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Friday, January 27, 2012

Old churches

They don't build them this way anymore

We found this beauty on the  Gunflint Trail
Way up in Northern MN

Churches with steeples,
 something about that is just cool to me
 Just like on my post about old barn, I love the stone foundation,
wood and shingles, and that's just the outside

 The inside of these old churches are even more beautiful
 Remember wooden pews, and stained glass windows?.... I do

My Dad attended this church in his youth,
Below is the sign in the churchyard that has something to say about it.

 I actually remember coming here as a little girl
It was probably on a Sunday later in the afternoon,
Our family used to go for "rides" and we'd end up in places like this.


  1. So simple yet so beautiful. I love the steeples on churches too. Thanks for sharing these wonderful old churches. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  2. Cool little collection of old church pics. I like them too, that one has a such a pretty inside.