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Sunday, November 27, 2005

And away they went.....

It's very quiet around here and I miss the 2 older kids already. Back to school they went. It did seem like they were here for a long time. We had some fun times.....

Lets see.... Friday I had "coffee" with good friends Cozy,Lana and Julie. We had a nice time, catching up on each other's lives. After our nice visit I went and Got Brianna and we went shopping. We really missed the mad rush of the early bird shopper's so it was quite pleasant.
Friday night Brie, Brice and Gavin went to Harry Potter,while Rick and I went to the movie, "rent" I really liked it.
Saturday morning I went shopping to all the fun "mom stores" like Crafty mouse and Hobby Lobby. I found some good stuff, so I bought it. When I got home Rick and I finished putting some lights on the trees outside and then we went to get the Christmas tree. We found a nice one at the walmart lot, we got it all set up and got just the lights on it. It was supper time so I made a delicious Spaghetti supper with yummy garlic bread. Gavin just enjoyed pushing the noodles around on his plate, I'm not sure how much he actually ate.
Later, jenny came over so Brice, Jenny, Rick ,Gavin and I went to "Caribou" and had coffee. It was fun to sit around and chat. We made it back to the house and brianna and Brita showed up, so we all sat around and played, "catch phrase". I guess the boys won but they cheat.
Today we went to church and then to the mall as usual. Brianna and I went and got her some groceries then we came home and we all decorated the Christmas tree. It was so lovely having all the kids here to decorate. Just as we were finishing, Cheri, Cara and Danae Dietzman came in with a present for me(birthday) It was my very favorite dessert...Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, all made from scratch. Oh how simply wonderful...Thank you Cheri, You are indeed a true friend. They also gave me 2 cool homemade birthday cards, I'm much too spoiled.
Chris came over after work and he and Brie went out to supper. Soon after they got home, Brianna and Brice left to go back to college. I prayed as they left, I know they'll get back safe.
Gavin is now rather sad and miss's his big Bro and sis. He dumped around the house, not knowing even what to do with himself. Hhe finally layed his head on my shoulder and said, "I miss Brianana and Brice and I was just getting used to having them around". Ok...so that about rips my heart out.
We are so blessed to have 3 kids that care so much for each other and get along so well.
Our dreams really have come true!!!
3 more week and we'll all be back together again....cant' wait.
I've got some pictures from today below for you to see.

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  1. I had so much fun at home, I wuv my fam, and I miss you too Gavin, tear....