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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gumball machine madness

My Birthday celebration.
We had dinner at Holiday Inn south. (The kids thought that was only a place to go sleep). We had the place to ourselves, but when we first arrived we were asked by the hostess if we had reservations. Ha......reservations...It was 6:30 and we were the only ones there.
It was good food and we had some good laughs.
After dinner the kids begged for a gumball so I forked over 3 quarters so they could raid the gumball machine.
Then we came home and took wierd family picture on the couch. (brianna and I pee'd our pants from laughing too hard) Then they had a little Birthday celebreation for me. I got some "interesting" cards from the boys, A beautifully hand drawn picture on a balloon from Gavin, a Neat candle in a cup thingy from brice, a beautiful watch and bracelet from Brianna and a gift card from Rick, all such wonderful gifts. Brianna made me my new favorite cake and we feasted on that, yum yum.
It was indeed a splendid birthday. (my family was is my favorite gift of all!)


  1. Happy belated birthday Jackie! I'm glad you had a good day. Happy thanksgiving today too... oh, and I know that Brie has "accidents" all the time, not only when she laughs.... just tell her that. hehehe. I miss you and you. Hope to see ya soon!

  2. i know what i,m getting j&b for xmas. DEPENDS extra absorent.

  3. hahah, whatev. I do not pee my pants on a normal basis, stop making fun of me!!!! heheheh. Actually, I do, this is akward.

    Also, mom's b-day was very fun, I liked the Holiday Inn for eating and I liked that she asked for reservations, it was ridiculously funny. Can't wait to see the family pics. hehe, we are "special"