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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Biggest toy store ever

About 45 minutes from Rochester is a town called Kellogg.
Right on the edge of town is a place called Lark Toys, and let me tell you
it's the biggest toy store under one roof I've ever seen.

When our kids were younger we took them there a time or two, 
you can easily spend two hours in there, so it's worth the trip

We had our granddaughter for the whole day and overnight 
so we thought it would be a great place to break up the day.

 It's a toddler's dream place to be

 Never a dull moment

 Playin' kitchen with grandpa

 stacking & sorting

These are all separate room with so many varieties of games and toys
 Big hugs for the giraffe

 The best part of all .... the beautiful Carousel

The carousel at LARK Toys is unlike any other carousel in the world. Hand-carved from basswood and designed with exquisite detail, each animal is a rideable work of art.
 Audrey picked the giraffe, I think she likes giraffes :)

Helping Grandpa build a house with lincoln logs

 The puppet theater

Audrey never asked for a single thing while we were there, that makes it so fun. She was perfectly content just to be there, to look & play. 
For being such a good girl, we let her pick out a lollipop...
She was thrilled!


  1. What a fun filled day for grandma and grandpa. Thanks for inviting us to supper with you so we could enjoy some time with the BOO.

  2. Fun! Thanks for posting about it so I can see all the fun she had :) I love the pictures, the sucker one made me giggle. Perhaps giraffes are her new fav. animal. Glad Gran E got to see Boo too :)

  3. What a fun place! Looks like she had a great time.

  4. We took our kids there a few times ...and our nieces and nephews. It's always a hit. When we lived in Upstate NY there were 6 FREE carousels at various parks -- our kids loved them ... and so did the grownups! You guys are awesome grandparents ...and parents!

  5. that looks amazing! What a well behaved little girl! Maybe she didn't even know it was a store! she just thought she died and went to heaven! :D How fun!

  6. Looks like so much fun! Your granddaughter is such a cutie, and so polite:)