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Monday, October 31, 2005


Daddy's girl Posted by Picasa
Lets see if I can remember what we did this weekend. Well.....Friday night Rick and I went to the movie, Zorro. It was ok, seemed kinda like a disney movie. Saturday Morning i called Brianna to chat (cuz I missed her). She decided to come home around 6pm . Yay! We took her and Chris out for supper at Timberlodge, it was yummy, then after that Chris and Her went to a play at RCTC. Sunday morning we went to church, then off to the mall for lunch. I called Brice from the mall (cuz I missed him) He had attempted to call Brie's phone during church so I thought I'd chat with him and see what he was up to. Here's Brice's exact words, "Well, I'm driving down 94, eating a burrito, talking on the cell phone and fiddling with my stereo". I wasn't at all worried I knew he could handle it :) (Brice is a multi-tasker.)
A few minutes later, he said, "well I better go now cuz I'm coming to my exit and I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it". ( I suppose, a cell phone in one hand an burrito in the other and and manual transmission, doesnt mix all that well.) So I had to let him go. It was good to hear his voice and even better to know he's doing great and loves it in St. paul.
A little later we went to Jill's 14th B-day party, for which Brianna was able to come also. YIP
It was a nice party. Jill now has the record for "Java detour" gift certificates received all at once. $ 35.00 worth....WOW, Jill let's go out for a coffee...You buy.

Anyway That was the weekend in a nutshell. Today, Gavin has his first appointment of 3 in the process of getting his braces on. Oh what a glorius day, I'm sure Gavin will agree.



  1. yay, i got to come home too. I like the picture with dad, heehee. wow, jill got a lot of coffee money. Did she like the jacket?

  2. Whose smart idea was it to load that girl up with caffeine? What a bunch of brilliant Hemmers...heheheh.

  3. Yes I believe Jill liked the jacket :)

    Kelsey you are jealous.

  4. this can be arranged jackie.. give me a call whenev! And brianna i DID like the jacket! nice work jackie you always pick out good stuff, your presents are always the only suprises i get on my bday and they always are very swell!