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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Camera work

Rochester Mn...
home of the world famous Mayo Clinic (my employer)
I often see patients taking photo's, but I've never brought my camera with me to work.
Yesterday I ventured down to the Mayo campus to get a photo ID update
 so I brought my camera along.
We often take for granted the wonder health care we have right in our town
We know no different...which makes taking it for granted easy to do. 
I hear it every day from my patient who travel from far away places to be seen by "the best"
I am reminded quite often about how lucky I am to live here.

The Gonda building holds an amazing site above a grand staircase...

These blown-glass sculptures were created by famed artist Dale Chihuly. 
The entire installation hangs about the Mayo Nurse Atrium

It weighs 6000 lbs and has pieces that range from 225 lbs and 4 ft in diameter to 
1,225 lbs and 10 ft in diameter.
They are beautiful!

Down the grand stairway to the subway level 
you are greeted by this giant man....
"Man and Freedom"-- the familiar sculpture that adored the 
north exterior of the Mayo building for years, 
now anchors the south end of the Nathan Landow Atrium.
I remember as kids we used to giggle in the car when we drove past the guy, 
after all he is naked

 This Iron sculpture in one of the hallways is so cool, far left shows "the sisters" in front of St. Marys hospital. They founded St. Mary's hospital and were the first nurses that assisted the Mayo doctors. 

I captured only a small piece of this 63 ft double panel mural, that lines the walls from the Gonda building to the Damon parking garage. It's titled "My Brother and I," It represents the seasons of personal and professional life as experienced by Drs. William and Charles Mayo.

So there's just a touch of the Mayo Campus
It's a beautiful place to see, and a pretty good place to be employed  :)


  1. Those glass sculptures left me awestruck when I saw them. Just beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the history leson. I don't remember ever seeing some of those pictures.

  3. I love when you suddenly remember how great the city you live in is. I

  4. Talk about a beautiful hospital! Those are not words that usually go together. I absolutely love the photo in your banner Jackie!! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. I forgot that guy used to be outside, I remember that now! I'm glad to work at The Mayo too :)

  6. I'm reading the book "The Doctors Mayo" right now about the beginnings of Mayo and the Mayo family. Very interesting! And, I totally agree that it's easy to take Mayo for granted (as an employer and medical facility) as a Rochester native.