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Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas memories

Ahhhhh yes, The Christmas festivities have come and gone for another year. I have posted a baZillion pictures below if you havent already seen them, take a look at our Christmas fun.
I'll give you a little recap. Satuday we went to Christmas eve service at church, It's always refreshing to be in the right frame of mind before the madness begins. After church we went to Rick's mom and dad's to have a yummy Ham dinner and then open gifts. We left there around 11:00pm. I got home and made a macaroni salad for the next day, then played, "Santa". Christmas morning I got up at 7:30 and put together our traditional egg bake for breakfast, then went back to bed to wait for the kids to get up. About 8:30 we had 3 grown kids in bed with us, ohhh how I love that. We got up and enjoyed our time together as a family, it was a bittersweet year knowing that next year Brianna wont bed jumping in out bed Christmas morning so I enjoyed every minute of having her here, the last year at home before she goes off and gets married. I guess if I have to share her with anyone, I'm glad to share her with Chris. We had fun opening our gifts and just spending time together. Chris came over a bit later and we had gift opening with him also...Fun Fun. About 12:00 We headed over to mom's for Christmas dinner and gift opening. It was fun as always, everyone was there, It's so fun still having little ones around, they are so silly and keep us laughing. I think we stayed till about 7pm and then headed home for some R&R. Jenny came over and exchanged gifts with Brice, She's such a sweetie and brings us joy every time she comes over. Chris and Brie came home from Austin (Chris's Mom's) and we all watched a movie, or at least some of us did, others...(Chriscoughchokecough) slept. Anyway it was a beautiful Christmas holiday with many memories, laughs, and love. I Cherish these times with my famiy, and feel so blessed that we all live close enough that we can all be together for Christmas. Hope you all have a great Christmas, I'll be checking your blogs for Christmas updates, so get busy and type.


  1. glad you had a great christmas!

  2. I love jumping in bed with you guys on Christmas morning. Next year Chris and I will get up at 5am and come over and jump on your bed! I will miss it to mama!