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Thursday, July 21, 2005

College of Visual Arts
This is the college that brice will be attending in the fall. It is actually a very large mansion with many rooms. There are also 2 other buildings within walking distance that belong to the college. So I guess you could call it a campus :)
Today the apartment shopping went fairly well. It was a little crazy, but I think the boys have an idea about what they want. Now it's just make a decision time. I think we could probably spend a week up there in the cities looking at more apartments and trying to find the perfect deal, but that would be insane, so I think we'll go with what we've got and call it good enough. Logan says he would be ok if he had to live in a cardboard box so I think the places we saw today would be a couple steps up from that. Oh Logan I adore you. Both boys applied for a job at a very fancy eating establishment called ....ummmmm something about a fire, can't think of it right now. We ate lunch there and it was very nice, and it's right across the street from one of the apartments that they are concidering......how convienent. Unfortunately we were not able to have lunch with Jamey(my nephew) today due to conflicting schedules, maybe next time Jamey.
Now I'm just tired and worn out from all the driving and thinking I had to do today, actually brice drove most of the time so I could navigate. I think I'll rest :)


  1. Mom, I think the restaurant is called cold fire river creek valley mountain range stream. or something.

  2. Oh yeah that's it Brianna..LOL

  3. hey, i recognize that school.. i feel like i did a tour of duty there.

    and was it Axl's Bonfire on Grand? like 4 blocks from my apt?