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Monday, March 20, 2006

No pictures...just words this time

Whew.....just seems like alot has been going on and there hasnt been a lot of time to blog. It might have something to do with all 3 of the kids being home. You see, I would rather hang out with them, play and do fun stuff than sit at the computer and type. They do keep me busy and I love it. Did I ever tell you I love my kids???? I must have.

Rick Gavin ,Brice and I just returned home from the movie "V for Vendetta". I guess it was pretty good. Kinda violent but other than that a good movie. Now Rick and Brice are gonna watch, "prison break" and Gavin will do homework. Brianna is working at the Hospital tonight 7pm - 7am I hope she makes it through. It's kind of an internship deal, she has to put in a certain amout of hours so tonight is her 1st night. She will mostly just follow someone around tonight to get the hang of stuff. She is eager to do what ever they will let her do.
So don't nobody call tomorrow(Tuesday) and wake her up....She'll be sleeping cuz she has to do the same thing Tuesday night.

Today I took Brianna to Winona so she could attend her 1 class today, she had her teeth out Friday and is still feeling lousy. I didn't think it would be too good for her to be driving while on Vicodin, not that it puts her out, but she just doesnt feel too hot. I also thought that way she could sleep in the back on the way home, which she did. She has had Chris around to rub her back and laugh at her cute chubby cheeks. Its all good.

Brice is home and I'm laughing at least hourly, sometimes to the point of not being able to breath. What a joy he is. He is on Spring break so will be home till next Sunday woohoo ;) We got to see Jenny this weekend, yay ! She had to go back to school today, No spring break for Jenny :(

We had a Birthday party for Gavin on Saturday. Some people thought it was on Sunday so they almost didnt make it, but it all went well and all the peeps got here. It was a nice party. Gavin is 15 now, wow how did that happen. YIKES. To see him and Brice walk side by side is amazing. they are the same height....such sweet boys.

We also had the pleasure of seeing Friends of the kids this weekend, which include, Hunter, Logan, Brita, Heather and Kelsey. Good to see you all :)

Tomorrow I work after having 13 days off. I dont' wanna.

As for me....I will finish this blog and then go to bed. I need to rise early and get Gavin to school by 7am cuz he wants to "throw"(discus) with his team mates in the gym. sounds like fun to me.(wink, wink) Then I will head over to St.Marys and pick Brianna up from her overnight shift. I suddenly feel very very tired. Good night.


  1. Must be nice to have all the kids home.Just wait. You will be watching the grass grow some day too.

  2. Sounds like you need a sign for the van that reads..."Mom's Daily Shuttle Service". Oh how I remember the days!

  3. hehehe. Good to see you 2 Jackie. It sounds like you've been quite busy! sorry you gotta go back to work;(

  4. i wuv you mama, thanks for takin' care of me!