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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Encourage me please

We'll try this again. Last time I tried posting this 
the photo's didn't show up because of my storage space issue.

At least we've started talking about it.....

 Several months ago I did a post about this room.
and still haven't done anything about it.
It's my daughter's old room...

which still has the same horrific paint job and border
as it was when she left to be married 5 yrs ago.
(note the sweet sponge painting)

It's become the "junk room" full of accumulations of pictures, frames,
baby toys and a crib for the grandchildren
and whatever else I decide to throw in there.

The shelf needs to come down.

Stuff needs to packed away till I decide what I want to do with it.
I got tons of rubber stamping stuff, pictures & frames...just lots of stuff

The crib needs to go as well.
My poor granddaughter is terrified to sleep in this clutter,
 can you blame her.

Here's what we're thinking...
New paint (the pathetic border comes down)
Big shelf down, crib out.
Carpet is already new.
Remove all the clutter.
All that's left is a clean slate.

Since little Audrey is getting close to sleeping in a "big girl" bed (she's 2 1/2) we think we will either get a futon, or a little platform bed (something that doesn't take up too much space) , We will paint with a neutral color and maybe frame a few of my photo's for the wall. I bought my sister's "Pack & Play" (for any future grand babies that may come along),  instead of having that big ole crib in there.
The "pack & play" can be put up and taken down with ease, so I think that's a better option.

Now the hard part.... getting started
any thoughts or ideas are appreciated

Encourage me please  :)


  1. I need you to inspire me! OUr spare room is a waasteland of computer junk, scrapbooking overflow and suitcases. PLus all the junk we "hide" when people come over.

    Your ideas sound like good ones though. Good luck going through it all though. That's always the hardest part!

  2. I think you should make yourself a craft room!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for you to start doing this. That room is going to look sooo nice when you get it all simplified and painted! Just start by getting everything out of there! It's hard to tell ya how to organize everything since i don't know where you'll put it all, but figure out what you want to give to good will or throw away for sure! I'd love to help, hard to do with Boo, hmmm... Just get that stuff put away/thrown away and then you can finally get the shelf donw and wall paper off and get ready to paint! Please do it, it'll be so great! Go mom, go mom!

  4. How about putting in a daybed...you can use it as a place to sit or a pretty place for Audrey to nap...put a comfy chair in the corner...a few books (or a lot of books, lol...You could make it a 'girls room'...maybe a place where grandma can have a private talk with whoever needs it (even Rick!)...I don't know the layout of your house, so I don't know if you already have a room like that, but if I had a spare bedroom, I think that's what I'd do. Of course, I don't have any grandkiddos, either, lol...I'm sure whatever you do will be perfect!