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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mystery solved

 They were lost....

...but now they are found !

I've been in mourning the last few days,
 mourning the loss of  4,378 photo's from my iPhoto library.
Monday night I sat down about 9pm to do some editing....
Normally when I click on my iPhoto program, this is what i see 
281 glorious folders which contain 4,378 cherished photos,
but that night all I saw was a box basically telling me to set up the program, as if it never had been. 
My computer savvy husband and I did all we could to find the lost photos. 
We searched the internet for ideas... things that might lead us to the photos
We exhausted all the things we could do at home (without any special recovery tools). 

I was planning a trip to to the twin cities on Tuesday, so I got on the computer and set up an appointment at the apple store in the Mall of America. I thought I had to give it a try but
 I really didn't think they'd find the lost pictures either. 
It was no easy task for the expert, 
I think I even saw some sweat on his brow. 
He did all the things Rick and I did at home, still go luck... Until

He plugged in a fancy little tool that looks through my computer for "usage/storage". After about 5 minutes, "My expert", had a little grin on his face and said, Ahhhh there they are.
I could have kissed him or even hugged him, but I thought it inappropriate.

I was overjoyed and so thankful!

So if you're still reading... here's where they were hiding
In my main trash can (not even the iPhoto trash), within a folder called "audreys photo book"
My iPhoto library was in a little folder in the trash....WHAT!!!
 First of all how did they get in Audrey's photobook folder, and then end up in the trash.
We looked in the trash initially, but goodness we never thought to look in Audrey little folder. 
It's all a mystery, but I'm glad it's been solved
Lesson learned.... BACK UP YOUR PHOTO'S  :)


  1. Glad you got 'em back Jac'!!!! Whew! Thanks for the fun day yesterday....it was a good time hangin' with you and Mom!

  2. glad you found them! I have an external hard drive just for photos that I back up to.

  3. Your pictures are your life! I'm soooo glad you found them!!

  4. Well, cindy maybe not my life....but they are pretty important as most of them involve family. and yes Cheri, I'm getting me one of those external hard drives. I know better, just didnt do what I knew I should. I am so relieved to have them back.

  5. I think a hug would have been appropriate. He would have thought it was awesome. hahaha...so glad you have them back. YAY for Experts!