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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just an update

Well, it's been awhile since I've written a blog so I thought I should just sit down and do that. I can't promise any exciting news.
My fun filled days with all the kids home are coming to a screeching halt. My Lil' girl left this morning for Winona to begin her final Semester of Nursing. I miss her already, but I'm so thankful that she is close by and can come home as she pleases. We got alot of wedding planning done over her break, and are quite pleased with the progress.
Brice is still home with us..YIP He will return to St. Paul on Friday cuz he works that night, then school starts for him on Monday. We had a surprise visit from Logan(Brice's roomie) the other day, I just love him and pretty much think of him as my own. I think he was missing Brice and was bored so he came down for the day. I'm not looking forward to Brice leaving for school, He is such a goof and I miss him when he's gone. It helps to know he's happy in St.paul and has a great roomate, they really watch out for each other, so I have no worries.......I think
Gavin is home today till 12:30 or so. He has finals this week and had a big break between 2 of his finals. He has been busy playing for Century's 9th grade BB team. He is doing very well despite 2 ankle injuries. Gavin has been averaging 10 points a game and has the "prettiest Shot"(says Rick) on the team. We love going to his game and cheering him on. We'll be traveling to Austin on Friday night to watch his team womp on the packers. Go Century :)
As for me, nothing really new..... just being a wife & mom and working a few days here and there. Life is good, I cant complain, (except that I have to work at 6:15 tomorrow morning, YUCK.) Just kidding, it's all good, no worries. I cant think of anything else to blab about and unlike Heather (Brie's roomie).....I'm not blonde therefore have no "blonde moments" to brag about. Hee Hee
Alright, I'm calling this quits, I gotta get Gavin back to school. lata ya alls
Check out some random pictures below
"Hey dad, wanna try my new video iPod"......
She's as sweet as they come....I miss you honey.
Gavin, doing his thing on the court.
This is the night that Jenny had no dinner


  1. I got a video IPOD for Christmas from my boss! I haven't had much time to learn how to use it. Have some pics and music on it though! It is a cool "toy"!

  2. Haha... well i dont have too many blonde moments and when i do they are pretty funny. Keeps my life a little more interesting. I like the picture of Jenny eating Brice...she needs food.

  3. Jenny needs to stop eating humans, silly girl. I love all the pictures and the update! I miss you too! Where's my mama?!

    My fav. part is that you said the word "womp"

  4. Love the picture of Jenny... it takes a talented human to come up with a title like that;)

  5. my mom is a talanted human

  6. you are all humans.

    Oh and Jenny, i like you, but please don't eat my cousin Brice. I love him.