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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Midnight Blue

So it's not officially a full moon until 2:32 am tonight, 
but I'm calling it full now.
If you get a chance go on out and take a peek, it's so beautiful.
I got this right at dusk so the sky was beautiful as well
I'll call that color "Midnight Blue"
I remember as a kid I loved the color Midnight blue,
 It came in the bigger pack of Crayola, so they had to think of all kinds of different names
 for the many shades of blue.
I think Midnight blue is an accurate description!


  1. Perfect description, Jackie and a beautiful shot!

  2. I tried to remark on this picture twice and it would respond, so am tring it again.
    It is a very pretty picture you should send it into Randy Block @ KTTC weather pictures.

  3. Midnight blue was always my fav color too:)