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Monday, January 02, 2006

Sparkling cider will get you everytime

Brianna and Chris "boozing it up" Posted by Picasa

New Years eve was spent at Rick's brother's house. Yep, Julie invited us over to have pizza and snacks. I had already bought snacks to have at our house so I just brought some along. Brad-Julie-Rick-Kellie-Jill-Ryan-Katie and I all played "Cranium". Chris and Brie came later and watched. It was fun especially watching Brad-Julie and Kellie argued after almost every play(even if they won the question). Then the funniest thing was that every time they started to argue katie would chant in a high voice, "It's OK, It's OK, It's OK"....You probably had to be there, to experiance the true fun we had. At about 11:30 we dicided to go to our own house and meet up with Chris and Brie who had left earlier for a movie. So at 11:55 pm we had Our sparkling cider all ready and we "yipped" as the ball dropped and the clock struck 12:00. As you can see in the picture, Brianna and Chris got a little carried-away (just kidding) although brianna looks like she fits the part. Brice spent this year with Jenny and her family. (Last year they were with us)

New Years Day was quite fun. We went to church as ususal, and we enjoyed listening to Brice play in the worship band(it's been a long time). After church we went to the mall to meet up with Rick's aunt and Uncle and his cousin Cindy and her kids, It was good to see them all. It was sort of a mini family reunion. Sunday evening Chris's Mom and 3 sister's came over for supper. It was our first time meeting Chris's mom and one of his sister's. They are all very nice and we had a fun time hanging out together. We all played Cranium (again) cuz it's such a fun game. Chris's sister Katie was a hoot. Jenny was also here to join in on the fun, She has quiet the acting ability, I can see acting school in your future Jenny :)

Today We got the Christmas tree down and ornaments put away. I'll work on the rest of the take-down this week. Gavin goes back to school tomorrow, :( His break was way too short. Brianna will be home till the 11th and Brice till the 23rd. I'm just loving having all the kids home and I will be sad as the two oldest go back off to school, so I shall savor everyday while they are still here. Well, Rick and Gavin are waiting for me so we can start a movie. I will go for now, but you know I'll be back soon.....I aways am. God bless, Hope you all have a happy 2006.

I'm looking forward to whatever God has instore for me this year. It's an exciting year to come with a wedding to plan for October. It's gonna be a great year, I just know it :) My New Years "goal" is to SLOW DOWN and smell the roses. I get myself too busy and then I'm not sure where all my time goes. I want to spend my time more wisely, making everyday worthwhile.
2005 was a great year, we had good health, we had happiness and love, and we had another 365 days to enjoy all God has given our family.


  1. I wish I had an exciting life but, all the chickens have grown and flew the coop.

  2. hehehe. Happy new year Jackie! This year is gonna be great- a couple of weddings to look forward to!

  3. Brianna...You're a drunk! I always knew that about you!

    Looks like you kiddies had fun! Happy New Year! Love you!

  4. Crazy kids...happy new year!