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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Flying by the seat-of-my-pants

Wow, what a crazy day. I dont have many days that are full of things that really matter, Most of my days are rather pointless, I mosey out of bed, lounge about with a cup of coffee, usually read a little devotion to start my day out on the right foot, but usually I have nothing in dire need of being done. It's really a lovely life I have, and I REALLY DO appreciate having"TIME".
Today, time flew by like there was no tomorrow. Let me just tell you about it. I was up at 6:05 to take Brianna to St.Mary's for her Clinical, dropped her at the door at 6:45 and raced back home to wash my hair and do my make-up. Then I raced back to St.Mary's at 7:45 to pick Brianna back up and take her to an oral surgery appointment, cuz she seemed to have an infection from having her wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago. I dropped her at the mayo clinic doors and went to park. (to minimize the time she had to be away from her clinical). We were fortunate only to be at the clinic for 1 hour)......."amazing". Antibiotics were called into the Northwest clinic for me to pick up later. I buzzed Brie back to St.Marys and proceeded home to call my mother for a much needed catch-up call. Then It was time to leave again for a 11:00 meeting at Methodist Hospital for my job, that lasted 1.5 hours, just in time for me to fly to my next meeting that started at 1:00. My "MIT" meeting. (Mom's in Touch) YEP, it's the most important part of my Wednesdays. 4-6 Mom's get together and pray for our kids. This group is designated for college age kids. SO yah Brianna, Brice and Chris all got a heavy dose of Prayer today. Thanks Cozy for praying with me today. I then went to pick up Brianna's Antibiotic and on over to Walmart to pick up some much needed toilet paper and a few groceries.
My day is not over yet..... I need to vacuum and dust this family room...it's nasty, then it's Youth group at 6:30....i think :)
I would also LOVE to just take a walk and breath the fresh air. Blogging is relaxing to me, so I thought I would do this first, so Now I'm done and can move to the next thing. sigh


  1. Hope the seat of your pants don't wear out. I could get breezy

  2. Least you got somethin to blog about...Me? I got nothin'!

  3. talk about busy lives this week...man...we should all get together, moms and daughters and have a spa night! haha...ok, well on to my homework, thanks for giving me something to read!!!

  4. hey AJ...when you think of it...could you throw a prayer in there for me too? Life is really hard right now and i could use some prayers.


  5. JACKIE....When I read your blog I thought of this quote...that I heard today: "No matter how little money we have, no matter what rung we occupy on anybody's ladder of success, in the end what everybody discovers is that what matters is OTHER PEOPLE. Human beings who give themselves to relational greatness -- who have friends they laugh with, cry with, learn with, fight with, dance with, live and love and grow old and die with -- these are the people who lead magnificent lives. When they die, they have no regrets having devoted themselves to people: their friends, their neighbors, their children, their family. Not one regret.
    Jackie...you are my hero! Thanks for being a person of relational greatness....I'm so thankful for our friendship...and that God put me in your neighborhood. I love you girl!

  6. thanks for praying for us mama.