is cuz your in love. It;s good to have you back Chris...I appreaciate the comments.