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Thursday, October 20, 2005

corderoy pants

For those of you who are jumping on me to update...coughBrianana, I'll have you know our computer was out of commission for about 24 hours, which seemed like a life-time to me. My wonderful, caring, adorable husband came home during his lunch hour today and did some "de-bugging" I should of had him de-bug the asian beetles in the kitchen too, oh well I felt I had to give the poor guy a break. Anyway, now I'm a happy camper again and have my computer in full operating order. YIP
Today was a decent day, I dragged Gavin shopping with me, it was like "Death" for him to have to go into Kohl's with me. I made him go because every time I pick out clothes for him and bring them home, he says he don't like it.....OR, He says he likes it but then never wears it. Here's how our conversation went in the Kohl's parking lot.....

ME "come on Gavin, you're going in with me, so you can actually try on the pants and see if you like them"

Gavin " No Mom, I don't wanna go, just get me a 34 X 32, You just pick um out...Please"

Me "Come on Gavin, your going in" Besides I want you to get some of those trendy shirts all the guys are wearing now."

Gavin "Well then we'd have to go to "American eagle", and besides, I dont wanna be trendy."

Me "awwww come on Gavin, I love those corderoy pants that are making it back, Brice has a pair you know...they're cool".

Gavin "Well....That's Brice"

Me "I know, but they're still cool, Come on Gavin lets go"........

We ended up with one pair of cotton kacki pants, AND I made Gavin try on a pair of corderoy pants, so that I could check the fit, so I could buy them for Brice. So I guess brice will maintain his "coolness factor". Oh, and No "trendy shirts" were bought. The battle will go on.....

Tonight rick and I went to a movie called, Serenity. I highly recommend it, awesome movie and you really need to see it on the big screen. It's a sci-fi space movie....good stuff.

Well It's 11:18 and I'm tired, I need to go to bed. Tomorrow Brie is coming home (pray for her car) and we will be taking off for the Women of faith conference at the Excel Center. Gavin is going up with us and staying the night with Brice, I'm sure they will have a great time, Not too great though brice.......NO CORRUPTION. Remember he's just a sweet little innocent guy (6'1"), so keep him that way........maybe you could talk him into buying a pair of corduroy pants..YIP


  1. Your gonna be by my housE!

  2. I think Gavin should have some Corderoy pants. I really do.

  3. I think Gavin should have about 7 choices. If he can't deceide get them all for him.

  4. heehee, that sounds like Gavin. I think his lack of interest in clothes is nice...at least you don't have Abercrombie obsessed boys. I like how you said it was death for him to go with you, heehee. I had fun with you at WOF!!! Love ya!