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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thought I would take a picture of our street and show you how beautiful it is after it snows. Yes, the snow is more exciting to me than you could eva know. As you can see in the picture, it's about dusk and the street lights are on. The big billowy clouds are so soft looking and still so bright in the sky. The neighbors are out watching their kids skate on the rink That Rick made.

Ahhhhhhhhh I cant stand it...... I gotta tell you the truth, That's not our neighborhood street, It's part of Brice's snow village in his room. BUT........ If I could choose my oun street, THIS would be the one. Thanks for playing along with me, I really like snow and we got some....yip. And what makes it even more fun it that Rick and I have our first Christmas party to go to tomorow night, It's at our friend's the Wadum's and it's a blast. First we have this incredible meal and then we play this "white reindeer" game where we exchange goofy gifts and then try to steal them from each other. It's just good ole' fun :)

Well I might have to go out and play in the snow.......


  1. Mom, you totally had me going there, I thought that was our street! hahahahahaheahehaehaheha. Have fun in the snow and have fun at the par-tay, I hope you get the sick lamp, ahahaha. jk. love love

  2. my parents also go to that party. And while you are at the party, I get to chill with your beautiful daughter! hehehe. Also- the whole street thing, we used to set those villages up too. I don't know why we don't anymore. When Travis and I were little we would always play with the people, and mom got mad that the town rearranged over-night...hehehe! The people had to move or else they were at risk for pulmonary embolisms! Hellooooooo... hehehe