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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Uff da....

Getting ready to make Lefse. (Mom, Me and Dad) Do we look equipt,or what?

In the picture above I think mom is waiting for one of those bubles to appear so she can attack it with the lefse stick. Way to beat those bubbles mom :)

We had a good time making Lefse today. Mom worked hard yesterday cooking and ricing the potato's and today we fired up the grill and ended up with 3 1/2 dozen. I think we all agreed that I probably had the most perfect circles although mom made a good attempt in the end. Dad thought he was pretty cool manning the grill. He was good at beating the bubbles and developed a great flip technique.
(Thank you Cozy for teaching me how to make Lefse and coaching me
through it over the last few days)


  1. mmmm...homemade!!! can't wait! Looks like you crazies had a blast! HOORAY!

  2. The perfect one are the ones I made. The grade 4 is the ones Gramps made. Jackie was runner up to perfect. What a mess lefsa making makes, flour everywhere. It was fun. Thanks JK for the experence.

  3. Fun! I wanna do it again. I like the pics.

  4. Whew! I think I'll buy it! Your's will taste better though. Can't wait to sample!