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Monday, January 09, 2006

Rambling on about nothing inparticular

It was a quick but lovely weekend indeed.....
Friday night, Rick and I had no kids around sooooo we went to a movie. We saw "Munich", it was a well done film, but rather slow and depressing.
Saturday, Brianna, Aunt susan and I went to the Wedding Extravaganza. It was lots of fun. Brianna got a plethera of ideas for her wedding. We tasted some yummy cakes and other good food too. Saturday night Rick and I went to Macaroni grill for supper, it was scrumptious.
Sunday we went to church and then the mall for lunch. It was just our family this week, Jenny also came to church and the mall, YIP YIP. Chris had to work :(
Sunday afternoon Rick and I went to my cousin Holly's (surprise) 30th B-day party. Holly was my flower girl in our wedding when she was 6yrs old. So she's 30 now......I guess that makes me old. Jesh It was a fun party, Holly seemed surprised and it was just fun hanging out there for the afternoon.
Sunday evening our whole family was home, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, including Chris and Jenny, we all settled down in the family room and watched the movie, "Madagascar". it's a very cute show.
Today was full of appointments and business. Brie and I met with another Photographer, Dentist and Doctor for Brie, Doctor for Gavin. WHEW
Brie, Chris, Brice and I had lunch together at Applebees's that was of course fun and yummy.
Tonight Jenny and Hunter joined us for supper at home, then Jenny had to head back to school, Good luck with your next endeavor Jenny. Chris started back to school today, he seems to be all organized and ready to go. Good luck with 2nd semester Chris. "gotta doooo it"
Tomorrow I must head back to the work force. I have essentially been off for 19 days (if i dont count last Friday) .
So now I will be done rambling..... I feel like I have nothing to say.


  1. you had lots and lots going on! good luck back at work! I start school tomorrow, so i know what it's like to go back to "work" ugh! Love you AJ! talk to you soon!

  2. I hope work is good mama. me no want you to go back! wahhhh. Love ya

  3. You got more time off than i did!!!!hehe sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! LYL

  4. what is LYL??? I wish I had 19 days off. This break I was lucky if I got 2 days off in a row!! hehehe. Today is my first day that I have nothing going on until 6pm (culver's christmas party) so it's kindda weird...but fun. I think I will organize my desk and clean my room. Sounds like a plan... Loves!

  5. love you lots....LYL..come on Kels...pull it together! hehe

  6. LYL Little yaky lizzard.