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Friday, July 08, 2005

Horror movie or comedy?????

Last night the "hemmer girls" were over and they along with Brianna and I watched a very scary movie called ,"hide and seek"........ It was very suspenseful, but I laughed my head off just listening to kellie and jill Freak out during most of the movie. Kelly screamed alot and ranted about how she didnt want to watch it anymore cuz it was too scary, Some of Kellie's comment were hysterical. here's a few of them. Kellie screams as she's kicking her legs and says, " shoot him"..... "oh PLEASE dont be hiding in there"......"Would you ever walk down into a dark basement???? No, Id turn and RUN" ...... "This is scary crazy" Jill, did alot of moaning and and eye covering and she said, " I cant handle this" That cracked me up. Brianna was quiet and I laughed alot....at the girls. If you asked me I'd have to say this movie was a comedy rather than a horror flick.
Check out the picture below to see the scared girls. (these are not staged pictures)


  1. You neva tol me you watched scary movies. You know I like them. I neva got invited. I hope you all had to change your undies.

  2. haha... wow! that movie was insane.. i truely couldnt handle it! we have to do this again sometime!

  3. hee hee, jackie, you're funny. i'm not a big fan of scary movies; they make me scared to walk to my car in the dark. sometimes in the light ...