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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My son licks windows

My oldest son called me last night. You might be saying, "well, wopp-tee-doo". I was thrilled of course to hear his voice and know all is well with him. The ongoing sad part is that his cell phone doesnt work in his apartment, so he either has to go outside to the street, or...... He can stand in his apartment with his face against the window. Last night he shared with me that he licks the windows. yikes, well that's one way of washing windows that I dont think i'd care to try. I'm quessing that come winter and colder temps we will hear less and less from him. We still have another 6 months on our "sprint" contract then I suppose we will have to see what we can do to make his life a little more easy. What's a mother to do..... If it's not Brianna's car in the shop, then it's Brice's phone toubles or Gavin's teeth hurting from getting his spacers put in. it's all craziness if you ask me.
Since we love our daughter so much, we have loaned her daddy's car to her so she has reliable transport in Winona and to her clinical's. Brianna's car remains in the shop and so........ do your math....We are left with one car.
WELL......... those of you who know me..(cough,choke,mom) know I cant sit still for a minute. I'm about to go stir crazy in this house. Gavin over slept this am so Rick took the one car to drop Gavin at school then he went to work, whick leaves me......at home. The good news is that I am about to get picked up by my dear sweet husband. I will then drop him off at the rec. center for his noon-time basketball and I will go do my stuff. Believe me I got stuff to do. "Errands" in my middle name. It's all good........ later dawgs


  1. i also lick windows, everyday

    and...I greatly appreciate the car! I'm sorry you have to suffer on my behalf.

  2. Brianna you lie...i've never seen you lick a window!

  3. 1) he's in part of the notorious dead zome of St. Paul

    2) he's in the basement apartment

    3) makes no difference what phone company you're through. those two combined make it hard for any cell phone user.

    Lesson : There is no answer to this problem. i had to do the same thing in my last apartment. i had to stand on the radiator next to the wondow to get any signal. so good luck finding a provider that "works" in that area and extends into the basements of buildings.

  4. Logan's works wonderfully anywhere in the apartment. "midwest wireless" I just dont especially like their plans. Thanks for your description of where Brice lives....The dead zone, YIKES :0
    Did you also lick the windows Jamey?

  5. Do you window lickers ever think of how much bug poop there is on those windows? You could pick up the bird flu. Think about it.

  6. I want the bird flu, I think it would be fun.

  7. Cellphone are a frustrating thing to deal with at school...I have on many occasions desired to throw mine on the ground and smash it to pieces. I'd be lost without it. So it's a no win situation. Gr...

  8. Mom, it's been two days, you need to update, heehee