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Sunday, October 02, 2005


I cant help it....I'm a blogging maniac this weekend. Soooooo many fun pictures to share and so much to yack about.

We were so glad to have Brice home this weekend, and he actually was here most of the time. I made him his favorite homemade chix noodle soup, Friday night when he came home, and he sure did bring his appetite with him. My poor hungry college boy :(
Brice was able to see lots of his high school friends at the game and even more friends at church today......Yay for friends.

We traveled to the mall after church and pretty much the whole Hemmer family was there, Including Ryan, who made it home for the Mayo homecoming game. Felt like a mini family reunion. Even our good friend Cozy came so she could see the boys. They were soooooo glad to see her. (She might as well be family, we love her just like she is) Unfortunately Gene (cozy's husband) was out in the fields getting the "beans in", The boys would of loved to see him also :(
Brice will be returning next weekend so we can have a little birthday party for him on Saturday. Yea, for Brianna also coming home for the big b-day event. YIP

I work M-T-W this week, I'm trying not to think about it. YUK
I'll then have thursday and Friday to get ready for the party. Should be a fun week. Ok I guess I'll go for now, but dont worry, I'm sure I'll think of something more to blog about soon. I tell ya, I need to check out the yellow pages for blog-aholics anonymous. Hee hee.



  1. Feel free to update non-stop, since I take homework breaks non-stop, heehee. yay for mom updating! I like seeing the pics, whoot. Glad you had fun with the peeps!

  2. Let me tell you. I checked out your million pics.