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Friday, October 07, 2005

Sam and Jensen and the new van

My sister tells me that she finally succumbed to peer pressure and they made the big purchase. They now own a beautiful brand new van and my sister now has the official status of "soccer mom". Well Jodi as I mentioned to you in a e-mail, It all starts out just lovely....little kids, cute, giggly and for the most part they still smell pretty. (except their sweaty little heads). Well that's just all peachy, but You wont be able to claim the ultimate title until they reach the RIPE age of about 13-14.
Yes..... the title as many of us know is....."FOOTBALL MOM" No longer is it cute. The smell of 4-5 teenage boys that have been encased in football pads and gear for 2 hours is, shall we say. . . "NASTY STUFF".
You might say, "well don't they shower"? Well no, the days when kids used to shower in school, are no longer here. You see it's not mandatory anymore(Like it used to be). So why would these young males want to go into one big shower room, where they all get to "see" each other, when they dont have to. It's much more appealing to shower in the privacy of one's own home. So we, the rugged and brave "football mom's" pick up these young boys with loud excited "man voices" and we do the natural thing. . . . . Breath through our mouth, and open all the windows in the van.
Enjoy this awesome time of your life while you can. Soon, and believe me it will be soon. You will be fumagating your car with "Fabreeze" several times a week.
Ya gotta love it. :)


  1. Lol that was funny. I have driven several smelly boys from practice as well; open windows are always a good thing. Oh and soccer boys smell just as bad as soccer boys.

  2. oops i meant to say just as bad as football boys...hehe

  3. hahaha. I was like "soccer boys smell just as bad as soccer boys...." right heather.. that took some deep thinking.

    Jackie- while reading your blog I was picturing a movie and you were the narrator. I was laughing in my house, and it must have sounded funny because Travis just asked me what the heck I was doing...lol

  4. Football Mom2:48 PM

    Heather you dont understand.... You see, Football player wear pads all over their body, the sweat build-up under those pads is rotton. Not to mention the pads themselves stink to high heaven. Believe me, Football players win in the stink catagory....hands down.

  5. Ok you win. My bro played football for a few years as well those pads are smelly. I recommend being a swimming mom, because the car smells like chlorine not sweat. hehe :)

  6. Has anyone ever raised a hockey player? From what I understand, (I have no experience, just horror stories) it is worse than any other sport. Encased in pads and leather from head to toe there is no way to air out the stink! Even after they've been professionally cleaned! Now, you don't have to take my word for it cause it's only heresay and I raised a soccer, football, basketball, & track fanatic, but, I bet there's a few hockey moms out there who would wholeheartedly agree. Phew! Where's all that stink coming from?!