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Friday, September 09, 2005

"Cub food brand" ketchup......What

Yep, so I went to St. Paul today to take Brice some things that I couldn't possibly have sent to him. My dear Mother came with so I wouldnt have a boring trip up there, and it was a nice surprise for Brice......to see "Gran" Logan and Brice met us at their door and seem happy to see their "kin folk" We chatted for a bit, Brice showed Gran around and then we took the boys out for a decent meal. It's been a week since they've "really" eaten anything. I think it's because of busyness and school work and laziness on their part to not want to cook. OH well, He will eat if he's hungry enough. (that's what we said when Brice was 3)
After lunch I felt generous and took Brice to get a few groceries. It was amazing to see how he has now realized that things really do cost money, especially groceries. He actually looks at the price of the off brand, and chooses that over the more expensive brand. I just had to chuckle. Brice wouldnt touch "off brand" anything when I bought it at home, He stuck his nose up at it and said it wasnt any good. NOW that he's paying the bill ,it suddenly has an adequate taste and isnt all that bad. How funny is that. Oh Bricey, your learning. The thing that made me laugh the hardest was the "cub food brand" ketchup....What!!!! That's gotta be all nasty and everything.
For those of you who care.....Brice is doing well, He is liking his classes especially 3D design. He finally got his first book that we ordered, so He won't have to read that asignment in the library. Only 2 more books to come. Please hurry Mr. mailman Some of you who know that Brice is deathly afraid of cats, I have a funny one to tell. Someone has been putting a dish of water on his outside window sill and a cat comes there to drink from it. There are several cats lurking around the outside of their building. Brice is not thrilled about that. Oh and Logan is deathly afraid of spiders and i guess Brice killed one last night on one of their wall, Logan freaked out. I would have loved to be a mouse in a corner. So anyway I'm Happy to say Brice is good. He has terrible phone reception inside of his apartment, so if you cant get him on his phone text mesasage him and I bet he'll call you back.
Well Tomrrow is MY "one weekend" a year that I work. I have to go over to St. Mary's and work in their recovery room. I'm not thrilled about this but I suppose once a year wont kill me. I work 8 - 4:30 and then I'm on call from 4:30 - 8:30pm, Yuck. I hope it's a quick weekend.
Rick, I and Gavin went to the movie "Red eye" tonight. I liked it alot, only jumped up with my hands to my face once. eep
Ok, I know I have written way toooooo much stuff and probably have completely bore you all, but that's ok You could have stopped reading along time ago.
I hear 90 degree tomorrow and Sunday. I hate hot. Have a good weekend ya all's


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  2. mama, I like your blog, cuz now I konw what's happnin' I miss you! I wanted to call tonight, but Heather, Chris, and I went to Breathe and didn't get back till 11:00ish. I'm glad you got to see Bricey and that he's doing good. That is way funny about the cub food brand ketchup, even I wouldn't go for that, nast. I'm also glad you like red eye, cuz I did too and I also covered my eyes! eeeeep! Love you and good luck with that one weekend during the year shift, man oh man, you can do it!

  3. it was a fun trip.

  4. Ask me how to disable anonymous comments. With any luck it will work for you too! Way to go on the grocery shopping Brice! Does he have a computer at his apartment? I sent him a list of washing instructions. Did he get them? Hmmmm....it's a mystery.

  5. HAHAHA...the cat ordeal will build character:)I'm glad that you finally got to see him, and he now realizes the glory of off brand items. :)
    Miss seeing you at church...