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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Beautiful day for a project

 There's just something about fall that makes you wanna get those projects done
 that you could have been doing all summer.

At least thats how it seems at our house.
~This was only the beginning~
My hard working man decided to empty out the shed
  which houses a lot of junk accumulations.
Two trips were made to the recycling center today, 
there is a lot less junk around here now.

There is still more to do, so lets hope there's a little fall left to do it .

Our little bedroom project is coming along as well. We are still working on it,
 thinking about what I want to hang on the walls, 
and waiting for something thats been ordered to arrive early in the week.

I was glad to see our neighbors had a little project of their own today....
.....Raking their leaves so that we wont have to   :)


  1. Glad you could get some projects done today. Was super windy here so no outside projects for me.

  2. So productive. I'm excited to see the room and also kinda excited to see the shed too!

  3. We were blessed with a yard full of leaves from the neighbors oak trees.

  4. We did quite a bit of yard work over the weekend. I'm so glad that you got so much accomplished.

  5. Us too! I hope we are finished with the outside work -- I'm sore!