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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Most everyday in the morning I sit down and do some kind of devotion. I found these cool little study books at Sam's Club that I've been doing for at least a year. They are study guide's from the Women of Faith conference, which I have attended for the last 3 years. Each book has a topic such as, encouraging other's, prayer, managing your moods, living above worry etc. They offer a wealth of information that apply to OUR everyday lives. I have decided that once a week I will devote a blog to something that has touched me. Sometimes it's like bursting inside of me, I've learned so many great things. I would just like to share one small thing that has helped me every week.
After each lesson in the book the writer leaves a "picture" to remind us of what we have learned. Visuals always help me to remember what I've learned so I will be doing that also.
Since this is my on-line Journal (blog) I guess I feel the need to share what Gods teaches me so that someone else might see his glory, and be encouraged.
But...... Never fear, I will continue to also entertain you,(my "blogger companions") as often as my little mind can come up with stuff, being a blog-a-holic, I dont think anything will change...... Now go and start combing out those tangles :)

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