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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things that go Bump in the night

This little princess slept napped off and on at out house last night.
Her mommy & daddy had a (work) Christmas party to attend 
and since it would end up being a late night, we opted to just keep her all night. 
Another stage (that all little ones go through) has begun.
Can you guess what it is....
"what's that sound"
"It's too dark in here"

I"m sure you guessed it.... she's afraid of the dark 
and all the sounds that go along with it.
So needless to say the sounds of the night got the best of her last night. 
Luckily we were able to move her "Toddler bed" into our bedroom, so she could feel safe.
That was only after an hour of taking turns trying to reassure her with prayer,
 songs, stories and posititve talk.
It was the terrified little voice and the death-grip around grandma's neck 
that was the deciding factor to move her in with us.
We struggled for about another hour with stall tactics 
but at least she wasn't scared anymore.
She just wasnt thrilled about going to bed.
At 11:15 PM the last thing she said in a tiny little voice was 
"I dont like this bed.....and I'm not going to go to sleep"
My response, "ok, Audrey....Goodnight"
Not a peep until 3am, then I vaguely remember hearing, "my toes are not cozy".
Morning came and we all woke up together,
A little snuggle time between grandpa & grandma and the day begun at 7:00... not bad

She was very eager to  checkout "grandma's decorations"
Translated... the contents of grandma's jewelry box
so that's what we did at 7am.
I cherish every minute I spend with this little one...
She's a keeper... I'll have lots of stories to tell her some day


  1. She is adorable! Such sweet pictures and a tale of two special grandparents.

  2. What a kid. She is a sweet little one.

  3. Annabelle has a toddler bed (that she's quickly outgrowing) at my MIL's house. It always gets moved into the living room so that she can sleep by Grandma on the couch.

  4. Oh dear. What a stinker/cutie. I love the "my toes are not cozy" at 3am. Oh thanks Mom and Dad :) We'll have so many things to tell her about her funnyness as a toddler.

  5. awww..scared of the dark! gotta get a night light so she can see the "creatures" that make sounds in her room at Grandma's. How nice of you to watch her overnight. Brie sure is lucky to have a babysitter handy when she needs one!