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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pretty Flower

I felt so inclined to share another pretty picture with you. I like my flowers, can you tell? Today was a nice day. I had lunch with my dear friend Julie Warner, we talked about our kids and our selves and all that good stuff. Then I came home and Brice and I chilled for awhile. Soon after that Brianna came home from work, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. We stopped at the park for about 10 minutes and watched a little league team practice. The little boys were cute. Now I'm home...... Brianna is out with friends, Jenny just drove up in her parent's convertable (how cool is that) I went out in the back yard where Brice was shooting birds and i said, "BRICE...a cute girl just drove up into our driveway in a convertible" He came around the house with a gun in his hand which kinda freaked jenny out so she popped into the house to be safe :) Then soon after that they took off for "something creamy" as Jenny put it. I think that means ice cream. Those kids are so cute. I miss Gavin.......still (He's at camp, i'm sure having the time of his life) Rick is golfing, but when he gets home we are going out for a little bite to eat. I can't wait, I'm hungry. welp, enough said for now, P.S. It's finally cool enough to open the windows in the house. I love that. Posted by Hello


  1. u neva tol me bah shot birds. by the way the spud salad is not done. There could be as many as 20 peeps here.

  2. I love the flower, yip yip

  3. I feel so behind! I never check blogs, and now that I do it's like... a lot of work for me! Love the flower, love the comments, love granny. I'll say hi to Gavin for you as i am going to camp tomorrow. And... have fun with the spud salad...sounds.... spudily...

  4. Christoph12:57 AM

    Ahh man that is a nice flower, whoot, whoot. Sounds like you had a good day :) Hope tomorrow is fun for ya, seee ya lata

  5. J Shev11:02 AM

    Mmmm... That creamy stuff with ice and vanilla and snickers was goood!!!