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Thursday, September 01, 2005

To college he goes......

Well, Brice is all tucked into his new apartment in St. paul. It was indeed an emotional day for me just as I had imagined it would be. But........I ONLY cryed all the way to St.Paul and all the way home. I was dry as the dessert during the orientation and the move-in process. I woke up this am with very puffy eyes. Brice seemed to fit right in on campus, already meeting new people. I know he will do well and thrive in this atmosphere, but it's my duty as his mother to "miss him", and I do. It was fun moving all his stuff into the apartment and seeing it all come together. We took Brice out for supper, then Jamey came over and picked him up to go get art supplies. I was relieved that Jamey wanted to do that with Brice. Thanks Jamey for hanging with Brice last night. You're an awesome cousin.
I have only talked to Brice 2 times today, He made me laugh as always...YIP He's already taking care of business, and I think feeling very proud of himself.
Be sure to send e-mail to Brice, he still has his screamin monkey address, He doesnt have a laptop, but will be checking his mail daily at school.
Ok well Now I need to go pick up my little 6' 1" boy from football, we shall see how his 1st day of school went and have a little supper together.


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  2. yeah Jackie... why dont' you go and check it out? hehehehe. I saw you at culver's today... don't know if you saw me. I was watching you from the kitchen as you and Gavin got your drinks.... Creepy? I think not...