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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Time and all the festivies
We had a wonderful weekend, despite the rain on Sunday. It was good to have all the kids home. We had a campfire Saturday night with Jenny and Brice and Gavin. Chris and Brie were out with friends,but we got to see lots of them during the weekend.
Sunday Morning, the "Easter bunny" showed up, so the kids did their annual egg and basket hunt, it's always fun to watch them even if they are "older" kids. Then we went to church for a great Easter service, It was a play with scenes of the Easter story, and lots of great songs. It was really cool, and Jill was even in the Choir, she was adorable in her little scarf and dress thingy. Nice job Jill :)
Then we went to Mom's for Lunch. It was scrumptious. The whole family was there so it was a full house with standing room only. It was a fun afternoon with family. We also stopped in at Rick's parents for a bit, We collected MORE CANDY, just what we needed, Blahhhhhh. We chatted for a bit and went home. Then...... Brie and I went to hang out with the Dietzman's. We talked about wedding stuff and giggled alot. The rest of the evening was spent just hanging out at home, Brice headed back to school to begin another grueling week of homework. It was such a fun weekend. Soon it will be summer and all my kiddo's will be under my wings full time again, yay-yip
Check out my Pics below
Brice looking for hidden eggs, Gavin getting the perfect color, Brianna's eggs and she's so proud, Brice and Gavin checking out what they got in their baskets :)

Chris and Brie

Easter Morning

Awwww sweet siblings

I remember not just at Easter, but everyday that my Savior lives! Good thing it doesnt have to be limited to one day during the year. It's a celebration everyday......... Happy Easter, Hope you all were blessed with a great weekend of Celebration.


  1. cool pictures mom. I like the collage one a lot, very pretttty. Yay, can't wait for summer!

  2. No pictures of me????

  3. Awww...This was the first easter that I didn't get to color eggs. And I didn't get to search for eggs. It was really weird not being home...You're lucky all your children live close to you so that you can continue on in your traditions! I hope that you had a WONDERFUL easter!