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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just a update....i guess

I just like this picture....
So "Fall" is in full force, I love the smell in the air. Tonight Brianna and I walked out of the movie theater and the first thing Brianna said was, "It smells like Halloween", HA I think we all know what that smell is.

Tomorrow i may need to go out and take some photos of the beautiful colors. I have been covering my flowers in the front yard cuz they are beautiful, and I wanna keep them that way as long as possible.

I'm off work for the rest of the week and today I just had fun running around, doing a little shopping. I bought my 1st two Christmas presents....that was fun, eep
Tomorrow I will hopefully shop with mom and have lunch with her, then I dont know what else....maybe put some fertilizer down on the yard....It's that time of year to "winterize" (gotta get those roots all strong for all the snow we're gonna get this winter.)

I'm tired now and need to go to bed...For some reason I cant stay in bed too long in the morning, I get all antsy and think of all the stuff I could be doing.
I tried to talk myself into relaxing yesterday when I got home from work, I thought to myself,..."self, Just settle yourself out in the yard swing and read your book", you deserve to sit for awhile and be still"......NOPE that thought lasted for about 32 seconds. Instead I gowned-up in my workout clothes and went for a run/walk. I did enjoy that , I was able to be outside, and enjoy the crisp fall air. When I got home I did plop myself in the swing and stare at the sky, Of course the clouds were amazing.

I feel myself babbling so I need to stop

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  1. Thanks for going to the movie with me :) Me like the fall too! Hope you have fun with Gran today. Love ya.