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Monday, October 24, 2005

Home cooking

I got three new pictures below for you all to take a look a look at. Pictures of my favorite boys :)
Hunter an Chris Pearson came over for supper tonight. We had meatloaf, Baked potatoes and corn, They ate and ate and ate. It was kinda fun fixing a big home cooked meal for they college boys. Rick and Gavin thought it was pretty nice too :)
The next picture is the boys up at Brice's last week. They went to a concert on Wednesday night and then spent the night with Brice and Logan. Dont ya love those mustaches.
Then we got Hunter and Joel Hardy all dressed up. They had just been to some hotel that had some people looking for models/actors of something like that. I think Hunter and Joel will be noticed and be on their way to Hollywood soon. They showed up at the mall after church on Sunday, We got quite a chuckle.
Dont have much else to say, scroll down to checkout the pictures.


  1. you're so nice mom :)

  2. you neva invite jill to eat homecooked dinner at your house!!! what up with that?! mauahaha jking! You are a sweet aunt!