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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Da boyz

My oldest boy and daughter-in-love came home last weekend for a visit
It's a busy month for them with 2 birthdays and an Anniversary,
so it had been awhile since we last had them here.

Brice and his dad did the "guy" thing.... 
worked on the car and got the chain saw out to cut up some logs. 

 My two grown up boys hung out in the driveway shooting hoops.
about the only way I can get a picture of them is without them knowing it,
hence the picture taken from the front upstairs window

This is what older cousins are all about....shooting guns
My nephew Sam was in town visiting the grandparents, when he heard his older boy cousin was home he really really wanted to come over.  Brice is 12 years older than Sam but they have a lot of common interests. It's fun to see them interact.  

Oh boys.... they're all about guns, fast cars, skateboards
and what ever else makes a mom just a little nervous.


  1. I especially love your "sneaky" picture of the boys! Good job, Mom!

  2. Love the photos Jackie! Could you please give a Mom some advice on how to survive all those scary things. :)

  3. Glad you got all the kiddos home together!

  4. Good fun for cusins

  5. Guns????? No one said anything about guns! It's just best when a mom doesn't know what's happening at Aunt Jackie's house! :o)