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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Gavin working on his masterpiece....ewwww gooey

The Mexican pumpkin Wow Gavin... nice pumpkin

Andrew, the pumpkin and Gavin
We ended up with 20 kids tonight, that's way more than I expected. We saw some adorable little ones and we even had a neighbor boy age 20 come to the door as Hugh Hefner in his long purple robe with 2 playboy bunnies hanging on both his arms. The girls were dressed appropriatley, it was cute, I was thrilled they came to my door, I love those big kids.
Brie came over and ate Chili with us . She helped me pass out candy, YIP
At about 8:30 we went over to Culvers to have some Custard and say Hi to Chris.
So I guess that's about it for this Halloween, it was relaxing and fun


  1. Ah, the memories! Seems like yesterday our kids were running to each other's houses...and the culdesac had 35 school age kids itself!

    Nice pumpkin Gavin! Reminds me of a Veggie Tale!

  2. What a Carver. Great pumpkin Gavin. We had noone come to our house for the third year.

  3. That's one sweet pumpkin yo! You are one creative cat, holla!