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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I had to walk away from the computer and take a deep breath. This afternoon I had sat down and assembled a long blog of all my "going-ons" and somehow I lost it in cyberspace. "Dang it"

Well here it goes again. I'm still mad about it, but i'll give it my best.......

Lets see, Friday i had to work 1.5 hours of overtime, which kinda made me crazy since i knew Brianna and Brice were home. I FINALLY got home at 7:00 and Hunter had already stolen Brice for the evening, so brie, Rick, Gavin and I went out to dinner. When we got home Chris was here, so the kids settled in to watch a movie on the TV. Saturday morning I got up early and made a cake for my mom's b-day. We all went to mom's for pizza to celebrate her big day. Most of the family was there, and we missed the one's who werent. Brianna had to go back to Winona for another commitment late Saturday afternoon. Brice and i went shopping, which is always fun :) Our shopping usually ends up at Caribou coffee. YUM
Saturday night I cant remember what happened, it has slipped my mind.
Sunday morning we went to church. Jenny came with Brice, Chris was there also. We all went to the mall as usual. Jenny came over for the afternoon to hang with us.
Saturday evening i layed on the couch for 2 hours watching Brice draw 2 dimensional lines. It's all pretty cool stuff that he does. Then Brice left at 10:00pm, which worried me to death, and I went to a late movie with my friend Diane. Unfortunately I ate wayyyy too much popcorn, It had extra butter on it and i couldnt stop. So needless to say, Monday morning I had "popcorn gut". Monday was also Mom's birthday so I wanted to hang out with her. We decided to go to a morning movie (no popcorn) and then to lunch. we ate at "Sky dragon" chinese food is sooooo good. We had a fun time of it.
So Monday night we went to Gavin's conferences. He is doing very well in school, and we are very proud of all his hard work. Alot of Gavin's teacher's asked us if Brice is also our son. We told them "Yes, but please dont hold that against Gavin". Hee Hee.

Today I have been making appointments for the kids for eyes and teeth stuff, and I thought I should probably open my book and review a little for my "test-out" in "Advanced Cardiac Life Support" I have to certify every two years and my "number is up".
Tonight, Rick and Gavin are on the way to pick up Brice and then it's to the Timberwolves game. Brianna and Chris headed up to the David Crowder concert in St. paul, so that leaves me home all by my lonesome. It's all good, I have my plans all figured out for the evening. I will do just fine.
Well I hope you all have enjoyed my ramblings, cuz i feel as if I have bored you all to death.


oH....And i have a few pictures for you to view from the weekend


  1. I will call you rambleing rose from now on.

  2. sorry my bro stole brice from yea..that kidd..i tell ya.