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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday morning......

It's 10:55 am... Gavin is still in bed, but not for long, Rick is at a friend's house helping him move and I'm sitting here writing a blog.
It appears to be a nice day outside, but I havent stepped out yet to see for sure. I think I will do my final mowing today and then put the mower away to rest for the winter. I should clean the house but that wouldnt be any fun,.... it'll wait.
Last night we went to Winona, and took our daughter out to supper at "Green Mill". After that we hung out with Brie at her Apartment for awhile until it was time for her to go to 'Breathe". We got home about 9:50, just in time for Christopher's arrival after work. He and Gavin played catch with the football out in the street for awhile. I was kinda getting nervous that the grumpy neighborhood lady would come out and tell them to quit (that's another story)....the grump.
I really have nothing to say right now. I need to get moving, cuz I got things to be done. Hope ya all's have a lovely weekend. Blessings.......Jackie

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  1. yeh, you updated. That's cute the Gavin and Chris played catch, heehee. Also, thanks for visiting me!!! whoot whoot!