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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mural of colors

Pretty much everyday I get to drive by this.... 

Several years ago, Rochester put this wall up as a sound barrier
 for the new 6 lane highway
 I thought it was nice but at that time it was quite bare.

Then they planted what looked like spindly little twigs at the foot of the wall
It was hard to imagine what it would eventually look like
Each little scrawny twig eventually grew into these beautiful displays of art 

each it's own color and shape.

It makes for a scenic trip to town.


  1. That is fantastic!

  2. those are really beautiful aren't they

  3. I just commented to Danae recently (or was it Nate?) how pretty the vines are on the walls!

  4. They have those same vines along the expressway here in Buffalo. I just love them in the fall when they turn bright red like that.