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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Basketball, lefse, babies, parties, all in the same weekend.

Finally....a completion to my wild and crazy weekend. Friday night Rick and I went to Mankato to cheer Gavin and his team on to a victory against Mankato East. Yay Gavin!!!
Saturday morning Brianna and I went over to my friend Cozy's house to make Lefse. I have always wanted to learn how to make it, since I grew up eating it for every holiday and I am 1/2 Norsky. I just thought it would be a fun thing to do with my family in the years to come. So Cozy, Whit, brianna and I went to it and made alot of lefse. It was a blast! Whit was very good at instructing on the rolling out process and Cozy instructed on the flipping of the lefse on the grill. We only burned a few pieces, but it was my fault for distracting cozy. Anyway the Lefse was awesomely good, unlike any I've ever had before. Thanks Coz and Whit :)

After our Lefse making encounter, we went to Stewartville to see Holly, Jake, hannah and Baby Grace. Brianna couldnt wait to hold her. Holly came out with Grace and plopped her right in Brie's arms. She even let me having a turn holding her.
Then Last night we had a little Birthday celebration for Rick's mom. She turns 70, on Monday, wow, can that be right.

Today we went to church and then to the mall. We saw Heather (yay for Heather). Then Rick and I went to my niece and nephew's birthday parties. Alexandra is 12 and Grant is 4. It was a good time hanging out with the fam. Mom wasnt there cuz of a bad cold, so dad came with us. Gavin stayed home with a migraine, maybe he and gran should have got together and cheered each other up. Poor peeps.
Now I'm home And I just need to relax. Whew, it was a fast and furious weekend, but it was filled with fun with friends and family....Can't get better than that.

The next 8 pictures kind of tell the story of my weekend. ENJOY


  1. Whew, that was a fun weekend!

  2. Thanks for sharing your "Yummy" Lefse. I wish I was so talented!

  3. haha i laughed when you said "yay heather" Fun seeing you at the mall too!