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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gust of Wind

After I went for my run/walk this evening I sat in my chair outside closed my eyes and this is what came to me.... I'm not a poet but I'm ok at writing stuff down that comes to mind.

Some call it a "Gust of Wind"

As I sit quietly the only movement within me is the breath that I take

My senses are aroused by the escalating movement all around me.

First strong then subtle, then almost still.."Be still and know that I am God"

With eyes closed I feel your gentle breath against my face, so soft and refreshing
Suddenly you embrace me with a gust so strong it squeezes my soul with your heavenly embrace

I open my eyes and now I can see what I have been feeling
Everywhere I look I see uninterrupted animation
The sky is in full motion, clouds wisping in patterns created by the great artist of the heavens
Branches moving gracefully back and forth, leaves tumbling along the grass as they break free from their summer bondage

The sound I hear is all around me,
like "white noise" always there.
Soothing with a song of its own
The air is intoxicating, that fall fragrance that comes with the change of Seasons
My senses are brought to life as I sit in the peace of Gods presence
His sweet aroma is all around me in what some call.... A Gust of Wind

"a picture I took last year, I think the clouds look amazing"


  1. That is very beautiful my Daughter.

  2. That was very pretty. It's so neat to be able to notice and appreciate so much of God's presence in just a gust of wind :)
    I like the leaves breaking free part :) cool dude.

  3. I think you have taken a new step in your writing. Very nicely done Jackie! I still love that picture. A card in the making if you ask me.

  4. lovely! A poet and I didn't know it.

  5. I know you have birthday pictures to post....I wanna see 'em!