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Friday, November 18, 2005

This and that

Not alot of excitment going on right now in my life. I had my recert. class yesterday for Advanced cardiac life support. I was really hoping that after the class we would be able to go home but, Noooooooooooooo, I had to go into work and slave away until 6:30 to finish out my 10 hours ( the class was only5 hours) . Today I didnt do much, ran some errands and had "coffee" with a friend. About 4pm I decided I needed to make cookie's cuz the cookie jar has been empty for a few days and I knew Chris would be going through withdrawl soon :)
Tonight Rick, Gavin and I went out to dinnner then back home to veg out. Brice called, yip. Poor kid has to stand out in the street to get reception, so by the time I finally got to talk to him, he was freezing. Rick hogged all the time. He is coming home on Tuesday and Brie is coming sometime, she really hasnt said for sure. Yip Yip Cant wait for the kids to be home. I love my kids :)
Chris just came over after work, He had some good news...... He got an "A" on his Math test yesterday. Way to go Chris, We're proud of how hard you study, and your determination to do well.
Not much going on this weekend, actually no plans at all. Sounds good to me :)
Gavin just clucked on my shoulder, dont ask.........


  1. Way to go Chris. I'm proud of you too. I love all my kids too. The spouses and to be spouse too.

  2. it's cute that you make cookies for Chris. I have a suggestion: He likes it when there is sour kraut in them.. it's his favorite. Chocolate Chip Sour Kraut cookies!

  3. How did you know those are his favortie Kelsey? He must be hiding that from me. heehee. Yes, mom is is very sweet that you make my fiance cookies. Also, I still don't know when I'll be home, but it'll be later, cuz I'm in Wabasha for a while :( And then I have a test until about 3p, so I'll be home later onnnnnn. Love you! Have a good weekend.