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Saturday, October 22, 2005

So far, this weekend

Brianna and I made it back from the Women of Faith Conference in St. Paul. It was amazing as ususal. Lot of great speaker's and the singing was awesome. It was me, Brianna, Denise, cozy and Julie all in one room, we also hung out with Lana, whitney, Jessie and maureen, and Phyllis. It really was a fun time. It was fun spending time with my favorite friend Denise, but we never seem to have enough time to talk as much as we NEED to.

We dropped Gavin off at Brice's apartment to stay overnight, They seemed to have fun, they did alot of smerking and winking with nodding of the head at each other.....OK,... What were you two up to? Maybe I just dont want to know. We all went out for a nice dinner, and then got Brice back to his apartment so I could get Brianna home to study for her upcoming test on Monday. It's always so hard to leave Brice, I kinda feel like a sick feeling in my stomache. I really miss my boy, Tonight was hard......'tear, sadness :(

Now we are home and I got to hug my Ricky, and we caught up on our time apart. I think I did most of the talking. I'm now feeling tired (and sad) and think I'll just go to bed. It helps to have Brianna home, but she'll leave in the morning. I cherish everyday we get her home with us. Now I'm not as sad. Good thing Gavin will be around for a few more years, I told him maybe by the time he leaves home, we'll have grand kids. Wow, what a concept.....I like that idea, but i can definatley wait a few years :)

I posted some pictures from tonight below. Just random stuff. me and my pictures... what a nut I am


  1. u neva tol me u were home.

  2. my mom says the same thing about having grandkids...lol

  3. i like to come home. me wanna come home now.