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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Well It's Sunday, and I guess I could say I had a pretty nice weekend. They always go too fast. Saturday was fun.... Brianna, Chris and I went to check out a possible reception place that was all set up for another wedding. It was beautiful. We have a few more places to check out and then we need to make a decision :)
Then Chris had to go to work, so Brie and I went to David's Bridal and Brianna tried on a million dresses, unfortunatly she liked them all , So how will she chose???? I think we will make that a priority over Christmas break. It's all so fun :)
Last night Rick and I went out for Chinese then back home to hang out. Kellie and Jill were here and we tried to have a bonfire. It's wasnt our best fire but it's the thought that counts. Today went to church, which is always a great thing, then to the mall as always for lunch. Today the weather was perfect, Rick and I sat out and read, then we ran some errands and just hung out.
So Yah.... that's my weekend. Oh I saw Kelsey at church so that's always a pleasure...Love ya girl.


  1. HAHAHAH! I was caught off guard when I read my name! I liked seeing you too, and talking about next week! SSOOOOO EXCITED!!! Also... talking about Brie is always a highlight in my day! hehehee... MUAHAHAAH (BITE ME BRIANNA- retaliation from your own blog...lol... just playin' girl)

  2. i know Kelsey, talking about you is always the highlight of my day!!!

    I love you mama :)and I love that flower so much that it's my background!

  3. I have a copyright on that picture Brianna, You have not signed the release form so You may not use my picture without permission. EEP

  4. can I have an autograph???

  5. I'll do what I darn well please....if you say it's ok that is....eeeeep!

  6. Thats the most beautifulless flower i have ever seen in my whole 21 years. *tear*