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Friday, April 14, 2006

I Love witches, But.........

We have lived at 3909 Chesapeake lane for 18 years. We have had great neighbors and felt pretty care-free on our cul-de-sac............................UNTIL NOW

About 3 yrs ago a nice family moved in across the street and one house down from us. It was a young friendly couple who were expecting their 1st child. We visited from time to time outside in the yards and they seemed nice-enough. Well, Something has gone terrbily wrong with the women who lives there. She looks to be in her late 20's but I'm not sure "witches" can be that young.......OH man did I just say that. I'm not trying to be mean but she is evil.

Last summer she started nagging our family, but especially Gavin about playing Basketball in OUR DRIVEWAY in the evenings. She had the nerve to walk across the street last summer and tell us (Rick, Me, and Gavin) to Please stop....... Her words were, "It's just SOOOO frustrating". WOW, So we stopped and even appologized.
Our rule is No basketball after 10:00pm. I guess I feel that's an appropriate time out of respect for the neighbors trying to go to sleep. Well Now, She has been Flashing Her bedroom lights off and on really fast, I guess that's our warning. Last night it was 8:45 when she flashed her lights. The other thing that she does is open the garage door and she uses her car alarm to blast her horn. .......C R A Z Y Two nights ago, she was staring at Rick while driving really slow up her driveway, as Rick said, "it was an evil stare", and it made him feel "creeped out".

They have a 3 yr old daughter Whom I might add is adorable, and of course she goes to bed before we even are thinking about coming in the house for the evening. I refuse to be prisoners in our yard and driveway, tip toeing around so that their daughter wont be disturbed. I guess if it were me I'd run a fan in her room if I thought she would wake up to the basketball dribbling down the street. Some day this young lady will have teenagers, and I only hope and pray that the worse thing they do is Play basketball in the driveway.

We have been bleesed with 3 awesome teenages of whom we are very proud, Never had to deal with drinking, drugs, parties and all the stuff that goes with it. I love the sound of the basketball dribbling in the driveway.


  1. so true. She needs ta get a life. WHy don't you leave a cheap-o fan on her door step with a sign that says..get a clue..run the fan in baby's room..hehehe..maybe she'll get it.

  2. lol, she flashes her lights, WOW. Yes, I do hope the worst thing her kids do is...dare I say it...play...basketball until 10 pm. my goodness.

  3. Tell her to call MOTHER MARY. I'll tell her to leave my family alone. Then I'll stand outside her house(on the street) and sing. I can't carry a tone if it has handels. That might get her to thinking a basketball bouncing sounds real good. What a WITCH with a B.

  4. I remember the days when OUR neighbor kids who lived 2 houses down (Jackie...remember the Meek boys?) used to play basketball in the evening. We didn't have air conditioning back then and all we could hear from our open windows was this constant thump, thump, thumping. It used to at times annoy us too but I guess we figured that we chose to live in town and we had to deal with our neighbors and their noises. If you don't want to deal with it you should move out to the country. Right? Besides...we figured eventually they would grow up and things would be normal again. And they did...and it was. End of story....until our own kid grew up and began thump, thump, thumping outside. I suppose it probably annoyed a few neighbors too. Hee Hee. Life is funny isn't it?

  5. she shouldn't dictate you. That's how Hitler got started. He started bossing around his neighbors. Don't let her turn into Hitler. Stand up for yourself before it's too late!

  6. Been there, done that. I know firsthand what it's like to have a witchy neighbor on Chesapeake Lane! What is with people? Jackie....don't change for her...maybe she will move. You arent' doing anything wrong. Play hoops, whoop it up....be yourself!